Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 20th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravish requesting everyone to trust him and accept Kangana. He says I miss my mum today, she always believed in my decisions, she regarded me a good army man, she did not take much time to know whether I m right or wrong, I wish she was alive today, she would have understood my decision, she would have accepted us heartily, any person can take mum’s place, but can’t become mum. Sujata goes. Ravish says you all have right to get annoyed, but we two are at the target of your hatred, I did not expect anything, I just have expect from myself.

Ravish and Kangana turn to go. Sujata stops them. She comes with aarti plate and kalash. She reminds Ravish that she has regarded him a son, she does not want to turn away from responsibilities. Guddi cries. Sujata says I promised myself I will never let you miss your mum, not even today. She does their grahpravesh. Vividha stops them. She says when bad sight catches house’s happiness, then lightning diya is not needed to do aarti of bad fate, Ravish wants us to welcome Kangana, then fine, we will welcome her by blowing off the diya, a big abshagun is going to happen, so we will welcome an abshagun by an abshagun. She blows off the diya. Ravish says I did not wish to hurt Guddi ever.

Kangana is about to hit kalash. Guddi says you are much wrong, I have explained you many times, you said you gave me promise. She shows the ring and says Kangana and Ravish have crushed my happiness under their feet, they can celebrate it, no need to hesitate. She puts her ring in the kalash. She asks Kangana to kick her relation else this celebration and rasam will not get completed. She cries and runs.

Kangana walks in home. She goes upstairs with Ravish. Everyone look on. Vividha comes and taunts Ravish asking did he throw his uniform and courage as well, why did he do this, does he have answers, he promised Guddi of marriage, when she asked him if he is serious, he said yes, where did he throw her happiness, what does he think, Kangana loves him, she needs a husband to win the custody case, so she trapped you. Ravish asks her to stop it. She says you have cheated us, you killed your trust, you were example of sensibility and loyalty. He asks her to stop it, what does she want, I will answer it, you just want me to bear everything silently, its as if I m a puppet, not any Ravish, whatever you did and said, I always stood with you, never asked anything, but today when I took a decision, you are behaving this way with me, life snatched everything from me, I lost my dad, mum, and family members, just for you, I never asked anything, did you ask what am I feeling, if I m lonely, what I need, I m your servant, I will do what you say, did anyone think what I want to do.

Atharv comes and sees them. He takes Vividha along. Kangana says everyone is getting away from you, they all are misunderstanding you, you should have not done this, I did not wish to go through this. He asks her to rest, he will get her bags. He leaves.

Vividha thinks of Ravish’s words. Atharv asks her why is she silent. She asks what shall I say or do, Ravish has done this, was he left to cheat us, I thought Ravish loves Madhav a lot, but I was wrong, such long relation and friendship, he has forgotten everything, he wants me to welcome his new wife happily, I can’t do this, she is like a black spirit on our family.

Ravish passes by in corridor. She says Ravish ruined everything, we have tolerated a lot in these years, so much passed. Ravish hears her and leaves. Atharv says we have to have patience, we can’t get emotional. She says its not about winning or losing case in court, Madhav is our biggest responsibility, we lost someone who was close to our heart, whatever Ravish did, did you not get angry, we trusted him the most. He says it does not matter to me, but Ravish has given me deepest wound, since this case started, we can’t take any wrong move, we have to win this case, one wrong decision can make us regret, just think of Madhav, we can’t lose him. She says Ravish was ready to do anything, he could not do this for you, where did his loyalty go. Guddi comes and asks who is talking about loyalty between brothers, shall we talk about loyalty between sisters, did you stand for me, you knew I love Ravish since long, you knew his feelings for Kangana, who got her home, you got her after knowing everything, you did not think what effect will fall on my relation, you gave her a chance to make place in Ravish’s heart again, everything was fine till she came, but you had to get her here, Kangana has snatched Ravish from me.

Vividha stops Kangana and asks her to remember, that she has donated the roof to her. She asks Kangana not to talk to Madhav.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Veer

    This episode would have satisfied the STAR PLUS guys for its dramatic content.
    Episode was good but too much of drama.
    For once, today I was able to connect with Ravish character. I hope he married Kangana out of love and not again his MAHAANTHA CARD. Every dialogue in today’s episode were genuine from each other’s perspective. Fabulously written episode. Ravish’s pouring out all his inner feelings was good even though not every thing he said were true. Today he seemed to have his self. Direction was good till the scene was in hall and it was as usual after that. Vitharv emotional connect is missing badly. Vividha getting cornered from all sides and every emotional decision of hers getting questioned was also good. The CV’s did great job for today’s episode. Hope they explore their wrongs further also.



