Saraswatichandra 4th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud bringing tea for Prashant. He looks at her and Saras’ pic and says made for each other, perfect couple. She says thanks. He says Saras is a good man and I saw how much you love him. Few people have such love, good understanding, I wish your Jodi always stays. He says I m your well wisher, don’t let Saras take stress, as this happened because of stress. Kumud says I m sorry to be rude to you. He smiles and says I know what was the situation, the people I like, I don’t get upset with them. Saras comes and talks to Prashant. Prashant looks at Kumud as she goes to the kitchen.

Saras sees this and asks what happened. Prashant looks at Saras and says I was seeing her beauty. Saras is shocked. Saras keeps the tea and gets up. Saras says I know you helped us, but

this way you can’t talk. Prashant says what happened, you felt bad, I was just praising her, her eyes, her hair and her smile. Saras says enough. Prashant says you got angry, I was just praising her, and yes her lips, her body……. Saras says stop this nonsense, if you say anything, I will break your mouth. Kumud comes and asks what happened. Saras says I can’t get calm down, you don’t know what a creep he is. Prashant acts sweetly and defends himself, saying Saras is not looking well, so he is behaving weird.

Saras says get out and kicks him out. Prashant smiles. Anushka waits for Kabir. Danny says where did he go, we had a meeting. Kabir did not tell anyone where he is going and his phone is off too. Anushka says how can he go without telling, its because of me. Kusum asks what happened, did you have any fight. Everyone ask her to say what happened. Anushka says Kabir proposed me yesterday and I said no. Danny says so, this is it, he left home for this reason. Vidyachatur says don’t worry, he will come back soon.

Guniyal says he can do anything. Badimaa says Kabir was restless, I told him I will talk to Anushka, bit he stopped me. Vidyachatur asks did you know this. She says yes. Anushka is tensed. Danny says we will wait and see. Kumud asks Saras what happened. Saras says he is a bad man, when you went to bring food, he was eyeing you and when I asked him, I can’t tell you what he said. She says he has always helped us, even yesterday he took you to hospital, maybe you misunderstood him. Saras says I m telling you that man is not right, you are not listening to me, fine. He gets angry and leaves.

Kumud gets worried. Anushka is worried. Badimaa asks Danny to go and look for Kabir. Danny says I will go. Anushka and Kusum says we will also come and leave with Danny. Guniyal says call us if you get him, and I will call you if he comes back. Anushka says lets see at library, he dropped me once there. Danny says ok.

Saras drives and says you did not trust me and said I m misunderstanding. Kumud says Prashant helped us so much, why will he think wrong about us. Saras says you should understand how cheap is that man. Saras gets angry. Kumud says what is happening to Saras, the day we came in Mumbai, some or the other is happening, why. She cries. Saras applies the break seeing someone come. The man scolds him. Saras says I m sorry. The man says see what is infront of the eyes, are you blind. Saras calms down and ties the seat belt. He thinks of the man’s words to see whats infront of his eyes.

He thinks why Prashant gave them the flat when he did not give the flat to anyone, and how they lost the power, and Prashant took them to their house at night, how he took Kumud for shopping. Saras says why did I not see this before, I will not leave him. He calls Kumud while she is waiting for him. She says I will go out and come, I m feeling suffocated here. She does not take his call. He gets worried and rushes home.

Anushka does not get Kabir at the library. Danny says I will find out, you both sit in the car. He comes back and says Kabir is not here. Anushka says I think we should inform police. Danny says I think he wants to be alone, he will come back himself, Kabir might have given you a wrong impression, he stays cut from everyone as life gave him just pains, but he is a good human being, I know you don’t believe in marriage ad love, but understand relations from him. She says I can’t love anyone, if I marry him, if I could not love him then. Danny says no one is forcing you, give him a chance. Anushka says I thought, I don’t want to marry. I broke Kabir’s heart, don’t want to ruin his life by marrying him.

Kumud walks out and Pooja’s friend calls her Pooja. She says I m sorry, I thought its Pooja. Saras comes and hears this. The girl says I was in US since many years and came to meet Pooja, she lives here in flat 1003. Kumud says we stay there. She says maybe she went. Kumud says no one lived here since two years. Kumud leaves. Saras talks to that girl and says she is my wife Kumud, can I ask about Pooja. The girl says her face is similar to Pooja and he asks for the pic. She shows him the pic and Saras is shocked. He says is this Pooja……

Everyone talk about Kabir. Guniyal says he has to talk to someone to calm down, but he is hiding everything, so I m afraid. Vidyachatur says no, he can’t hurt us, give him some time, he will come. Guniyal says Anushka should understand his love, maybe she is not understanding her heart, maybe someone else has to explain her. Badimaa says yes, we have to make her think about Kabir, once he comes back, we will talk to her.

Saras confirms Pooja stayed in their flat. She says maybe Prashant knows, as they were close, I will ask her. He asks for Pooja’s relatives contact number. He says I can’t tell you the reason now, but I need your help now. She gives him the number. He thanks her and she leaves. Saras thinks maybe this has something to do with Prashant, as Pooja looked like Kumud, I have to find the link between them.

Saras asks the guard did he see Kumud. Saras calls someone and says he saw something in the wall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i thnk tht idiot prashant has hiden the grl in the wal.thts y he repard the wal.

  2. ya m also thinking tht prashant hiden tht girl in tht wall thtsy he is tensed for wall always staring the wall from binocular

  3. ya m also thinking tht prashant hiden tht girl in tht wall thtsy he is tensed for wall always staring the wall from binoculari love gautam rode et jennifer winget

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