Avneil FF: Tum Mile – Episode 1

I wanted to write this chapter so wrote it.. tell me.. how is it..
Its short.. coz i have a mood off.. sorry..

In the church…
Everyone is sitting on the benches, and are very happy. Today shweta is getting avni and neel married again but in a Christian way.
Avni is wearing a beautiful white gown and neel is in black suit.
Priest says “Do you consider him as your legal husband”
Avni says “I do”
Priest says “Do you consider her as your legal wife”
Before neel could answer.. his phone rings. He sees the caller ID .. picks up the call then runs away. While everyone shouts to call him back.
Avni is standing there perplexed. Tears are flowing from her eyes.
Neela notices avni and comes to her. Before she comes to her avni runs from the church.


Neel opens the door. Avni opens her eyes very slowly and looks at the surroundings.
Neel gets very happy.. and says “Avni” and he walks to her bed.
Avni looks at him and says “who are you”

This is dedicated to the new olvs and my previous storyline idea..
Hope you like it..
Sorry for any grammatical errors or any other error

Thank you
Love you

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  1. Huge twist makes me curious about your concept. But it seem sad to read as well as interesting also. Good going mehak. Just keep it up. Your storyline’s concept is beyond of reader’s imagination. All the best.

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much barun.. it means a lot.. thank you.. also trust me with the storyline it will be good to read in future chapters

  2. Think good & good will comes to you. You are good in your way. Just prove it to everyone. Best of luck mehak.

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much .. thank you

  3. It seems very interesting please post soon and make chapters longer

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear… will try my best

  4. Wow looking forward for your story line plzzz upload it soon?

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. will do soon

  5. Nikitansx

    It is damn interesting to read but also sad. I want Neil to finally propose Avni.

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. that might have but it will be after some time i suppose

  6. mehak.. y r u not continuing ur other ffs.. they r awsome.. and this one 2

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear.. actually i run out of time.. and now there are so many to write and time so little.. so whenever an idea come about any part of ff.. that write that one first so that rest gets neglected..

  7. Sweetgirl7

    mehak as u said and promised a new ff…this ff is wonderful..i guessed why avni said that..and be chubby and happy yaar…and when ur mood is off,take care and love urself..

    loads of love from me!

    yours sami

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear… and the one i promised you way back is still due to write… will do it soon..

      Thank you so much yr.. love you too my sami

      1. Sweetgirl7

        welcome..no welcome..cozz no thx between friends yaar…just be happy..

  8. Shabnam

    superb mehak lovely intersting continue post soon tack care n happy

    1. Mehak

      Thank you so much dear…
      Will do soon..
      Thank you

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