Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 31

Precap: dharma while trying to protect devi dies, while ashok tells kaurvaki his worries and she ressures him.

It was the middle of the night, ashok decides to leave. He couldn’t stop feeling that something wasn’t right. He said he will only feel alright if he goes back, and confirm his mother is OK. Just when he was about to climb down, Kaurvaki walk out with a blanket wrapped around herself. She sadly walk to him ” your leaving? ”

” yes, … i have to make sure mother is alright ”

Kaurvaki nod, she held his hand and told him to be safe. Ashok, told her he will come back to her before kissing her forehead. Kaurvaki sigh and watch as he leave.

It took ashok the next morning to reach ujjain. When he arrive people sadly whispered amongst each other. Ashok wonder why, he step down from his horse and walk to the house. He felt it in the pit of his stomach, something wasn’t right. Ashok enter his house and calls for his mom, Devi seeing him weakly Ran to him. She hugged him while crying. ” ashok, I’m glad your here. Your mother…she- she’s ”

Ashok look at her ” she’s what Devi?” He said while starting to panick. She looks up ” she’s dead ashok”

When she said this, ashok whole body shut down. ” mother” he says, before removing Devi from his arm. Ashok walk to the living room calling for his mom. When he spotted her, he breaks down. ” Mother!, please wake up” he says holding her hand. He shook her hand while telling her to open her eyes, but nothing.

Devi crying told him everything. She said it’s because of her she died, ” it’s my fault ashok, I’m so sorry”

Ashok heard her, but he was to focus on his mother. He cried like a new born baby. Blaming himself for leaving her instead of keeping her promise. Vit Eyes red, comes to ashok. He knelt down and calls his name. Ashok turn and they both hug crying. ” where did you go bhai? Mother… she won’t wake up”

Ashok told him, he was sorry. He apologize many times, and told him, he won’t go anywhere. Ashok suddenly stop when he saw another dead body in the kitchen. He walk to the body, looking at it. Devi from afar, told him that’s the men that killed Dharma. Ashok out of anger took his sword and stab the men. He scream while continuously keep stabbing him.

Devi scream telling him, to stop because he was no longer alive. Ashok once again ignore her and continue stabbing the men, causing blood to get on his face. Devi look away , she felt like throwing up. She stop when she heard a baby cry, and ran up the stairs. Soon, the door was open and bindu walks in. He asks vit where Dharma was, but stop when he saw her. Shock he ran to her. Bindu touch her face ” my beloved, you left before I could give you peace in this world.

” what will I do now? How can I protect our children and show them the right path, like you always do.” He says ” you should have waited for me, but now you left me alone, what will I do now without you? ” he says

Acharya RG, walk to ashok. He told ashok it was enough. For him to get back to his sense. Ashok drop his sword, and look at him ” this men killed mother, I will make sure his soul, never be in peace even in the afterlife.”

” ashok, I understand stand your angry, but focus.”

Ashok angry says ” I couldn’t protect mother, and the guilt is killing me, but you want me to forget”

” I’m not saying that, we have to prepare your mother. Stabbing this men, over and over will delay the preparation. ”

Ashok now calm got up, ” what will I do now?”

” for one , you can try to keep your family safe.”

Ashok eyes came to life for a quick second. devi came down with her son. She walk to ashok and showed him her son. Ashok looking at him and almost cried. ” my son” he says touching his face. when devi saw the blood smearing on her child, she was about to move him away, but acharya shook his head ” let him have this moment, this should get him back to his sense”

Ashok while looking remember what dharma had told him before. He smile ” mahendra”

” mahendra?” They both said

” that is his name, his new identity. He will be mahendra samrat. Son of ashok samrat the soon to be king ” , when he said this they both smile.

Few hours later, they arrived in magadh, Ashok five brothers gathered around. Ashok was to busy going inside to see the third prince angry face. Sushim told him to keep it in. ” ashok doesn’t know we planned this. You reacting now will cause him to be suspicious ”

” his right, our plan didn’t cometely fail. We wanted Devi child to die, but we got Dharma instead. How lucky can we be” siamak says

Charu frown ” that’s not good enough, we have to kill that child or we are good as dead”

Sushim says ” they will be staying in the castle for two nights, we can kill the child then”

They all nod, before following ashok in. They we’re unaware of some one listening. The person turn and walk away.

Meanwhile, ashok enter the royal garden. He felt a sense of peace. ” your mother fixed this place, she came here everyday to find peace”, ashok nod, he said ” this will be the perfect place to set her free”

It wasn’t long before the ceremony finished. Bindu asks ashok if he will stay. Ashok nod, Devi felt unease being back, but understands ashok need this the most.

Words soon got out that Rani Dharma was dead. Kaurvaki was at the temple, passing food to the monks when she heard two men passing by.

” did you hear?”
.” Hear what?”

” I heard bindu wife died”

The men glare ” which one idiot, bindu has many wives”

” the pretty one…what was her name…ah! that’s it, Rani Dharma”

” what seriously?! She was a good person”

” i know”

Kaurvaki quickly stop what she was doing. dharma is dead, no…this cant be…she says ” how?! what about ashok” she question. She wanted to cry , but held it in. ” i have to go to magadh” she says dropping the food. The monks shout her name, but she payed no mind. ” ashok is grieving, he needs me” she says running to her house to change.

She wore something light, and a black cloak to cover her hair before leaving, heading to magadh.

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    Lovely episode….keep it up ??…..

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    superb di, its wonderful..just keep on posting daily like this

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      How do u manage to write such good sis u can write a whole novel ??

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        I really dont know. I write american stories too and other indian shows. I’m not even done. Still writting ishq tashan, ek mutthi aasman, and kaala teeka. I stopped writting ganga and kumkum, lost interest.

        But thanks, the chapter coming up will focus on ashok killing his brothers and also how he becomes king and kalinga war.

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