Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni residence
As avni sits distraughttedly by the temple, praying to the lord to get it all right and set things straight between her and raj, and their families. The earthen pot switches off, and avni gets tensed. But, just then, abhaas comes in saying that the pot may switch off, but that shall not dampen their hearts, and they should realight it. Avni is consoled. Abhaas assures hre that he is going to get her happiness and soon everything shall be alright. He leaves.

Outside, Suket asks abhaas where is he going. Abhaas tells suket that he has always been the nonsense guy but from now on, he would rectify everything, and suket shall have no complaints whatsoever. He touches suket’s feet and he gets emotional and hugs abhaas, and says that he is

proud of him. Abhaas is overwhelmed to hear this for the first time from his father, and gets teary eyed. He leaves.

As the thunder calls in, avni wakes up shocked that abhaas hasnt returned yet. Suket too comes in tensed for Abhaas. they call up abhaas, and ask him how is he, but they arent able to communicate well due to the network disruptions. He sends a voice message that he has come to meet raj, and that today he shall solve all problems. suket gets enraged, asking why did he go to meet raj and that too alone. he leaves. Avni thinks that raj is really angry and their meeting might end in a scuffle. she decides to call raj, but isnt able to get through. She is very scared that there might be some problem.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, Raj comes to Abhaas, in his car and eyeing the hockey stick, he gets out, unaware that virat is in the back seat. raj comes angrily asking why is he here. abhaas expresses his intentions and says that he is with him and avni to get the families together and that for avni’s happiness, with him, he just wants to solve it all. He says that he would get their relation the love and respect that it deserves. Raj and abhaas hug each other, while raj thanks him profusely. Virat is angry. Raj begs abhaas to do what he said, and also apoplogises for talking very rudely with avni. abhaas says that he would set everything straight and that raj should prepare himself for happiness. raj thanks him and then he drives off happily, and Abhaas too gets in his car and starts searching for the key, and goes outside to search for it. Virat asks him with the key in his finger asking if he is searching for this. abhaas gets angry while virat is amused. Abhaas asks whats he doing here and with his key. Virat says that he also wants to finish it off, and that the past should end together. Abhaas says that it doesnt look like he wants compromise. virat says that its not his intention, and that he would drown raj and avni’s future in darkness, and abhaas’s dream shall not be fulfilled. He says that he wont let virat do it, till he is alive. Virat says that he wont be alive now. Abhaas is boggled. virat gets into a scuffle with him, where he starts overpowering abhaas finally. But abhaas gets over Virat and gets the truth out of him too, as he grabs virat by the neck, and he gags for breath. Abhaas tells virat that he would have to confess the truth to both of their families. As he starts the car, virat takes the oppurtunity and then hits him on the head with a stone. Virat hits abhaas badly, and then throws him down a cliff, in unconscious state. Virat smiles evilly thinking, that nobody can stop virat and that now abhaas shall never be able to speak again. He hears some people coming in, having heard a scream, and virat rushes and hides behind a bush. The people start searching around for anyone.

Meanwhile, avni prays desperately by the side of the temple, with the lighted earthen pot. It switches off with the winds, and remembering abhaas’s advise, she tries to light it again, but is unable to, and gets tensed. She is scared when finally her picture with abhaas too falls on the ground, and shatters into pieces. Later, suket gets a phone call, that stuns him, and avni and akshat are shocked. Suket is just able to utter abhaas’s name.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital
Akshat, suket and avni rush to the hospital and to abhaas’s ward, and are apalled to see him in such a disastrous condition. suket is shocked. the doctor tells them that the condition is very serious, as he has fallen from a great height. Suket begs to the doctor that he should try everything within his means, to save him. the doctor says resignedly that they should gear themselves up to meet abhaas one final time, before he leaves them all. All are shocked and unable to respond, as they eye abhaas gasping for breath. they rush inside by the side of his bed, and are shocked to see him struggling for life. Avni assures abhaas, that nothing would happen to him, as they are all with him. akshat and suket too assure him. Abhaas barely manages to open his eyes. Suket asks abhaas, and he thinks that he would have to tell avni that raj loves her very much. With great difficulty, he manages to take off his breathing mask, and ten the entire family waits for him to speak. Abhaas is fighting death, when his family desperately tries to find out who did this, abhaas barely manages to say Raj, and then he flatlines. His family is shocked and distraught. they scream out his name, while he stares blankly with wide, open eyes at the ceiling, his soul having left his dead body, his hand in avni’s. akshat rushes to the doctor, while suket and avni collpase beside his bed. They both break into tears. The screen freezes on his dead face.

