You and me : thahaan part 24

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Part 2

Dhruv : HE RESIGNED……finally he did what i wanted…
Sahir : what ? But i brought him here without consltng me he cnt do that….
That’s not possible…

Piu : umm…well that ‘s good..he was no less than a trbl…
Shradha : yeah !! But he had a hrt of gold….
Raj : well we shud try to find some positivity in it coz there’s always a good cause behind everythng….
Sahir : no…how can he do….th..

Thapki intrptng in b/w…
Thapki : he’s gone…nno pt of ttalking abt him now….everyone get going sangeet is abt tto strt….

Her breath hitched as she spoke and the strong pangs of separation made her hrt ache….she was feeling helpless helpless that y everyone whom she gives a special place in her life leaves her alone……

Thapki’s room ,
She was ready in an alluring red body fit lehenga outlining her feminine attributes…shradha made her wear golden jewellery in contrast with her outfit and piu tied her hair in a beautiful braid….the girls transformed her into an angel and they too left to get ready….thapki was sitting before mirror and she gazed at her img constantly there was no happiness inside her she was sunken in gloom. She shut her perfectly shaped eyes and sighed as tears made their way out…..she searched for some happiness some light inside her soul but there was only darkness stark darkness….and she cudnt even find a ray of hope….that tenebrific darkness all of a sudden started haunting her and she opened her eyes and started panting……this was when giggles of guests who filled in hall of pandey nivaas captured her attention and she composed herself…retouching her makeup . piu and shradha too came in both looking btfl in their own way….the duo made thapki stand and standed on  either side of her and took her outside for the ceremony to begin…..everyone lifted their eyes to catch a glimpse of the drop-dead bride…..
Shradha : thapki plz smile a bit u r the centre of attraction today…its ur sangeet…
Piu : bhabhi…plz…

Dhruv analysed every feature of thapki and he gawked at her taking in her fig and fixing it in his eyes…but his gaze wasnt pure it was tainted by lust….
Dhruv (to himself ) : she looks tempting but i need to wait to get her….se*y thapki chaturvedi will b soon in my bed….nd that raman…oh sry bihaan ??? ahh… he ‘s gone well played dhruv pandey…..

Piu’s mansion…
Bihaan : doc u just tc of her and call as much staff as u want nd yes also my servent marie….i want them to b alright…..plz…doc.

Bihaan : hello…
Sahir : where r u ? I mean u shud b here the sangeet has begun i mean what’s abt our plan bhai ? Thapki needs u…
Bihaan : hmmm….
Bihaan hunged up……as anger raised in him that one name which changed his life which influenced him so much before now was the main source of his fury….his eyes blazed with anger…the red nerves were visible in his eyes…..he gritted his teeths…..clinching his fists….

Bihaan : this name once was my ointment for  every wound i had but now……..after last night….ahhhhhhh thapkiiiiiiii i will murder u…i will kill u with my own hands…i wanna take this honour… u’ll be destroyed finished…….u wont die easily baby i swear to myself…….u will beg..beg for death and that will b moment when death too will turn away its face…..
Y u did this….y u broke my trust..u shdnt have targeted my mother u b*tch….

* flashback*
Dhruv : welcome welcome mr ramandeep singh oops…..bihaan pandey…
Bihaan gaped at dhruv ‘s words as he was thunderstricken coz his real identity was revealed…..
Dhruv : ohh plz dnt feel afraid coz i’ll do nthng everythng is in hands of tha..tha..thapki….??? uk…bihaan i love u sm i mean i..i always wnt to b there at ur side….srsly bihaan have faith in me and see ur brdr loves u sm that i called u here to make u conscious of real face of thapki…
Bihaan (smirking ) : do u think dhruv that u can fool b for bihaan pandey and thapki i trust her more than myself so stop throwing ur tantrums….
Dhruv : ohhhh !! Bihaan u r so thankless like srsly i mean ohk wait u dnt trust me but u love vasu ma right ?

Listening his mother ‘s name from his mouth kindeled flame of ire in him and he in nanosec grabbed his starched collars…
Bihaan : dnt u dare harm her…..
Dhruv : oh plz…..dnt raise ur voice i also knw to do that….(pushing him away ) well bihu baby m not hurting her that thapki is doing..
Bihaan (astounded) : wtf ? Say it in clear words….
Dhruv : wait….have a look at it….thapki texted me…..