    Precap: This Madhav custody track is getting even messier day by day. Vividha certainly is loosing her wisdom and judiciousness. She’s becoming too blind and obsessed with love for Madhav.

  2. Veer

    @Lakshmi, realistic or not depends on perception. My perspective of realism is solely based on my personals, the people that I know and the people that I have seen. Most of the times we take a wrong decision only when at the cross roads and that decision will certainly be driven by emotions. You have a different perspective and I can agree with most of your opinions if I had the same perspective as yours.
    When we knew that the decisions we took earlier were disasters, can we dare to take another big decision. Certainly not, in many cases, we just go by decisions of others. The same way Vividha always agreed to Ravish’s decisions for only Atharv’s safety and his well being. Even staying with Vashist’s also was only for Atharv’s good.
    During Vitharv separation time also, Vividha’s only concern was Atharv’s life and naturally nothing else would come to her mind. For Atharv to be alive she had no other option but, to trust her father and make a deal for Atharv’s life.
    Remember Suman’s greed was right from the first day after marriage and it got strengthened after she came to know Ravish loves Vividha and not by Vividha’s good words about Ravish.

    She continued with Ravish after knowing the child is of Atharv because she didn’t want to hurt all the other family members by revealing the truth. Had she continued with Ravish even after knowing what all happens to Atharv she would be ideal. But Vividha is revolutionary.

    True, Vividha is opportunistic, indecisive, emotional, likes status quo. These are all characteristics of a day to day life individual. Who doesn’t want to be in their comfort zones? A common man can rarely control the circumstances. We’re always victims to circumstances and 80% of people will be like this only. These people rarely get a chance to think about repercussions. They will be forced into taking decisions mostly. The other 20% will control some circumstances and are victims to certain others. Atharv belongs to this category and he will be up there with the bests in this category.

    Vividha also accepts her mistakes and takes responsibility. She also tries to course correct but they will always lead to spiralling of troubles which ultimately leads to many mistakes like, the going to Manali thing. This is what generally happens to us also.

    I don’t want to talk about Ravish because people who don’t love their self or have their self are non existent for me. I can’t connect with Ravish’s character in my daily life. It’s only a fictional character for me. He was always and will always be a victim of circumstances. Had he been realistic today we would not have discussed about Vividha????. For only the s*xond time, in today’s episode I could connect to Ravish. His actions looked natural and normal today.

    Atharv-Sujatha these characters are both realistic and ideal. They are grey with more white and less black. Vividha’s is definitely one among us with more grey than white and black, very imperfect.

    I think with all these conversations we have come to only 2-3 disagreements. Wow that’s amazing. Really enjoying these convos?. Getting a chance to remember all the previous episodes through this.

    1. @Veer,Viv marrying Atharv (3rd time)…. definitely it is revolutionary decision. At the same time,Viv posses characteristics of a day to day life individual..can not be revolutionary in this case.So, Viv is an individual who posses contradictory traits. Every perspective has its own justification abt viv characterisation. Hence, there is no point of right or wrong as long as it is justified.
      I too think with all these conversations we have sorted out all disagreements .??????.Wow.. such a wonderful healthy conversation abt Viv characterisation. Thanks for your cooperation. Even though I disagree with what you say,I heartfully respect your opinion.

    2. Veer

      If every thing is agreed there’s no point in having individual opinions. So no probs. Have a nice day.

    3. @Veer,individual opinion and agreeing to others opinion r different things. Agreeing to others opinion does not means … individual opinion does not matter.If everyone stick to their opinion and indifferent to others point of view..there won’t be conclusion..if you go through once again our conversation..just see initial opinion and final opinion. The main point of disagreement is definition of realism..only justification decide what is right or wrong. (Ex: you quoted scenario where Viv is revolutionary. I quoted scenario where she is not). Anyways Viv character yet to reach mature stage. If she don’t do same mistake again and again,there won’t be storyline. JNDSD history stands witness to this.?