Precap: Avni accuses raj that he killed abhaas, and that he is a murderer. Raj is shocked, and she asks the police to arrest him. He is shocked, as he is being taken away by the police. Avni breaks into suket’s arms.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. sooooo emotional

  2. Oh plz raaj avni solve or close all these nonsense fights and be together like in begining…

  3. Yaar kuch bhi karo but raaj and avni should bi together…

  4. Yes plz I want to see Raaj and avni together

  5. Oh listen baas bahut ho gaya … Now I cant see raj and avni separately……………..innocent raj and avni ….and evil Raaj …

  6. What a nonsense!the worse episode of aur pyaar ho gaya. So bad. Abbas should have alive

  7. Abhaas was my fav character …so bad that he is dead …

  8. I don’t believe that they killed abhas. If they needed a twist in the story they should have killed akshat instead bt why abhas? I hate this serial now. Bhakwaas writers

    1. omg….I so agree….why they didn’t kill off Akshat…his character is so…..dry lol

      1. How about no body kills no body I’d love to see that happen !!!

  9. Thnx Kristelle for agreeing with me. I hate to see such melodramas pal

  10. NOoo ….abhaas can’t die …..: :'(

  11. I love you so much abhas 🙁

  12. Virat should be the one dead now I asm not goin to watch anymore I love abhas but I had a thought tht he was goin to die they way I c he taking blessing from all 🙂

  13. Wtfh..abaas killed….This d story was abut its been turned into hate & animosity. ..raj & avnii separated again. ….virat is a vicious manipulative bastard dat no one is seeing through him…this serial is realy not worth watching it…

  14. once more another shitty soap why on earth it could not of been virat to be killed off why abhass what the hell is going on it is about time the truth comes out with bhavana and virat all this unnecessary turning and twisting of these storylines I am locking off this soap also until something changes for the better.

  15. they could have killed anybody but they had to choose ahhaas, I’m done with dis show

  16. Hello ekta kapoor wake up !!!!!!!!!
    Wat the hell is going on in ur serial stop dis nonsense don’t do dis abhaas cannot die he suppose to stay alive
    Or else will stop watching dis serial
    To whom ur making fool ,in which world u r

  17. Abhaas is a v gud actor
    Abhaas don’t die

  18. I think he is not goin to die

    1. Yes I think u r right he is a gud person n he can only bring everything out of this mess
      No one knows wats going on in ekta kapoors mind

  19. I love u abhas y u had to die please come back

  20. I think abhas is not going to die but if its abhas’s death then im done with this soap too

  21. they should have killed bavana for keeping her damn mouth shut all the time …raj and avi went to umagone to waste time…..they all are responsible for abbhas death….i wish he’s not and is in a coma so he can be in the show again…he’s such a great actor altho he didn’t had much part to act….OR DUDE I WISH U COME IN ANOTHER SHOW WHERE U R

    1. I totally agree wid u avni , Bhavana n raj r d culprits .if raj n avni wanted to solve d conflicts n differences they wud hve spoken to der families about der past n tell dem d truth but wat d hell dey did

  22. Namasti everyone. Add me up on whatsapp..+234 9037302238…im new here wanna get frinds

  23. Hmm priya nice thought. He shuld be raj nd raj shuld be abhas..abhas is a gim of a guy..tums up fella…virat hmm silent killer poison indeed..

  24. cnt watch diz show widout abhas

  25. U people should come up with batter idea. I love Abhas, I couldn’t wait to see his love story in this show, now he’s dead. That’s so mess up… Whyyyy???? Virat should be dead not Abhas! Come on people think before u do something. You guys are spoiling this show….

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