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Bigg Boss 8 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

DY 45
song chanchal mann plays. all inmates get up and starts dancing.

Gautam is cleaning the garden, Sonali ask why are cleaning in so morning? Gautam says i am doing my piece of work so that i will concentrate on task, sonali says you have left Ali behind in your efficiency. Sonali says i am irritating you, Gautam says yes this is truth, sonali says so should i leave? gautam says no, sonali laughs. she ask why are you throwing scrap on me, Gautam says you deserve it, sonali says you like to clean the house, Gautam says its my work, why are you irritating me? sonali says because i like it, gautam strikes with drum, sonali laughs and says that look what happened. Gautam says when mad girl irritates you in morning then this would happen, Gautam says you are looking

good in messy look, sonali laughs, gautam says you create style with this messy hairs and good face but it all fades away when you ‘chal bai’ (get lost), sonali laughs.

Gautam reads the letter by bigg boss, he says “high is building” task is resumed again. all inamtes start working on it. Upen says that Arya will not take part in task as he is hurt on hand and on neck because of last day, Arya nods, Upen says we will use mind today, donot get physical today.
All comes in garden area to start the task.
All make strategy to do the task, Team A have to build the building and Team B have to destroy it. ali says to Gautam that you start the wheel and run it for ten minutes then we will come to stop it, Gautam says as you say. Gautam takes the tree bushes out of box and says to Sushant that my plan is to put the blocks in it to save them. Ali comes and puts one wooden block under wheel to stop it. Gautam fills the box with blocks and sits over it, diandra try to take box from him, Gautam says dont mess with me, you know I AM BAD BOY, diandra says i know that, Gautam says you are getting personal, Diandra says why are you grabbing my hand, you are not bad boy but a sad boy, Gautam says i will show you, you are touching a girl.

Gautam is still sitting on bxo, sonali is standing there too, he says sonali do one thing.. diandra comes and says sonali is doing her favourite work that is to listen Gautam, diandra pushes Gautam, Sonali says you are doing wrong, diandra says you have no point to talk, she says ok take these blocks, i am giving you as you are begging, she goes from there,l sonali says she bark alot, cant she be stopped by someone, her voice is annoying. Karishma says those who are not liking diandra’s voice can go and sleep.

Gautam says to Sushant that you have to put this box on frame where building is to be made, he gives sushant the box. sushant outs blocks on frame and has made the base of building, Gautam says bigg boss i am stopping this task here, we have made base for building and now we are leaving the task, Ali comes and says i wont let you make base of building, he throws blocks away from which they created base. diandra also throws away the blocks, Gautam says i am done with task, bigg boss says time is up for TEAM A to make the building.

Pritham is discussing task with Ali, he says Arya put in his full energy to create the building.

now its for TEAM B to create the building and TEAM A have to stop them, Praneet goes to move the wheel but Pritham and Gautam stops the wheel, Praneet finally runs the wheel, Arya gives blocks to diandra and Karishma who are sitting on ground where base should made, they start making base of building with blocks. sonali and Sushant comes there and sit too to destroy the building, Sonali and karishma enters in verbal scuffle, Karishma says i will slap you, you are touching me, sonali says i am doing my task, Karishma says you are most mad girl in this house, Sonali ask what you think of yourself, that you are queen here, she says to captain upen that karishma is misbehaving, upen says you can say whatever you want too, sonali says i am not so low like karishma.
Gautam and Pritham are stopping the wheel but ali goes on top of wheel and pulls it with full strength to move it, Pritham and Gautam leaves the wheel, ali moves the wheel

Gautam says to Upen that ali is showing his full strength, he is physical, he has hurt me on my leg in task, we will not do task like this, Ali comes there and says that i am just doing my task but if i hae hurt you then i am sorry, Gautam says you go and win, Ali goes from there. Pritham says to Upen that they are hurting us, we will not do the task now.
The task starts again. this time Sushant is stopping the wheel and Arya is moving it, Arya uses his full force and mves the wheel, Arya says that i will see who stops this wheel now. Sushant comes to Pritham and says now Arya is not hurt on hand or neck, now he is using his full power. Pritham says because of him one inmates was eliminated and now he is using energy too. . Gautam says he is saying dialogues now, he was doing drama that Puneet has hurt him.

Pritham says to his team mates that to win the task we have only one way that to stop them from building the base of building, just go and attack them.
Team B comes and attacks team A to destroy the building, they all sit on ground and pushes each other to to do the task. Karishma ask Gautam to not touch her.
Gautam comes in house and says bigg boss this task is done for me, Karishma threw me away by her leg and is using bad language.

