Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Simmi running away Raman follows her. Sarika and Romi arrive in an auto. She wants to speak to Ishita, she sees Sarika. Sarika dupatta falls she tries to free it, but Romi wants to take a pic, Ishita sees all this. She is mad at him, Sarika comes to her. Ishita goes to him and slaps him. She warns by saying that he did not learn his lesson from fault he did on Mihika MMS. That the family played it nice as he realized his mistake, but still not learned from it.

Simmi sitting at the temple stairs, Raman comes, he says that this is her thinking space since childhood. She says that she is alone feeling like a widow instead of a wife, raising a child without her father. Raman tries to explain that Param is not a nice man, but she refuses to listen saying that she thought

that he will stand by her and not his wife. Raman tries again as Ishita comes but is seen by Simmi who says that his wife is here so to go to her. Ishita stops Raman as he wants to go behind her again.

At evening Raman and Ishita talking about Simmi, but says that it is difficult to leave their first love. That is really hurtful and heartbreak to leave behind. She has flashback about her heartbreak, how talked to Vandu about it. She tells that her family and their love healed her. Raman not really happy hearing this. She says that Param is her first love of Simmi, by adding that Shagun is his first love, he leaves angry. Romi tries to call Sarika but she is not taking his calls.

At morning, Madhu asking to turn the tv on, Madhu gets a from Toshi. She a problem with her washing machine, she asks her help. She gives her tips and cut the call as her music program starts on tv, Toshi is helpless as she ruined MR Bhalla favorite shirt.

At the same time, Ishita arrives at her clinic, Sarika wishes her good morning and Ishita asks if she got calls from Romi, she says that she refused to take them. She adds by saying that they are only friends. She says that she has an important patient to take care of as her colleague is out of town on a family holiday.

Raman in his office thinking about Ishita words about her first love. Thinking out loud and saying that she is not happy… He gets Ishita call to have lunch together and he asks if she has no work, she answers by saying that she finished it. But he has a meeting and says that she is coming anyway.

They are having lunch, she asks if everything is alright at word. She asks if he can pick up Ruhi from school tomorrow as she has an important surgery, adds by saying if he can not that she will asks Mr Bhalla to go. Romi sees them eating together, thinking that Sarika is alone and leaves. Raman asks Ishita about her feelings and if she is happy thinking about her words last night. She says that Subbu is her past and that Ruhi and he is her present and future. She is out of her life and her system, she has no feelings for him anymore. She is feeling embarrassed now thinking about it, they agree, they continue to eat.

Ishita sees Romi manhandled Sarika but she lashes out at him for not thinking… Romi speechless as he is apparently misunderstood

Update Credit to: Kiekeboe

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  1. poor romi….

  2. Amena .. Wer u! Who s dis kiekeboe?? Aft I read d first few sentences only I cud make out dat its not u.. We want u bak… Pls amena … Dis mans grammer s lil eda teda.. Lil messed up it is.. U pls take over na!!! Sorry kiekeboe

    1. i guess, Amena is little busy with Eid festivities.. and should be back today or tmrw… Happy Eid Amena…

  3. Why does ishitha always jump the gun? Wonder if she ever thinks before her action.

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