    4. Veer

      Perspective is what I meant by individual opinions. Yes it’s true that to reach logical conclusions some adjustments will certainly have to be made. But, I’m happy that we really had a healthy conversation on this. I’m glad to be part of a meaning convo on life and emotions after
      many months. Thank you for initiating it.??

  3. Oh my god ravish vasishta…talking abt his sacrifices one by one great???but wat..guddi??I thought atharv will give reply to ravish’ s action but..yup but he took his wife that’s gud. ??

  4. poor guddi and these serial nowdayz very bad

  5. Siyuu

    Ntg tu say..

  6. @Veer, due to some urgent work, I could not reply yesterday… I hope u understand.
    In my point of view, idealism is all about perfection. Realistic person truth to the self,genuine, balancing both emotional and pragmatic/practical thinking. Not all practical decisions are perfect decisions(at times decision might be right or wrong)

    Normal individuals can never be idealistic person. Always individual decision is highly emotional or more of practical decision or balance of both emotional and pragmatic thinking.emotional person never thinks of reasoning while taking decisions. Practical person always thinks of repercussions,what they are going to achieve while making decisions.

    In my opinion, in every critical situation mostly Viv decisions are emotional decisions..so far situation/circumstances used to control Viv..but Viv could not take control of situation/circumstances. For every decision, outcome is obvious. You can control the outcome that u get in two ways. A)At the time taking decision. B)during the course of time[based on the situation we may change our decision]
    1. Viv does not know true colors of her father. Marrying Ravish first time – circumstances controlling Viv (his father deal – marry ravish and Atharv will be alive). Viv decision -emotinal decision. Agreed to her father deal. If she is realistic person, she will think Atharv life is in danger. At the same time..Viv will think can I trust this person?will he stay committed to this deal bcos so far he tortured his wife like anything.. he cheated his daughter..his ego is important to him than anything else..if I agree to his deal definitely will he let Atharv survive? Rather than if I control the situation..if Viv says the moment Atharv dies,I will also commit suicide…if anyone of you beat Atharv I will not come with you to bride’s house. She does not even displayed courage to put her own conditions to control kk? She always agrees to what ever demands kk said.
    First marriage course correction…in the initial days of marriage she just maintained status quo(she might be doubted ravish and his family). When she get to know Atharv mental condition,she clarified everything to ravish. Untill she returns back to Ajmer(after sindoor wiping episode), let me be honest..Viv never take any decision..always decision was of ravish,Viv felt that his decision is right. She just trusted ravish decision Everytime. Circumstances controlled her life …like staying in vashisht house. She only once said Atharv does not like to stay in vashisht house. Initially Sujata is angry on Viv,later during course of time again terms are good b/w Sujata and Viv. Viv never tried to take control of situation..if she said to Sujata,Atharv will be angry ..knowing he is in vashist house. Viv might have suggested to Sujata let us take monetary help from vashisht as this is Atharv property and let’s go back to ajmer ..once he is cured Atharv himself decide abt ramakanth will..if we go back to ajmer,ravish also accepts bitter truth of life…he will think abt another woman in his life.. realistic person thinks in this way… Realistic never thinks of just respecting ramakanth will and ravish wish..apart from this person thinks of repercussions and outcome as well.
    2. Once Viv returned to Ajmer…she was in confusion..could not take decision.she was too emotional. Again circumstances (her father) utilised this time to create rift in Vitharv relation. She knows someone tries to harm Atharv. But she could not stop them. She went to ravish award ceremony .there in Delhi after hearing Viv opinion abt ravish..suman’s greed openly expressed to everyone..definitely Suman’s greed is mainreason for Ravish problem. The seed of suman’s greed is bcos of Viv attitude. Suman cursing Atharv..Viv did not reponsed just Sujata responded. …history stands witness Viv is highly emotional and stausquo/indecisive at times… Definitely she can not be realistic person.
    3. Whatever be the situation Viv married to ravish 2nd time..it is definitely highly emotive and impulsive decision. Let me agree bcos of Atharv. But when she knew that she is mother of Atharv’s baby..my question is how can she continue ravish as her husband? Wearing and mangalsutra does not say it as marriage fine…then for what sake are they?that is not jewellery..is n’t it?though she still Loving Atharv..but for society ravish is her husband. Here she is not truth to herself..though she did not accept ravish as husband(from heart).. I could not justify her even for namesake why Ravish should be her husband? Here she is opportunistic..if Atharv comes ok..otherwise let’s continue with Ravish bcos ravish is ok to continue friendship marriage..this is point where JNDSD CVs spoiled Vitharv beyond repair. .. if she discontinued marriage with ravish I would say she is realistic person..truth and genuine to her soul relationship.and she is strong enough to present her true self to society…this is the real empowerment..Sujata able to stand but Viv could not…Sujata realistic person and Viv opportunistic…Sujata became defacto female lead of JNDSD..
    4. Kang 2nd time entry into vashisht house.. first time on sympathy(emotional) grounds they accepted her in their home. After seeing what are all she did…2nd time Sujata and family,Atharv,ravish etc..not agreed…here whole family give priority to their safety and also problems she is going to create in the family rather than compassionate ,motherhood(emotional) grounds. All family members are realistic and to some extent more of pramatic..where as Viv is more of emotional(desperate to get her child). Finally repercussions ultimatum to Viv ant Madhav custody,ravish wife in vashisht house….again circumstances controlling Viv..Viv could not take control of situation..she is most of the time emotional never thinks of repercussions and outcomes..hence I could not justify her as realistic individual.