All inmates are doing task. team B is trying to not allow team A to create the building. Karishma ask Pritham to not touch her sensitive place, Protham says i am just doing my task. Gautam says to Diandra that you are hurting my finger, they are just hurting us. diandra ask pritham to not touch her, Pritham says not make issue of everything. Praneet ask Gautam to not touch us, Gautam says we are doing task, you dont have to shout, Praneet says have some manners, Gautam says i have seen your friendship now, i had doubt on you but now i am clear that you are not loyal to me.

sonali says to Gautam that diandra was hurting me in task, she was physical.
diandra says to Praneet that Sonali was pushing me but i didnt do anything, if bigg boss want then he can punish me but i will not do task from now on if this goes on.
sonali says to Gautam that diandra kept saying she is not doing task but she was fully involved, gautam says i have faith in bigg boss, he will take right decision.

bigg boss calls everyone in living area, Praneet goes to take bath even after instructions. sonali says to inmates that he ran in bathroom after instructions. Upen goes to call Praneet. he ask Praneet to come, all are waiting for you. Praneet ask him to not shout, Upen says i am not shouting, why are you not calm, you are elder to me, i respect you so dont make issue, i am just saying that alll are waiting for you in living area. Praneet says i am just comign there but why are you so bossy. Upen ask him to listen to him and come, Praneet ask him to cut this crap, Pritham and Ali comes there and takes Praneet and Upen to living area. all comes in living area.
Bigg boss says that what happened yesterday between Arya and Puneet, we have something to show related to that. video of Puneet plays on Tv, Puneet says to inmates that what I did was wrong, I did marital arts with Arya and I am very sorry for it, he folds his hands and says I am embarrassed at what I did, please forgive me. All gets emotional seeing his plea, Puneet says i know that Arya was not hurt by marshal art but it was wrong to get physical, i am sorry for that, i hope you all forgive me. Arya gets emotional seeing this and says Puneet ji i love you, you are a rockstar, all say that we miss you Puneet ji.

Praneet says i was just saying to gautam to have manners in task. Gautam said many things in task which was not required.
Upen says to Ali that Praneet thinks he is always right, he was shouting in task, i dont know why he becomes professor of everyone.

Gautam says to sonali that i will not meet or talk after bigg boss to Karishma and diandra, i try to gel with them but they get too personal, Sonali says i expect this from them only.
otherside diandra says that sonali involves with me then i irritate her and then she cries and says that i cant stoop so low.
Gautam says to sonali that Karishma and Diandra gets too personal, they taunt other person without reason, when i came in task, they said ‘oh bad boy has come’, they are always bad with other person, i get bad with other person only when he do something bad to me. otherside diandra says to Upen and Karishma that rotlu(cry baby)/gautam must be crying somewhere, i am very b*t*h person, why he gets nasty with me? i wont leave him, he should not come in my way, she laughs.
Sonlai says diandra always irritate me, she tries to pin me to see my reaction.

Gautam says to Praneet that i am missing Puneet ji, he was looking handsome in tv, he was looking lean.
ALi says to Arya that i think that Puneet ji did that my mistake, he didnt intend to hurt you but you got in his anger, Arya says after going out of house, i will go and first meet Puneet.

Praneet says to Pritham that diandra and Karishma have started new thing that dont touch them in task, Pritham says they can hug us in morning, they can allow Upen and other boys to put their heads in their lap but they will make issue when you touch them in task, they will say you are touching a girl, I am sure this time these girls will go out of house. he says about next captain, i think Praneet you are good choice as you are neutral to both the groups and also Sushant is good choice, that guy is nice and has cordial relation with both groups. but if you are chosen as captain then you have to be punctual, dont wake up late or dont make inmates wait for you as you go and take bath at any time, you have to set example.
bigg boss says tomorrow cpatain will be chosen and strategies are started from now on but they dont know the twist of bigg boss.

PRECAP- there is one cage inb garden, all inmates and are shocked to see Puneet inside cage. bigg boss says we have given one chance to Puneet for ratification of his mistakes and we have left the decision on audience to give him chance or not. in bedroom, diandra says to Arya that this is wrong, if was iin your place, i would have said to bigg boss that either do justice with me by punishing Puneet or just eliminate me from house. Arya says big boss call me in confession room, i wanna talk. puneet says no one is daughter or son to anyone now and those diplomat(double dholki) dont come near me, he points at Ali, Ali says you are showing attitude even after all this, Puneet ask him to not get in scuffle as i can open what you said about Upen, i have saved you that day from Upen.
bigg boss ask two names from Upen for contender as new captain. Upen gives diandra’s name and Pritham’s name.=

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Dian and Tanna ….embarrassment to women.

  3. Gautam u r a really gold person from heart. I had tears in my heart when gautam cried yesterday

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  7. gautam and pritham u both are doing good..even praneet was but i don’t know what had happened to praneet.

  8. Actually i think diandra & tanna r feeling insecure. They know pritam & gautam r heroes of the house so their chances of winning are much more.

  9. One more thing gautam is real audience knows. When gautam do something great why people say other make him hero.

  10. Gautam and pritam rock… one of them will b the winner

  11. There’s a fantastic chance for Gautam is only the winner of The season 8 .I just love this guy for whatever he does inside of the house is great and however he’s playing the game out he’s just supposed for. Wonderful GAU! You rock, dude. YOU ARE THE WINNER. Just stay careful from a miserable girl in the house : Sonali. God bless you!!!!!

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