I did my work i took my revenge on kabir….  they r finished…
Vasundhra pandey is dead…

This was the biggest shock for bihaan his brain and hrt were overpowered by the fear by insecurity by pain of loosing his mother after his father he cnt undergo such a misery again and he turned towards door and kicked it but that was of no use the door was locked and he was held captive inside the room…
Dhruv : u wanna go ik but first sign these….(handing him papers )
Bihaan : what’s this….dnt waste my time and tell me….rt now..
Dhruv : dnt panic keep calm , its a legal agreement regarding ur resignation and also if u turned back towards this house u will b prisoned and ur entire property will be confiscated  and 50 % of it will  b.e given to me just sign them nd u ‘ll b free to go…….
Bihaan without giving it a scnd thought signed the documents and taking keys from dhruv rushed out….
He saw thapki entering and shradha asked her where she went…..
Shradha : thapki…where were u ?
Thapki : i went to meet piu ‘s mother….

Bihaan was broken on hearing this…and as thapki was closing door of the car his gaze fell on a gun which made his hrt skip a beat…
Shradha : are thapki what are these red spots on ur dress….
Thapki : where…?
Shradha : at ur back….
Thapki : oh shit i…idk !! Idk from where it came from….well leave this m feeling sleepy gn….
Bihaan : blood its blood….it means dhruv was right i gotta go….

Piu ‘s mansion,
As bihaan entered the mansion unconscious guards lyng on ground welcomed him he rushed in and looked for his mother….
Bihaan : ma!! Ma!!….ma !!…
His gaze fell on a goon running out of the house and bihaan got hold of him and punched him right on his face he beated him to death…
Bihaan spoke through gritted teeths..
Bihaan : who did this ?
Goon : s..sir i m not a…a…at fault thapki madam asked us to do this….
Bihaan : thapki…..

Vasu : aaahhhhh…..
Bihaan left the goon and  hastened towards his half conscious mother who was shot…
Who was uttering only one name thapki which was barely audible….
Bihaan : who did this ma ? Tell me i swear i’ll kill him tell me mom….
Vasu : thapki…thapki…thapki..
bihaan felt as if someone just stabbed him straight into his hrt…he was broken compltly not only from inside but from outside his will to live was murdered…he cud feel himself dyng…bit by bit….

Present time..
Uncontrollably  he cried cried and cried…
Bihaan : thapki the countdown has begun….i’ll kill u baby….just wait and watch….

Pandey nivaas ,

Thapki ( to herself) : this borng party uhhh !! God cant i die ? Well i just hope ssomehow i can meet him today the b ffor bihaan pandey only he can help me now…..well no it wud b btr if i dnt i llost kabir ,raman…nd now i cnt afford to lloose bihaan…

Piu :ladies and gentlemen i piu pandey welcome  u all on the auspicious occasion of sangeet of my beloved brother and bhabhi so lets begin the night…

Hmm hmm hmm…
Sheena : munda thoda offbeat hai pr  kudiyan de naal bhot sweet hai..(pointing towards dhruv )
Piu : ha munda thoda offbeat hai pr kudiyan de nall bhot sweet hai..
Shradha : dhongi sa ye bda dheet hai viral ho gya ye tweet..
Sahir : par phool wool karne me cool tu bdi tez katari hai….(pointing towards thapki )
Raj : shagan teri ki lagan tere ki hmne krdi taiyari hai…
All : nach de ne sare gale mil ke aj hil dul k le sare k sare nzare ( ×2 )
Kosi : khasma nu khane…
Piu : aloo bde krare karam na aloo bde krare chad chad k chaubar karm nal sweetu vajan mare (×2)
Sheena : munde plenty mere lai ho gae senty…

Shradha and piu pointing towards thapki : oe tere lai ho gae senty o tere lai ho gae senty….
Piu looking at sahir : par tere lie mai set hu is bat ki gurantee…
Raj : par fool vool krne me cool tu bdi tez katari h…
Dhruv gripped thapki’s wrist and pulled her on him..
Dhruv : sehra bandh k kudh fandh tujhe le jana is bari hai….
All (thapki and dhruv in centre ) : nach de ne sare gale mil ke aj hil dul k le sare k sare nazare(×2)
Kosi : khasma nu khane
Sheena piu & shradha : ha..ha..ha..ha…
Piu : zor zor se shor vor kr dj gaane bajane aa
Sheena :  ruthde ruthde jija fufad hmnse sare manane aa
Sahir : zor zor se shor vor kr dj game bjane aa ruthde ruthde jija fufad hmne sare manane aa…
Raj : par fool vool karne me cool tu bdi tez katari hai..
Dhruv : shagan teri ki lagan teri ki hmne krdi taiyari h…
Shradha : nachde ne sare…
Raj : nachde ne sare..
All : nach de ne sare gale mil k aj hil dul k le sare k sare nzare ( ×2)
Sheena : nach de ne sare…
Shradha : nach de ne sare…
Kosi : khasma nu khane…

