Avneil Hate/Love (Chapter 8)

Neil looks at Avni

Avni glares at him

Riya- What is this Neil. U should have listened to her first right

Swetha- Ananya I’m sorry on behalf of my son

Avni- Its Okay U don’t apologize aunty

Swetha leaves from there

Daya- Sorry Ananya Beta

Daya leaves behind swetha

Everyone leave from there

Riya- Ananya I’m really sorry bae


Riya smiles Avni goes out

Ali- Man U shouldn’t have done that

Ali leaves from there

Neil looks on

Riya- Now chill Neil just go and apologize to her she will forgive U

Neil- APOLOGIZE to her

Riya- Yes!

Neil- She and forgiving me not even In my dreams

Riya- Do whatever u think is right

Avni comes to the garden

Avni’s POV
This is the problem from my childhood. I don’t do anything and everyone think I lie. I dint get hurt when he called me a liar bcz he is no one to me But it reminded me of my past. The people who are taking Ananya Verma’s side now were against her when she was Avni.

Ali came to the garden

Ali- Avni

Avni turns towards him and hits on his head

Avni- Stupid my name is Ananya did U get that

Ali nods

Ali- Ur not Upset right

Avni asks surprisingly- Why I’m I upset?

Ali- Ur not

Avni- No!

Ali- Fine then come lets go inside the engagement will start now

Avni- Yes. I’m so excited for Riya

Ali- Ur excited for her?

Avni- Yeah

Ali- Don’t U know she is marrying him for money

Avni- She is not involved in that Ali

Ali- U don’t get…

Avni- Now stop that If Daya see’s Us together she will find out

Avni and Ali go Inside

Neil and Riya are standing in the hall

Avni comes there first

Neil looks at her and she looks away

Riya- Ananya come near me and stand

Avni- I’m gonna get U your gift. First u wear the ring

Daya- Yes start everyone are waiting

Riya makes Neil wear the ring

Everyone clap its Neil’s turn. He looks at swetha

Swetha smiles at Neil. He hesitantly puts the ring in her finger

Everyone clap Avni smiles seeing them and the guests start to congratulate them

Avni leaves from there to get Riya’s gift

Daya smirks looking at Neil and Riya

Riya- I’m so happy for us Neil

Neil smiles

Riya- Aren’t U happy?

Neil- I’m happy Riya

Riya- Did U apologize to Ananya?

Neil- Why do U always talk about her Riya

Riya see’s Avni coming with a small gift box

Riya- What is this Ananya?

Avni- A cute gift for my cute friend

She gives the gift to Riya

Riya- Thank U so much

Diksha- What is there in that?

Avni looks on

Swetha- Yeah open lets see what is inside the box

Neil- Mom this is not an exhibition

Avni- Whatever is there I’m sure Riya will like it

Riya smiles

Diksha- Open the box Riya

Daya- Shut up Diksha!

Avni- No its ok now or sooner she has to open that right.

Riya starts to open the box and takes out a diamond bracelet

Everyone are stunned

Neil looks on


Daya looks on amazed

Riya hugs Avni

Avni smiles

Avni- I’ll just go and pack My bags

Avni leaves from there

Swetha- OMG Ur friend is very good she bought this for U

Daya smirks seeing Diksha


Avni starts packing all her stuffs

Avni- I couldn’t see my aman. But I will visit this place frequently to find the clues

Avni takes her Bags and comes down

Avni see’s Ali standing there

Ali- When will u come again?

Avni- Ali I’m not leaving for many days I’ll come here frequently

Ali- How will I see U then?

Avni- In your cafe

Ali smiles

Ali hits on her head

Ali- Our cafe Idiot

Both laugh

Avni- Wah… U have copied my style Ah.

Ali- Maybe

Avni waves at him and goes

Ali- Even I should leave now

Ali leaves from there

Avni comes to Riya, Daya and others Neil was not there

Avni- Bye everyone take care

Riya- Bye Ananya

Daya- U are welcomed here always Ananya

Avni- Thank U dadi

Avni waves at them and leaves the house

She comes out and goes near the car

Avni- SHIT my car keys. Its with that tillu

She starts searching Neil

Avni- I swear I’ll kill him today

Neil was standing in the garden

Avni shouts- Hey Tillu WAIT UP

Neil looks on annoyed

Avni runs towards Neil


Avni- Whatever. Get my car keys

Neil is About to give the keys and then stops

Avni- I swear I’ll hit U if U ask fine

Neil- I don’t need fine

Avni- Then get my keys

Neil- No I need something else

Avni looks clueless

Avni- What???

Neil- I need U to forgive me for what I did earlier

Avni looks on stunned

Avni- Apology ACCEPTED


Avni nods

Neil extends his hands

Neil- Friends!

Avni looks on

Avni extend her hand too


Both shakehand and smile

Precap- Avni goes to a cafe and pours coffee by mistake on someone. It turns out to be Neil.

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