    Sujata , Atharv and ravish are realistic individuals. For ex ravish at times he stand as husband to Viv… Based on circumstances if required,he himself disowns husband role.

    No one is ideal in JNDSD. Atharv… most Realistic person..he made wrong decision..he accepts his mistakes…he does course correction..that is why he is unique…he always controls situation when he is in senses.. ATHARV SUJATA is unique always…

    1. Veer

      I have given my reply in the 2nd comment in today’s page. I read ur yesterday’s comment.

  7. what happened to ravish?
    why is he doing like this?
    felt bad for guddi…

  8. Sandy17

    I think cvs is reading the comments in this comment section because today’s most of the dialogues contained the points which was commented by the viewers of this page.
    Today vivi rocked with her performance during kavish’s grihapravesh and tmrw also she has a powerful dialogue to deliver.
    I’m really confused with atharv’s behaviour…whether he knows something about ravish’s decisions or he beloved that there could be a strong reason for ravish taking this step ?….if not today his character was not given much importance…nowadays cvs don’t know how to extract each character …if one has to be given more importance then the other will be ignored like anything.
    Y did kangana said like that ? If she did not insist means what will be the reason ?

    Frnds,I have posted the intro of my ff,’Hold Me In The Rain’
    I know that my frnds will read it and post their views and suggestions.
    All d best for my frnds who are writing ff s ?

  9. Wowwww….
    For the first time Ravish got emotions..
    For the first time I loved Ravish…
    For the first time I felt Ravish is a living being…..and
    For the first time I commented

    Guddi rocked today and l loved both guddi and Ravish in today’s episode

    But still… Cannot digest kangana’s innocence

  10. what’s going here?Again shivani’s pic with shashank .Very very disgusting. Why she always taking selfi with ravish?I really dislike it.Shivani is nothing without vikram.If she continue this she will lose many of her fans.Now I ask you all the vitharvian whom you like most vikram or shivani?why no-one react to see shiv and shank pic.When Vikki taking selfi with Sara or prianka everyone react and now why everyone remains quiet?But it is write I also hate Sara.Vikram at least you should be realized what is want your fan.So please try to make us always happy.I only stay here for you.

    1. Yaah…I. Saw….it’s so cute and hot?????

    2. It’s so cute and hot???don’t worry dear it’s not between Atharva-vividha…it’s Shashank-shivani…if they can pic together take it…it’s their personal matter ….vitharv is our priority …

  11. what a heated argument btwn Ravish and vividha… n that kangana she’s acting like a saint. Whatever guddi said was right, vividha is impulsive she brought Kangana home without thinking… now this things that are happening is no one else’s fault bt hers.

    1. yes but dear…vivi tried to find kushi….n that’s y she brought her…n what to do…it’s a fact that Vivi’s decision…at last proves wrong(always)…?

  12. sooo at last the mahaan ravish showed his true colour….today u proved that u r the son of great suman….u don’t deserve any love form vitharv… n yes u also proved u r the stepbrother of atharv….

    1. Come on guys , give a break to ravish , I always like both male leads , today ravish was trying to say even though he supported her so much , why can’t she support his decision for once. There must be some reason for this.

