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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhaas offers Avni to drop her to college, she says you? Abhaas says when you can serve me such a good breakfast why cant I drop you to college. Raj comes there. suket says that Raj is going there, he will drop her there. Abhaas says did I hear it right? Suket says that he has more things to do. Suket leaves. Abhaas asks what is going on. Raj tells him to see how much his dad trusts him. Abhaas leaves, Avni asks him to give him some time, and they both leave hand to hand.

In the car, Abhaas calls Avni and says he received a letter from Jaipur University that the article you wrote on women empowerment has been selected for publication. Avni cheers up.  Abhaas shows the letter to Suket, Suket boasts that Avni is my daughter and she made me proud today. Raj says that I am taking you to a sweet

restaurant for dinner. Avni says that she should reach home till 8.30. Kaka asks Suket, will he eat the dinner. He says he ordered from Avni’s favorite restaurant, and will eat when she comes back. Avni and Raj says a good bye, Avni says her dad must not know she came so late. While Suket waits for her at the dinner table. Avni comes inside and sees her dad on the table. She puts hand on his shoulder and looks at the decorated table, she wakes him up. He asks you are coming so late, and asks where were you. She says that in article’s celebration, she went out with friends and says sorry for not informing. He asks who friends, Raj was also there? She says yes. He says then it is ok. He says so you have eaten your dinner. He says he ordered all her favorite dishes, and thought they will eat together. She gets anxious that he hadn’t eaten anything. He says it is ok, I am not hungry now and goes to sleep. She sits on the table and cries.

She says to Raj on call that it is not right, they are betraying her father. He says I am sorry. She says why can’t I celebrate with my father and you together. I have been divided between you and my family. She says I can’t betray him anymore. Raj says it is done; we will now work to get Suket and Akshit together.  Akshit comes to Raj, he was lost. Raj says he just thought that when will Suket accept them, else there will be problems for them, he clarifies that between you and Arpita. Akshit gets Mr. Gupta’s call who asks him what he thought about his offer, as his father isn’t talking to him, he offers him crore’s. He further offers him partnership in his company. Akshit says that I am not interested. Raj asks is he that one investor. Raj says that you should join him instantly. Akshit says I feel like destroying all the plans. Raj says that is the point, he tells him to fix a meeting with Mr. Gupta, he will bring Suket there; he will hear how he spoils the plans and will hug him.

Avni brings lunch for Suket. She says she recognize his mood, and knows he is upset with her. He says he will eat later, but she insists. They talk in the conference room talking. Avni asks do you remember you ate Akshit bhai’s lunch when maa brought lunch for you for the first time. Suket says you must call Akshit soon else the lunch will end today as well. He gets speechless. Avni says that he is still a call away. He picks the phone. A manager comes to inform there are problems in the union and they aren’t letting the godowns open for loading; Akshit dealt with it. Raj comes and says that there is one bigger problem, Mr Gupta offered Akshit something big and he is going to meet them. Suket says that Akshit will not do any such thing. Raj says that Mr. Gupta convinced him that this company doesn’t value him. He says that we should go and see it there. Suket says let us go. Avni says it is all going wrong. Raj says it is all a plan.

Akshit was going to meet Mr. Gupta. Sanvri comes home with some men, she says she want to take a decision about what he said to her. He says that he has a meeting, she tells him to read the file if he wants and sign it. He asks what is she going to do? She says whatever it is, its according to orphanage’s rules. He signs it without reading. She tells him to go now.

Raj says that they might be meeting so that no one can know about them. Suket says this Gupta has such a courage. Mr. Gupta was urging him about his success. Akshit says that he came here only to know what he has think about him, because he is his dad’s competitor. Mr. Gupta hands Akshit his offer and a 25 lac advance cheque. He then asks Akshit to sign the deal as well. Akshit tears the cheque and says he should be ashamed of his small thinking, he is Suket’s son. Their business is their temple, he wont ever destroy him. he says he wanted to know what plans he had against his dad. Raj was elated but he looks behind to find out there was no Suket.

PRECAP: Suket gets into a fire in the godown. Akshit along with the workers tries to open the gates but he alone gets in to save him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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