Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th March 2014 Written Update

Fui is thinking something when Dadi comes to her room. Please don’t take Sharda’s mistakes to your heart. Please forget them. Fui has already forgotten them as they are kids. She asks Dadi to sit. Will you do something for me? I want warm water early in the morning. The geyser (Dadi tells her the right word) in my room isn’t working properly. I have never been to school so I don’t know what you people call it. We never used to be free from our household responsibilities or taking care of the kids. It is very good that Sharda has started going to school and is studying. Everyone will be full of praises for her when she will speak fluent English in front of everyone. What will happen to you as both your DIL’s will not stay at home then? You will have to handle everything. Will

you be able to do it? Dadi is taken aback but Fui continues. When the birds who are used to cage are set free then they wont stay back in the cage. Now that you have set them free then you only will have to do all the work at home. Though it is your age to sit back, rest and pray but what can you do now! Dadi interrupts. It isn’t thus. This is Sharda’s craze that wont last for more than 4 days. I am just letting her go so that she learns a little bit as to how to write her name but after that I will strictly tell her to stay at home. Dadi excuses herself.

Sakshi is unpacking her stuff when Karan comes. Saiyaan re plays when they both look at each other. He is lost in his own world when he feels like she said something. She declines. He looks in the mirror and smiles sweetly as he looks at her. She too turns and looks at him in the mirror but then looks away feeling shy. Sakshi cannot find her bangles in her bag. Maybe I forgot them at mom’s place. He says you forgot but I did not. He takes them out from his bag and she smiles. Title song plays in the background. She thanks him. He tries to say something but then fumbles and ends up asking for his mom. She has gone to class. She excuses herself to go to the kitchen. He nods.

At the coaching centre Mrs. Bhalla is as usual talking about herself. Rukhsar enters and looks quite worried. Sharda notices her looking back towards the door and asks her about it. Rukhsar tells her that her family members are here at the coaching centre. Two people are shown walking towards the classroom. Rukhsar doesn’t have time to explain the situation. Just understand that it will be a big problem if they come here. If they ask you all about me then tell them that you don’t know me and I don’t even study here. Sharda tells her to relax. I will go and see what I can do. She is going out when Rukhsar’s family members almost enter the class. They ask for Rukhsar. Sharda declines that no one by that name studies here. Plus it is about time for sir to come for the class. He doesn’t like it when he sees outsiders. Please go from here as it is strictly against the rules. They agree. Sharda heaves a sigh of relief. Rukhsar is thankful to her. my in-laws are against my studies. I come here without telling them. Don’t know how they had a doubt and came here directly. Sharda is having a similar situation at her home. I know how difficult it is for a housewife to handle her home along with her studies. Mrs. Bhalla interrupts. If it is so tough then why do you do it? Don’t know why people like you come here. You don’t even know how to talk in English. Its better to be at home atleast you will become a good DIL. Sharda replies that she is a good DIL now she (Rukhsar) wants to become very good which is why she has come here. Mrs. Bhalla looks confused. Sharda explains that one cannot be a good DIL by handling household chores. A DIL must also know how to hold a pen and paper. It is very essential for a housewife to be educated as when she is educated then her whole family will get the same knowledge. Everyone nods except Mrs. Bhalla who isn’t happy about the lie which Rukhsar has to tell to her family. Shirish makes an entry when Sharda answers that a lamp has to be protected from strong winds and it gradually becomes sun. A sun can neither be hidden by anyone nor can anyone hide it.

He coughs and they all turn to look at him. Everyone gets up when they see him. He asks them to take a seat. Tomorrow is very important for all of you. You all have to be here tomorrow. sharda asks if they have another test tomorrow. He denies. Tomorrow it actually your day – International Women’s Day. It is that one day which reminds people that this whole world depends on women. There is no field where lacks a woman’s contribution. This day reminds us that every woman has to make her own identity which is made by your name. This is why I want you all to learn to write your name. You all will come one by one and I will write your name for you. You can copy it in the same page. Rukhsar is lost when he calls out for her. Next he writes down in Sharda’s copy. They all start copying the spelling.

Sharda is having trouble in copying her name. He asks her to relax and practise it at her home with a relaxed mind. She isn’t sure if she will have time for this as there will be so much work to do at home. This is what they are trying to prove, he says. You all can easily focus on your studies along with your work. She nods. He also adds that tomorrow there will be voting in class. Reason will be told tomorrow. This is why it is important for all of you to come to class tomorrow. He stresses on the word everyone.

Karan is working on his laptop while Sakshi is arranging clothes. Sakshi looks at him and recalls the sweet moments that they spent together while they were at her mom’s place. She asks him what they are doing. He gives her a literal answer. She wants to know about them. Who am I to you in today’s date? Your girlfriend or your wife? Who I am? He is confused how to put it into words. He is unable to answer properly so she tells him to let it be. Maybe I asked the wrong question! She starts arranging his clothes again. He keeps the laptop aside and is about to pat her on her shoulder when Sharda comes there calling out for both of them. sakshi is surprised to see him standing behind her while Sharda smiles. She asks Karan and Sakshi to go and get gifts for some acquaintance. Sakshi offers to go alone as Karan must be busy in office work. But Karan surprises Sakshi by agreeing to go with her. sharda again thanks them in English.

Sharda is writing her name with wheat outside in the garden when Sakshi comes. She is happy that ma is learning so much so fast. Title song plays. Sharda likes it…studying and learning about new things. Sakshi comments that we start liking people and books more when we start exploring them more. sharda agrees. I too feel this now. I never used to feel like exploring myself ever before. She tells her about the International Women’s Day (Sakshi helps her in saying it). We will write our name tomorrow for the first time. Sakshi is happy for her. sharda likes it but she is scared as well. Sakshi assures her that things will be good now. sharda wishes for the same thing. Tomorrow is a very big day for me. bhagwati is listening to their convo from a distance.

Bhagwati comes and tells everything to her MIL. There is something special in tomorrow’s class. fui is sure she wont let Sharda go to coaching centre come what may. Bhagwati wants to know how she will be able to do it. fui wont do it. We have seen the love the DIL’s-MIL’s of this house share which is why Sharda’s MIL will herself stop her.

Fui comes to Dadi’s room. Dadi is reading some book and closes it. Fui reminds her not to get used to sitting like this. Dadi doesn’t understand it. Fui asks her to open her time before she is made to do all the tasks at home. Realise it before its too late. Do something. Dadi is clueless so Fui asks her to follow what she says. There is some very important (not so important according to her) class tomorrow. if you will let Sharda fly like this then you will lose all this. If you want to be happy then you will have to do this much atleast. Dadi is still hesitant but Fui stays put. You will have to stop Sharda from going to school tomorrow. make her realise that nothing else is important for a woman than her family. plus her only happiness lies in her family’s happiness. Being a mother is her only self and her husband’s name is her only identity.

Meanwhile Sakshi tells Sharda that a woman’s identity, her happiness, her individual self is because of her name. You are a friend, mom, wife, daughter but before all of this you are Sharda. You will write your name in front of your whole class tomorrow. it will be a day of your new identity tomorrow. Sharda feels confident and hugs her.

Precap: Suresh talks about woman empowerment to Sharda as she has her class today. sharda begins to tell him about the importance of today’s class but he cuts her. today is very important for you too as it is your day. He wishes happy women’s day to Latika and they both leave for office. Sharda too thanks him in her heart.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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