      Today I felt Suman’s atma came into vividha, like how Suman used to blame Sujatha for everything wrong in her life today vividha is doing same with Kangana.

      I feel all problems insuman’s life started with Dadaji’s decision and in vividha’ life with Kk’s decision. Although vividha could break it and come out of it!

      I think cvs created ravish’s character to show ppl that , even though vividha got a very caring and loving husband, she could not move on and had to come out of it because she can only love atharv.

      Also , it was never like ravish , did not allow her to tell truth , he did ask her wheather she was forced into this marriage, which vividha lied! After that it was situations, where she could not tell or he avoided. Both to be blamed for this and situations.

      And ravish’s character never stared or looked at vividha during their second marriage in wrong way. Because he know he is doing a duty , he married feeling guilty coz Atharv doubted their relationship and the situation in her life was because of him.

      Ravish is show loving Madhav all through , so there must be a good reason behind his marriage with Kangana.

      In today’s episode vividha is coming across as some one who does not understand others. She is self obsessed or something!

      Coming to athar’s charecter, I will give 99% right charecter, who understands situations, practical and also identifies good vs bad ppl. 1% wrong for leaving vividha without going for 2nd opinion abt his health!r

    2. Hb dear…may be there’s some reason behind this marriage…but this time vitharv wanted to give priority to madhav custody n they were not ready for this dhamaka….
      but one thing…atharv never doubted on vivi…(he thought he would die)
      it’s right atharv ?this 1%…ok..but he only thought about Vivi’s future (he couldn’t able to do marriage )

  13. oh sandy ha ha….cvs is reading our comments?may be…..
    but dear there’s no confusion… I think atharv didn’t want to loose any chance for custody of madhav n that’s y he didn’t want to show any anger towards them….n any wrong steps will… make a wrong issue…anyway atharv knows how to handle any situation.so don’t worry….
    n yes we’ll support u…so keep writing

    1. Sandy17

      May be atharv was thinking like u said.
      Thank u for ur support?

  14. What is wrong with ravish y did he talk to Vivi like that? Y is kangana behaving like this as she is changed? Vividha and guddi rocked I think ravish is hidding something from every1.
    Poor guddi ,something is fishy in here. Plz CVS unite guddish?

  15. Cmmon @aronno its their personal life they have the right to take selfie or to spend time with people they want as a fan we have to understand that what we see on television are the fictional characters nd it has nothing to do with their personal life so we should not judge by their onscreen character may be in real life shiv is more close to shanky or may be not I mean its totally their concern with whom they want to gel up more in real life we people cant control their life

  16. Aronno. I have read in spoilers that vikram will be doing double role. He will also act as Sara’s boyfriend. Actually Sara’s boyfriend meets with a accident and his face will get burnt. So KK will give him atharv’s face. Further we can see more Sara and Vikram’s scenes. That is why they started to be close. By this they can maintain chemistry.

    1. whattttttt??? no no no never…Ami r nite prbo na…I can’t tolerate

    2. seriously is it true??? it’s joke right?

    3. No. Vikrams double role that too be as boy friend of sara.??
      never ever can possible. Don’t belive in any stupid spoilers. 99% of spoilers r false. That proved in many times bfr also .so don’t worry. Be cool.

    4. Veer

      Sorry but this news maybe just utter nonsense. How can an actor do dual role that to in a serial which is on shoot 7 days a week. It’s highly impossible for any actor to do this. There’s not even 1% chance of this being true.

    5. No ooooh! don’t even say that as a joke, i hope its just one of those fake spoilers. Someone had said that kangana is pregnant n thats why ravish is marrying her bt it turns out to be fake news that’s why i don’t read spoilers anymore, they are misleading.

  17. What is wrong with ravish y is he talking to vividha like this ?y is kangana behaving asxif she is changed ? I think something is fishy in here .
    Plz CVS unite guddish?

  18. I feel bad for guddi. Though I dont like her (because I cannot forget/excuse for what guddi did in past to vitharv) its not easy for a girl to accept the fact that her fiance is now became husband of another women. Better move on and get a good life for u.

    Guddi and ravish was dated for six months and he wore ring to her saying he will always keep u happy. so how can R fall for kangana again even if she is staying in his house. Guddi ur questions to vivi proves that R just made a commitment with u but not a whole hearted relationship. So guddi instead of asking those questions to vivi u beter ask R.