The arena of pn was filled with colours of joy everyone was njoying the royal sangeet the aroma of food invited the starving guests and everyone danced to the beats engrossed in their own happiness but theire sat one lonely soul although sitting in the crowd yet lonesome she was feeling there was no sign of elation in her on her big day….not even traces of the word happiness she cud find in her…..thapki stood up and headed towards her room when someone humming a song magnetised her ears and a strong breeze slapped her face her hrt beats raised alarmingly & she turned around but it was all dark the hall was glwoing in a dim blue with a tinche of gold lights….she felt as if the god itself is showering flowers from the sky and the breezes r the tuned ncrgng her to dance and her hrtbeats r the drums welcoming someone…..her gaze went throughout the room to see the owner of voice and then light fell on a man turning his back to her the light slowly slowly outlined his body…..he wore a blue sherwani and his masculine body toxicated thapki ‘s hrt and mind . He was holding a guitar and he played it vry well and with it hummed a song…

an : ishq…hae……yo ppl in the house this is a tribute to the power of love….

Back dancers : hoo ha hoo ha….

Man throwed guitar away and looked at thapki and danced with the beats poiting at her…..thapki was elated to see him while piu dhruv & kosi dropped their jaws to ground same reaction was of raj and sheena nd sahir was jumping in joy…..a lone tear escaped from piu’s eyes her hrt ached at the sight of her brother…

Bihaan : teri ankhon k matvale kajal ko mera salaam zulfon k kale kale badal ko mera salaam (×2) ghayal krde mutyar teri payal ki chankar hae soni soni teri soni har ada ko salaam salaam e ishq ishq salaam e ishq….salam e ishq ishq salme ishq

Suman , sanjay , preeti , ashwin & sahir : hai salam e ishq salam e ishq salam e ishq….

Sahir : ishq…hae…

Tears trickled down thapki ‘s face passing through her rosy cheeks they were abt to fall on ground when bihaan ‘s palm showed up preventing them from falling and he kissed his palm…thapki smiled for the first time in  ceremony that too from within…

Thapki : ho teri mastani anjani bato ko mera salam rango me dubi dubi raton ko mera salam khabon me kho gai mai deewani ho gai mai ho soni soni teri soni har ada ko salam salam e ishq ishq salam e ishq..salam e ishq ishq salame isjq salam e ishq ishq salam e ishq

All : hai salam e ishq salam e  salam e ishq salam e salam e ishq……..

Raj : ishq….hae (seeing everyone njoying raj too participated )

Suman , preeti & shradha made thapki stand in centre and twirled around her….

Trio : o tere hathan vich mehndi da rang khila hai tujhe sapno da changa mehboob mila h meri banoo pyaari pyaari sari duniya se nyari ise doli me tu leja doliya dolnaaaa…

Everyone jumped with tune and danced bihaan made his way towards dhruv and the 2 exchanged looks with each other and then he dragged him too for the dance and same he did with kosi and then he sended sahir for piu coz he knew he will fall weak….nd this torned piu apart her brother ignoring her although she loathed him but still it hurts….sahir noticed this and it hurted him too seeimg her weeping he dint knew y seeing her sad his affecting him but keeping the fact aside in order to  pacify her he dragged piu to the middle and sang…..

Sahir : teri meri nazar jo mili pehli bar ho gya ho gya tujhse pyar…
He held her hand and twirled her…
Dil h kya dil h kya jaan b tujhpe nisar mne tujhpe kia aitbar….

As her hrt overflowed with emotions she unknowingly hugged him….and reciprocated his gesture of singing…bihaan felt furious coz sahir was openely flirting with his sis which aroused anger in him….but he repressed it…

Piu : oh ho mai b to tujh pe mar gai deewana pan kya kr gai meri hr dhadkan betab h palko vich tera khab h ….

Sahir : oh jan se b pyari pyari jania ko salam salam e ishq ishq salam e ishq ishq salam e ishq ishq salam e ishq

All : hai salam e ishq salam e salam e ishq hai salame ishq salam e salam e ishq…

Dhruv : ishq…hae..

