Bigg Boss 10 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Breaking news from house:
Bigg boss says that celebrities are having difficulty following commoners orders. crack is clear between them because commoners are trying to bring celebrities to earth, celebrities are trying being silent but having difficult time. Otherside Swami ji is playing his own game. Priyanka, Manu, Bani, Lopa are showing colors clearly in house.

Day 01
Swami says Priyanka that you have flexible body, you can do meditation easily, she shows yoga position with her feet upside down, Swami says you have maintained body well, it doesnt feel like you have two kids, you do yoga so nicely, i pray they dont get jealous of your body.
Inqilab song plays, inmates wake up and dance. Monalisa is dancing. Bani whistles and says first rule is coming.

boss says to inmates that there is rule book, Naveen read it. Naveen reads:
Rule 1: owners will not do any household work. slaves will do it
Rule 2: owners can use pool, or any accessory but slaves will have to ask permission of owners to use it.
Rule 3: owners can use beds but slaves will have one bed only, Naveen says we can use Rahul’s bed too, all laugh.
Rule 4: owners will have bell which they can ring and ask anything from slave, when owner rings bell, slave will have to come and follow his rules.
Rule 5: owners can punish slaves if they dont listen.
Rule 6: slaves will only eat boiled food, no fried or roasted, Bani dances at this.
Rule 7: slaves cant use utensils for food, they have to use leaves to put food on it.
Rule 8: slaves will sleep after sleeping of owners.
Rule 9: Owners will use bathroom first in morning. Mona says this injustice.
Rule 10: this is important rule. Owners can create rules for slaves, they have to annouce it and write in this book.

Prianka says to Bani that you didnt answer me. Bani says you have hurt my heart, Priyanka says i just asked your age, Bani says okay talk, Priyanka says i was talking to you and you left, Bani says i am 28years old, i was just saying that it hurt my heart, Priyanka says its just small thing, so what if you are hurt, why did you say that i am personally attacking you? she leaves. Bani says to girls that she started talking to me out of blue, she said that i have son, i said that i didnt meet my son, may i have one, she laughs.

Priyanka comes to Bani and saysi was generally asking you, Bani hugs her and says no problem. Priyanka says you could have said that you are only 28years old and dont have son, Bani says i felt bad, Priyanka says we are all same here, i am mother, Bani says really? Priyanka says i have two kids, Bani says i misunderstood you, i thought why you asked me about kids all of sudden, i am glad we cleared it, she hugs her and says thank God.

Bell rings. all run to get food. They come in store and see ration for week. All are happy, Bani says store room will be closed, lets take this out. All start bringing things to kitchen. Owners are helping too.

Nitibha asks owners if this task have winning or losing? Manveer says yes ofcourse, you cant help them, Swami says do meeting toether and decide everything together. Manveer says to Swami that dont go soft on anyone, we dont care who leave house, if you keep blessing them then you will be spoiled, Swami says its my work to be nice to people, Manveer says we are in task now. He says celebrities are working nicely and they are shown nicely and if we dont follow what we have to do then we will be zero. Gaurav is going from there, and says i listened all strategy.

Priyanka says to owners that pick one celebrity, i have chosen Rahul, i will call Rahul for any work, i like him so i will ask him to make me learn gym, he will not feel bad, Manveer says we are not here to make him feel good, Priyanka says let me enjoy with Rahul, Manveer says sit on his back when he gyming, she says i will punch you.

Priyanka says Swami cant stay out for long. Swami says i pray to God, you people are housemates, if you are married or not married, but in situation, you had affair with girl, you body is being used, you dont have heat as much my body has thats why i said that i can bear heat, Priyanka says came inside after listening his talk. Manveer says dont tell celebrities that we dont have heat or you cant sit in heat because they will take it out on you in tasks.

Lokesh rings bell and calls Lopa, Lopa asks what work i have? Lokesh says you have to clean pool, Lopa says who will cook then? Priyanka says dont worry about it. Priyanka says tea doesnt have sugar, Manu says lopa made it, she took one hour to make it, call her and point it out. Priyanka says Lopa you didnt put sugar in tea, Lopa says i made it as per you, Priyanka says i will put sugar but i cant wash spoon, Lokesh says nobody knows how to cook. Manu asks Lopa if she is cooking parathas? she says yes, he says okay go, sugar will be put by someone else, you go now, Lopa leaves. Naveen says let her cook if she is good cook.
Bani says Lopa knows how to cook so dont give her other work Lokesh, Lopa says decide one order and stick to that, i am cooking and Bani will clean pool, Lokesh says okay.
Bani is cleaning pool, Akansha asks why she is cleaning alone? Bani says your minions came and asked me, Akansha says it will take you till evening, your workout will be here, Bani says i was working in kitchen but they asked me to clean pool, i said that food will be late, Lopa was given this work but Lopa was working in kitchen, its okay, take one for the team, Naveen says blue hai vani, vani, Akansha says every dog has a day, Bani says every b*t*h also has her day, real shit son. Bani says i have cleaned much.
Manveer says to Lokesh that why did you listen to them? why did you send Bani to clean? dont come under her, you cant do it kid.