    Coming to R, are u indirectly targeted sujitha mothers love on u. If not ok, if yes then how can a mother made aarati if u cheated another mother daughter . Sujatha loves u equally like atharv.

    ravish u said becoz of vivi u lost everything. But remember, dadaji and suman get their due for their deeds. Its not vivi fault. anyways u vent ur furstration in wrong time also to a wrong person.

    Atharv I like the look u gave to R. I like how atharv controlled his anger becoz of madhav. In the same way, vivi need to concentrate on her family especially on madhav and khushe instead fuming over kangana. hope vitharv win the case.

  19. actually veer it’s cleared this track comes only to stretch Jndsd… n now we’ve to see bro-bro n sis-sis dramas n a stupid family drama…let’s ready for saas bahu serial…really…is it a love story???
    yes ravish’s acting?…n don’t worry now all ravish yea ravi… dha fans…totally bye bye from here…only some viruses….

    1. @@veer
      don’t know y… I replied u….but it was posted here…

    2. Veer

      Only KK can save this show from turning into a regular drama show.

  20. Hi..friends,
    I want to say sorry… But more than that I want Thank you.. to all for remembering me!!
    Hot summer.. busy traveling.. Not getting time to watch the episode.. I missed 3 episode and updates too…

    Many happy returns @Linah dear?????????

    About episode… I really don’t understand where is this story going ahead… Madhav custody court drama and now ravish and kangana marriage….
    No khusi scenes…
    Madhav-kushi bonding should be like caring bro and learning sis…but director making it a problematic with kids fight..

    Omg!! Ravish talking like he is innocent.. Great son of great mother (suman)..
    Woww…Guddi slaying vividha..Actually good timing by guddi..brainless vividha need this.

  21. Beyond dreams tweeted vivi and R, also ankit and kangana. I think the pic u have seen is not from shivu ig post or ig stroy but from beyond dreams post.

  22. I have a doubt guys..in day before yesterday episode.. I have read.. that while vitharv and all members are leaving for court.. It was written that kangana was speaking with someone.. That she was fighting d case alone…to who she is speaking..actually i missed episode.. Just read written updates. So., Plz someone answer me…

    1. Veer

      She was speaking to taxi driver.???

    2. No 143. Nothing like that. Kangana said that lines to car driver when he asked if anybody is going with kangana to court.Then she said no I m alone and fighting the case alone. That part of Update was some misleading .

  23. Sumaya hossain

    Whatever ravish did to guddi was wrong…..felt bad for guddi…why did he do this?he shouldn’t listen vividha’s word….i m ravish’s fan…bt i dont have any prblm with viatharv fans…infact i love atharv’s character…his personality is very strong in this serial…bt i think writer couldnt show vividhas character strongly….she always thinks about her pain….bt others?even today she wasn’t thinking anything for guddi…i knw cv will show ravish wrong bt did he actually say anything wrong today?he was in pain whn he came to knw about vividha nd atharv’s relation…i knw it wasn’t vividha’s fault…bt he loved her….so it was his right to feel sad…bt whn everyone thought atharv left vividha ….thn why vividha came to ravish thn? She could live alone…ravish shouldn’t agree to vividha’s proposal…bcoz he had insulted himself that tym…vividha had also told ravish many lovely things during the second marriage of ravidha…even in one episode she told ravish that ravish will never need to leave her…so what happened??whn atharv come ravish left vividha…it was also ravish’s fault right??he lost his mother …..bt didnt express his sadness to others…it was his fault…he always stood beside viatharv it was his fault…so he had done many faults…so vividha gas the right to taunt him….she doesnt need to knw why ravish did this….actually ravish is really a rubbish…sory if i had said anything wrong…??