Bihaan simprd as dhruv joined in.
Bihaan : now the game will begin….

Back dancers : ha…na.nna.haaa.haa… hoo..ha..hoo.haa….

Dhruv holded thapki ‘s hand and spinned her as he sang along and then gripped her bare waist making her feel disgusted….

Dhruv : mai tere ishq mein do jahan vaar doon mere vade pe krle yakeen kh ri h zameen kh ra h asman tere jesa dooja nhi….

Thapki dint repleid rather she pushed him and moved back and shradha participated in..

Shradha : ho aise jadoo na dal ve na aou mai tere nal ve joothi tarife chod de ab dil mere dil se jod de….

Sanjay : ho jo b h dil se nikli is dua ko salaam salaam e ishq…salam e ishq ishq ishq salaam e ishq ishq  ishq salam e ishq …

All : hai salm e ishq salaam e salam e ishq salaam e salam e ishq salaam e ishq…

Suman : ishq..hae..
Bihaan went towards dhruv and whispered…
Bihaan : now i ‘ll sing…(he winked ?)
Bihaan grabbed a basket of rose petals and headed towards thapki and then held her hand firmly he slowly made flowers fall on her while she closed her eyes…..bihaan moved her hair aside and kissed her bare skin and then moved towards her ear ,  he pecked it and then gently bited her earlobe with one hand he held her left hand and his other hand drew circles at her bare tummy….and she respired violantly basking in his love  dhruv burned in envy and others were extremely shocked and started criticizing thapki ‘s character….but the 2 were unaware of the happenings….

Bihaan  : rab se h iltaja maf kr de mujhe mai to teri ibadat kru…
Thapki sheded her tears at his words….she looked into his tiny eyes which were welled up with emotions and she drowned in them…
Ae meri soniye na khbr h tjhe tjhse kitni mohbat kru…

Thapki (blushing) : tere bin sb kuch benoor hai…
Preeti (looking at ashwin) : meri mang me tera sindoor hai..
Thapki : saason me  hi pegam hai mera sb kuch tere nam h…
Bihaan : ho dhadkano me rhne vali soniye ko salam..
Thapki : salaam e ishq…
Bihaan : teri ankhon k matvale kajal ko mera salam zulfon k kale kale badal ko mera salam….
Thapki : khabon me kho gai mai deewani ho gai mai..
Bihaan : ho soni soni teri soni hr ada ko salam..
Suman preeti thapki sheena & shradha : salam e ishq ishq ishq salam e ishq…
All : hai salaam e ishq salaame salam e ishq salaam e hai salam e ishq salm e hai  salam e ishq….

Bihaan : ishq…hae…

As soon as song finished factuality started dawning on thapki that bihaan is here &  she danced with him that too intimately a bit for a moment and dhruv wont tollerate this he will beat hell out of bihaan no she cnt let bihaan be the quarry of his inhumanity she need to save him but how….what justification will she give nd how will she protect him….the girl was absorbed by her thoughts when she realised the hall of pandey nivas again was dimly lit and all the  lights were focused on her she looked here and there feeling uncmfrtbl…and then a soothing voice grabbed the direction of her eyes…
(Note : bihaan is here he is not disguised as raman )
Bihaan was standing on a stage behind which there was a screen accompanied with a projectr nd, the whole area surrounding thapki was decorated by fragrant candles adding to the beauty of the place and on the stage there were numerous pics of thapki right from her childhood till her adulthood….

Thapki felt as if someone removed floor beneath her feets.

Bihaan : thapki , remember the day we met for the first time? ahhh ! U felt as if m a goon nd wanna impress u nd the 2nd time we got locked up in a room nd then at terrace the most memorable part of that night was our consoling and romantic at the same time, hug. Then i sneaked up to ur room and there also we shared an intoxicating hug and then i again sneaking from everyone’s eyes came to ur balconi and now we r meeting today…thapki uk all this time mayb i wasnt with u yet i was with u nd i was nd will be always till eternity i will b there for u… thapki when u smile i smile u cry i cry u feel hungry i feel hungry u feel sad i feel sad u fall in love i fall in love…..

