aur pyar hogaya episode 1


A luxurious house is shown. Shivani is doing Pooja, she gets a call to come to office soon. She calls ‘shona, wake up I have to leave early’ but gets no response. She calls for shona again. But no reply. She climbs the stairs of bedroom.

Shivani: my princess is still asleep wat shall I do now??? ( she tickles her)

Shona wakes up.

Shivani: princess I have to go early, so sorry for this.. But driver would take u to ur college. OK..

Swara: mom. Did dad call yesterday??
Shivani: yes just after u slept..
Swara : OK… Today I m not going to sleep till I talk to him.. That’s final..
Shivani: OK… Baba.. I have to leave now.. Give me a good bye kiss..

Shivani leaves.. Swara bids her byes from balcony. Swara is getting ready for college. She opens her closet which is full of beautiful clothes. Some that she has just worn once. Her daddy loves her too much. And often keeps sending dresses from US. She takes a few frocks and tries then decides to wear a baby pink silk frock. She comes down for breakfast. Her servant serves her omlet with toast. She leaves with her white capresse bag in her Cruz.

As she gets down from the car, all starts looking. Its like the world has stopped to look at her. Soft curls, large pearl necklace, platform cream and pink heels.. She doesn’t pay any tension to the surrounding and goes to her class.

A rickshaw comes down their too and stops. From it ragini steps down. She is wearing simple chapals, yellow kalmeezand white salwar, with white dupatta, she has long hair that are belowher waist, she has just taken a half pony, and has a traditional bag and carrying a crafted book in her hand. She pays the fare and heads to her class.

Also Laksh comes in his BMW car, with his friends. He parks and takes his glasses of to looks into the class. He is senior to ragini and Swara . he sees Swara sitting near window and chatting on her phone, and then sees simple and sweet looking ragini just behind her scrambling something in her book. His friends ask wat r u looking at??

Laksh: nothing!!(shys)
Vivek( Laksh friend):ohh u r seeing new butterflies of our college, that is Swara ghosh.
Laksh: swwwaraa wat an amazing name!!
Vivek: u should ask her to come with u in fresher, she won’t deny as u r the senior and hotshot of our class so it would b good for her image..
Laksh: I shall ask her!!(thinking how to ask her in front of all these people??? Wat if she said no??))

Laksh: Laksh has some class. So mind or own business.. Vivek… Any girl would b lucky to go with me..

Laksh leaves from their, before anybody can catch his nervousness. Laksh writesin a paper, sSwara will u go out in fresher with me?? And throws to ragini. Ragini confused as to why some one threw the paper at her reads it. Laksh looks at her and smiles, she smiles back, and then reads the note. And then passes on to Swara, whispering something in her ears. Swara reads the note and looks out of the window and sees Laksh and nods a yes. Laksh confused and smiles at her.

( actually Laksh thought that ragini’s name was swara and meant to ask her but ended up with Swara )

At the music class, Swara and ragini meet and they introduce each other. Swara has modern tactics while ragini is well versed with classical. With their combined performance they make their class speechless. Some boys starts making fun of ragini calling her behenji.. But Swara stands up for ragini, saying that if they had even 1% of the talent that ragini has their life would b better.. But they can never have their places even at ragini’s feet. Ragini hugs Swara as the class ends and invites her to her house for dinner. Swara initially resist but then agrees.. Swara’s driver come to the baadi with Swara and ragini. Dadi is shocked to see a big car in the neighbour and comes rushing to her house, calling Sumi and asking did some celebrity came to baadi.. Sumi signs to Swara . Swara and ragini r having yes and pakoda at the dining table. Dadi ask Swara wat is her name?? Swara replies. Dadi ask Sumi to get some pizza as she would like those things and not these pakoda. But Swara says tthat Sumi aunty makes amazing pakoda and she likes it even more then pizza. Dadi sits besides Swara and keeps interfering in ragini and swara’s discussion. Sumi remembers seeing the girls talk, her time with Shivani. How they used to talk like the same after college on tea and pakoda and how Shivani used to like sumi’s made pakoda. Sumi comes and gives some sweet to Swara . Swara takes it. But then suddenly starts to cough. Sumi offers water to her. Ragini also get tensed. Swara ask wat was in the sweet Sumi says it was just some cashewnut and almond. Swara says that she has allergy to cashewnut, they all get shocked.

Doctors says that she is fine. ragini says thanks doctor and goes to drop him. Swara and his driver ask to leave. Sumi ask her to take care of herself.

Swara as they leave baadi ask her driver to not to tell her mom about her visit over her friend, and also of the incident as she would panic without any need. And emotionally blackmails her driver uncle.

Swara thinks that mom never let me friends with any one.. I have got a friend, if I don’t let her know this I can have ragini and her friendship.

Shivani is shown drinking coffee, her co worker gives her pakoda, but she throws it down. Saying that even the name of pakoda disgust her..

She too remembers her tea and pakoda with sumi

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  1. Nice…… but I m lil bit confused about pairs….. please make pair raglag……☺☺

  2. superb hope ragsan

  3. Nice ..make pair swasan

  4. Rekhavv

    Its raglak and swasan

  5. Rekhavv

    It is raglak and swasan

  6. Nice concept…
    Though I like ragsan.. m liking raglak more..

  7. waiting for more ragini scenes

  8. Abdul hafiz (Uma)


  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved Swaragini bond
    Waiting for the next one……….

    1. Rekhavv

      Thanks dear

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  10. Megha123

    Nice part hope it’s rags an

  11. Nyc yar… I hope itz ragsan

  12. nice i love ragini and more ragsan then raglak
    love ur ff

  13. Varsha

    Aww so nice dear, waiting for the bonding of Swaragini and sumishivani soon

  14. Rekhavv

    Thank u all.

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