  24. First I thought not to comment about today’s epsd. But can’t controle myself.
    To be frank I didn’t like today’s epsd.
    Don’t know what is going on both onscreen &offscreen. This is nt my jndsd for which I addicted on 9th may ,2016. And this is nt my old vitharv &shivik for whom I always becm so happy &proud. Everything is changed ??? like everything.
    Bcz today I liked vividha’s performance but totally disappointed with Atharv’s performance. This is nt my old atharv sujatha. Really missing the intensity of atharv which he had in phase 1.
    Today ravish got more emotional dlgs and I got from him that I expected from him. Bcz when any emotional scns will come, then he begins to reminding every body about his great sacrifices. Eventhough vitharv never asked him for any sacrifices, he himself believes that he did so many sacrifices for vitharv .And when vitharv find any of his fault ,then he always tries to blame vitharv and doing emotional drama
    for making others feel guilty and sympathy .so nothing special to say about ravish.
    But what happened to atharv? ?.I liked the way he hold vivi’s hand dragged her from ravishs room and his penetrating look.That is enough for ravish than any reply. But still can’t understand when vitharv covn starts in room ;Atharv didn’t look vividha’s face for a single time. Even vividha delivered dialogues by looking to Atharv’s face ,atharv always looked down. What is this ? Was this our atharv? I didn’t feel any chemistry bw vitharv that time.
    Nowadays vitharv becoming strangers in onscreen too. I think bfr marriage vitharv has unbeatable chemistry .But after marriage that almost lost. And also there is no vitharv scn .They r concentrating irrelevant side chrtrs too much.
    And Beyond dreams still hanging on ravish -vividha by posting their pic. If they r unaware of the conclusion of love triangle? ?.Don’t know. They posted sara and ruslan pic too .But the shivik pic which they posted was just like somebody forced
    vikram &shivani to be happy for that pic.
    Sorry guys for repeating this but have to say this is the nly serl in which the main leads being neglected continuosly.
    What is the actual pblm I don’t know? But one thing I must say the chemistry of both vitharv &shivik r nt same with that of phase 1&2.I m saying this bcz nly due to their unbeatable chemistry in both on &off screen I bcm a mad fan of jndsd other than the unique story &characterisation. But now I can’t see that chemistry in onscreen too. Very very disappointed ????????????

    1. Veer

      Your every point is right. I think they’re waiting to unleash AtharvSujatha on KK after his return. That’s the reason they’re not showing angry Atharv. That chemistry thing is all about direction and managing actors call sheet timings. After their marriage in most of the episodes they used body doubles of either Shivani or Vikram. Only ShiVik scene today was badly directed rest is ok. Beyond Dreams off screen pics are just for their promotions don’t think much about it. Anyone can ask for a picture with anyone and that anyone cannot deny it and the cameraman bechara has to take their picture and since he took their picture he has to post.
      Hope you got what I meant to say?. I agree with you on the lead pair getting neglected just to accommodate that MAHAAN RAVISH. I don’t understand his over relevance in the show after Vitharv marriage. He should be given back seat ?. Don’t know what’s the obsession of Production house with Ravish. AtharvSujatha will come back only after KK’s entry and when he sees him. Vitharv chemistry is solely dependent on director. ShiVik can’t poke their hands in direction and doing these separate scenes seems easy to them because they will give all their takes at once and then pack up. Why would anyone want to change this early pack up things if director is Ok with their output. Unless director changes we will have to just bear this.

    2. Ya I know veer. I also think they still waiting for kks return to bring our old Atharv sujatha. But I m really afraid if this new dumbo director will spoil that intensity of face off scn with his “extraordinary ” direction skills ???. Bcz he already spoiled our vitharvs chemistry. Now it is turn for destroying Atharv sujatha -kk face off. I really wish some one to lock the director in a room and make force him to watch phase 1 .otherwise he will make Atharv -kk face off as a comedy scn. Already I used to laugh with kks wonderful facial expressions?. And can’t imagine what will do this new director with our” dear” kk .
      And still I too can’t understand the overrelavance of ravish. I think they r hanging on this ravish for satisfying some ravish fans .But for that they r spoiling our vitharv scns .

      And u r right .Nothing can do with our production house. Bcz poor ppl
      just started to promoting our show. After 1 yr they woke up.As a starting they still don’t know what to promote. And bechara cameraman ???. I got it ?.
      And ya one reason for lack of shivik chemistry is over usage of body doubles. And our great director is nt bad at all for spoiling their unbeatable chemistry. I think he may be researching how to spoil the chemistry bw two leads ?.ohh really missing our prateek sha. But our current director can shine in crime series like savadhan India …
      Ya nobody in our jndsd want late pack up. Our main leads especially wants earlier pack up. I remember shivik said in invw that the word they want to hear more from set is “PACK UP”.???.
      Hmm. Now just wait for the return of dear expression king the great “KK”.

