Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 7th March 2014 Written Update

Avni came running listening bauji screaming and Raj too came. Raj told told Avni to go inside and call doctor as he will take bauji inside. Raj make buaji lay on bed and asking him to open eyes. Bauji partiall uncounscious. Avani worried and called doctor. Raj saw some tablet in plate and asked Avni if bauji is diabetic . Avni nodded yes and Raj took First Aid box . Raj told Avni that it looks like bauji’s sugar level increased as he didn’t consume her medicines. Avni said bauji need insulin and Raj asked her if she ever gave injection and Avni nodded yes she once did this. Raj told her to do it but in nervousness all injections fell and broken. Raj shouted at Avni to calm her down and told her to keep Buaji concious and he left from there. Raj came with some kaara and told avani

to give it to Bauji. Avni hesistant but Raj told her its safe and no side-effects and with dis sugar leval will fall for gd in no tym. He knows because his frnds mom is also diabetic. He told Avni to trust him.

Bhawna suketu n Abhas came running home as Suket cursing himself for allowing bauji stay alone at home. they went in room and saw Raj there. Avni thanked doctor but Buaji said she is giving someone’s credit to some other person. He told Everyone Raj saved him and doctor too confirmed that its all due to Raj that bauji safe. He made kahra and gave to bauji. Bauji said he is angry with Raj for making him take that krwa drink.Bhawna happy listening dis but suketu still in angry mood. Bhawna asked reason of sudden sugar level raise. Avni told bauji not took medicine. Raj left with doctor and then saawri came inside and Told everyone that sweets are the real reason os all dis as bauji eats alot of sweets. Bauji hide hs face underneath blanket. all laughing . They decided to do all functions at khandelwal home as doctor prescribed 4 dayzz rest to bauji.

Pratap asked saawri if she is happy now as Arpita family ready to celebrate all functions here. Saawri said its not a big deal becoz khandelwal’s can do better than aggarwal’s and dey will faint after watching arrangements. Pratap got call frm someone. He gave saawri 10 lakh Rupees and told her to take care of money and went outside. Saawri thought why Pratap give sommuch money to her and then she thought it must belongs to her so that’s why its her money and now she will book some car fr Abhas as wedding gift. Pratap calling on phone and told the person on other side that money is there with him and still he ahs 10 lakhs and other amount he will give after haldi.

Suket went outside looking for Raj and aksed waiter about him. He told waiter to call Raj as he wants to meet him. Suket went inside and Avni tld her that she didn’t do anything wrong and has called Raj only for help as nobody was at home and she will never do it gaian. she was all scared. Suket told her not to worry all okie. Avni confused but Suket told her that he is proud of her as she did awesome work in crucia tym. then Rja came and Suketu thanked him regarding this and Raj said no need of sorry because he loves this family. suketu left and both AvRaj smiled ta each other.

Next day morning Haldi ceremony was going on and Bauji looking for Raj all around. He asked Avni and Avni went outside to look for Raj. She came and told bauji that he has not come yet.Just then agagrwal’s arrived and all welcomed the,m. bauji said now its Arpita’s haldi so all males going outside as they hv no work to do inside. all started applyinh haldi and Avni excuses and came outside.

Raj’s jiji and jiju stopped him from going to Avni home. Raj not understanding. Jiju said Raj did so much for Avni now he need to stay home and see how Avni can’t resist him and become sad as she will start missing Raj. Raj refused and said he is not dong anything for attention or all…he just loves Avni and moreover he is doing all dis for his own happiness too. Raj said love is far away still avani don’t consider him her friend. Jiji said not to wry as now she gonna miss him and it will be the start of love.

Bauji looking at stalls and just then Suket came. Bauji asked him if he thanked Raj. Suketu nodded yes. Buaji told him that Raj is very nice and down to earth. on other side, Ritz n Sidhi tauting Avni about Rja nd ritzz said that chef is not allowed inside and all that. Avni thought only Raj can confront them in a better way. Bauji told suket to call Raj and all his family for marriage and all Ceremonies. Bauji called avni near him and suket told Avni to call Raj and invite him n family for wedding. Avni called Raj and he was about to pick phone but JIJI cut it down.Raj got angry but jiji said let her miss him. Raj still confused. Avni thought Raj must be angry with her as she not thanked him once. she choosed to meassage him. Ritzz came there. Avni told him to saty away from her. he said she was having no objection while dancing with Raj. Avni said raj is diferent not Ritzz kind. Ritzz said now he will make fun of Raj with his plan and smirked evily and thought now all will see who is best.

Avni went inside and apply haldi to arpita. Ritzz came there and put avni’s phone and mesgd Raj something. Raj happy tosee Avni msg and told jiji n Jiju that they alla re invited to marriage and told them to go and get ready. he said he too going to get ready and Raj smiled and jiji asked him why he is smiling and he told jiji that he has to go there in diff. look.

Raj came to khandelwal house in shri krishn bhgwaan attire and playing flute. Alls hocked to see him. Ritzz came and insult Raj and Rja went back and just then Avni took his name. He turned and aw Avni and become happy.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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