(Note : with every meeting that bihaan is describing images will he projected on screen)
Thapki : umm hhow can u ffall in llove when i fffall in lllove ?
Bihaan : bcz ik u ‘ll fall in love  then it will b with me only……
Thapki gaped at his confident statement….
Bihaan : thapki i never considered u as a frnd u were my life always wdr u say yes or no i ‘ll love u thapki nd u cnt force me to hate u babe coz its neither in ur hand nor in mine….uk for me u r my whole wrld.. i love u yes b for bihaan loves t for thapki….everyday i wake with the hope to see u , i smile thinking that today i ‘ll hug u , i blush thinking that my thapki one day will call me my bihaan nd everyday i close my eyes thinking that tmrw this will all happen again. So mis thapki chaturvedi will u be mine forever and live with me happily ever after ? Will u become mrs thapki bihaan pandey ?

As bihaan confessed his feelings roses paired with glitters fell on thapki touching her gently and compelling her to say yes…..

Thapki was bolt with the blue…her mind and body went numb but not her hrt her hrt damn her hrt it dragged her towards the stage and bihaan being a gentleman lifted her in his arms so that she need not climb up the  stairs and let her on her feet on the stage…..she was abt to say something when all the time she spended with this man flashed in front of her eyes and few mins ago the eyes which showcased joy now again invited tears and they being greedy quickly begin to flow…..
Her brain overshadowed her hrt again…and her next move turned everyone shattered in fact piu too except dhruv , kosi ,raj & sheena.

A very warm hello to all the beauties out there reading this….glad u all showered ur love on me keep doing that nd stay blessed nd happy nd yes keep calm nd read my ff lol ? jk….

Ohk m sry that i updated late but promise vo b pakke vala next time i’ll try to b fast….

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  1. I don’t know, there is part with hindi language, i can’t understand it, please translate it in english, and keep update.thank you

    1. Simrank

      Hey vina the part in hindi is actually a song if u want from next lrt if i’ll write any songs i will translate it in eng for u baby dnt wry nd tysm darl for cmntng ??

  2. beautiful just loved it I know its sapola plan and how bihu believe just seeing a msg and red spots any way it was necessary excited to know what will happen next? Bihu confession very nice and I know its his plan now hatred love story started beautiful love it simi and sorry as I tried but many time my comments wasn’t showing in tU page loved it happy weekend

    1. Simrank

      Hey anu btw r u planning to write any story ? I loved urs well he blvd when vasu said thapki ‘s name b4 that he dint…nd yes more twists lined up glad u liked it love u darlo keep cmntng nd ncrgng me ???


    Thanks for update

    1. Simrank

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    D’not say sory dear. I read it when i m free.after read this i tell u how it was? Ok bye and tc

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    OMG ???
    Shocking Twist !!!
    Today I’m really very speechless for your creativity Didiiiii…
    Story hi porii Plat di…
    Ab Thapki nafret s bihaan k paas jae ya kushi s…..
    Bus Thahaan ban na chahie…
    Kyoki es Jodi m hi magic h..
    Love you Didi ❤️❤️
    Or heads of for your creativity..
    SUPERB episode..
    Now eagerly waiting for next amazing episode…. ?
    Please take care of yourself…
    Keep rocking my dear friend ??

    1. Simrank

      Love u kudrat ur cmnt brought a smile on my face well yes dnt wry hoge to thahaan hi koi or thahaan ki jgh ni le skta….
      M glad ki tumhe psnd aya love u ??

    1. Simrank

      Tysm rifa keep rdng nd cmntng ?

  6. its ok…bt try to updaye rgulrly dear…bciz we w8 fr u….wl nice nd twsting epi…wht will hpen nxt m excitng to knw abt it….i hope they bcm thahaan soon….hope fr best….update asap….l.u t.c…bye…

    1. Simrank

      Hey sadia i can undrstnd that u w8 for me but dear actually m rt now in 12 so this is the most crucial tym in terms of my career so its kinda imposbl rt now tonupdate regularly ty for cmntng m glad u liked it ? keep cmntng nd ncrgng me love u ??


    Omg what is this? I m extemly shocked after read this.plzzzzzzz jaldi se sab thek kr dena dear.plzz update next part soon .ok good night Allah hafiz and tc sis.

    1. Simrank

      Hey iqra m glad u cmntnd nd yes sb kuch thik ha jaega dnt wry i will try to update soon ??


    Kudrat ap kasi ho?

    1. KUDRAT

      Fine sweetie…
      Nd you chona…
      How are you baby… ???
      Stay blessed ??

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  10. Arruu

    Very nice!! Keep writing I’ll keep reading.. you’re awesome! And guys. Don’t get worried I’ll update the next part of my ff! Soon. Keep waiting plz I was lit busy! May be tomorrow I’ll update it ok don’t worry.

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