  25. Ossam epi, vi……dharv doing wrong step for madhav’s custody. This wrong step spoils ravish life.
    Something fishy in kavish mrg. May be ravish hiding the truth of kangana’s boyfrnd missing mystery. I think Someone (adharv r vasist family numbers) is involved in this missing mystry.
    Anyway I hope my thinking ( vi……..dharv separation is necessary at the end of d show) was not wrong.
    Gud ngt frnds.

    1. Wat u mean vitharv separation needed at the end of the show???

    2. Oh sudheer. R u still in illusion? ????
      Vitharvs wrong step for Madhav ??. And that spoiled ravishs life.so u mean ravish himself didnt spoil his life by marrying kangana. And what did u say atharv included in kangana ‘s bf missing. Lol. Omg?.
      U still dream for vitharv separation. Good carry on.But don’t forget if vitharv separation will happen then that is nt the end of show.bcz they have to reunite them for ending the show.
      Pls wake up sudheer asap.

    3. VizPinky

      Stupid idiot rascal sry for scolding u like this but u deserve it ??????. How can u always think about virharv separation.really disgusting u r.sudeer neeku asalu budhi burra undha asalu nuvu manishivena kadhu edho lokam nundi dhigi vachina vintha janthuvuvi.ninnu inka ela paditha ala thitali ani undhi.u r like second virus to this page get lost from here u ******…..chi.my blood is boiling like anything.u dirty fellow.I have never scolded anyone like this upto now except anju here but can’t stop myself to scold u…..u shameless fellow ??????

    4. Veer

      Pinky, ur comment was tooooo funny. I don’t know why I’m getting this much laughter by reading ur comment. Literally I’m having tears in my eyes while writing this comment because of continuous laughing.
      I’m Sorry Sudheer for laughing at the comment.

    5. VizPinky

      Veer dear even i also don’t know that my comment is funny until u say when once again i read this even i am also laughing with eyes full of water????????.but then i have typed it very seriously now it became funny ???????????…..

    6. Hahaha ? ? ? sudheerrr….i start laughing even b4 i read ur comment. u’ll never change.

    7. ohhhh what a joke! very funny….
      Sudheer u really?….u can’t change….
      I think u took soooo much sleeping tablets…. that’s y u still dreaming…. OK
      yes bad night. darwana dream.

    8. Sumank

      Sudheer nuvvinka ee lokamloki raleda? Aap rest kijiye?

  26. Pls for God sake vividah is a selfish woman always thinking abt herself ravish made a lot of sacrifice for her for mi i dont think ravish is in love with guddi

  27. @hb

    Ravish need to speak about his thoughts to vitharv and guddi. How can a person come with garlands infront of his family without informing anyone. It is heated situation . So the arguments are. But he put blame on vivi and madhav. Is it justifiable.even vitharv suffered a lot of becoz of R family but they never uttered a word against R.

    1. I don’t think he blamed Madhav any where , he was trying to say for vividha and her decisions , he lost a lot! Vitharv suffered because of r’s family members but never bcoz of R himself. Also he supported them when ever he felt they are right but calmly explained they vividha was wrong ( like she raising hand on Kangana )! Ravish is shown as some one who always supported what is right rather then who is right. I hope cvs show a strong reason for r’s marriage decision other wise his selfless charecter so far will be lost!

      Also I feel vividha is not able to trust any one after her father cheated her, coz when Atharv left , instead of finding reason or assuming things she could have waited , remember just half hour before
      her marriage, she said she does not need Atharv or ravish for her to live her life, that would have been real empowerment.
      Now when ravish is asking them to trust
      him , , she is not having it!

      Another surprising thing , which cvs did not focus , initially vividha was shown feeling guilty for ravish’s life , but they
      never explored Atharv feelings towards
      his brother. They could have shown such Scenes , so when Atharv said he is feeling bad for ravish being disloyal , I could not connect with him. Also they never showed
      and aditi’s scenes, don’t understand why cvs can’t show such tracks, instead they show Ankit trying to rape Aditi!

  28. Veer

    Watch this very very funny VM on JNDSD

    1. That was awesome can’t stop my laughing????oh my god

  29. NeWS..
    kailash kashyap to enter in this coming week… within 3-4 days
    I hope it comes true

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