Gaurav asks owners to take food to dining table, its conjusted here, Manveer says we just came here and its conjusted already? Lopa asks to Manu to take from that pan, Manu says should i go home? Lopa says its out of budget, he says so what? she says okay take it. Mona says to Bani that they have eaten three dishes then when will we eat? Bani says let me ask Akansha.
Priyanka says to Rohan that i dont like this paratha, Rohan says you tell me how you like it, Priyanka says i can show you how to cook it, Rohan says Lopa made it, Manu says its like food for 5years old kid, Priyanka says even my kids wont eat it, sorry, Rohan says we didnt taste it, we dont have option for that, if you right rule that we can taste it then it will nice, Priyanka says clever you.

Swami says to Manu that Nitibha listened to my talks, i asked her to wear red, she wore it, Naveen says you always wear red, Swami says i have reason behind it, kids cry when they are born but my guruji said that i didnt cry when i was born, i started talking, Naveen asks what was language? Swami says it was hindi, Naveen says only human can talk different languages, dogs bark from all over world in same language, so tell me what did you speak when you were born. Swami says my guruji told me, i said that i will take away pain of everyone, Chola-laal(red). Akansha asks if he can read future? he says no, Manu says i can read future if you come in my talks, he laughs. Akansha says i have good future, Swami says i talk about peace, Akansha asks if he is like that since childhood? Manu laughs. Naveen says i can read future, he says to Swami that you will be in this house for 6days, all laugh.

Manveer says to Manu that Swami is not problem or not totally lazy, we dont want him to go to otherside, Manu says he will remain our side as we have shades of trees. Manveer says we listen to him, Manu says yes celebrities are acting like englishmen.

Nitibha says to celebrities that you cant use any utensil, you have to use hand to eat, Gaurav says you can add rules in book, please right it. Manu says if you want oats then eat it, we will write it. Nitibha says we cant go against rules which is already written. She makes Gaurav read rule that they cant use utensil but its not about they cant eat with us, you all just have to eat with hands but can eat with us. Gaurav announces that we can eat with them but we cant use utensils. Manu says to Manveer that he is calling them as celebrity gang. Bani says Nitibha that you cant change existing rules but you can add them so can you add cutlery, Akansha asks caturi(bowl)? she says no forks and knives. Manveer says to Manu that i thought that we can eat with them but Gaurav called themselves as celebrity gang, Priyanka says make rule that they cant eat before or with us, only after us, Swami says she is Jhansi ki rani, Manu says we can make more good rule, they will eventually eat, Manveer says they made food for us and didnt eat, if they continue it then its fine but if they start eating before giving us then we will make rule, Manu says they should heat with hands.

Lopa says i was thinking about working out in gym, she throws away her leaf of banana, Mona says you have to use it for seven days, Lopa says what? oh my God? i broke it even, i cant eat on it, food gets stuck in my nails, Naveen says you cant use fork for eating but you can use fork to take food out of nails, Lopa says thanks thats nice of you. Karan says otherwise you can go to Naveen, he will help you, she asks if he will arrange for her manicure and pedicure? Naveen says i will talk to bigg boss for that, Gaurav says Naveen is blushing, Lopa says why call bigg boss for that? Gaurav says she is asking you if you can do it? he says i will do it, i cant say no, Gaurav says we will clean leaves.
Lopa says to Mona that others used to work for me and now here i have to work myself and even for others, this is exciting.

Gaurav says if they can start taking baths? Akansha says you cant take bath till owners take bath, Gaurav says so you people are going to take bath? Manveer says we will start taking baths soon. Priyanka says clean swimming pool, we will swim first, Gaurav says Bani already cleaned it, Priyanka says there are insects, he says they will keep coming, Priyanka says you will keep cleaning, he asks if she will take bath in pool? she says yes, first we will go in pool then go to take bath, Gaurav says very great thinking, he leaves. Gaurav comes to Bani and says that they are cleaning about pool planning, Bani says i thought you went to ask about taking bath, he says yes, they are saying first they will swim then take bath, Bani says i wont wim in bath, Gaurav says they will swim then they will take so called bath, he says to Bani that i will clean pool, Bani says call me if you need help.

Priyanka asks Gaurav if he took bath? he says no i am allowing for girls to take bath first even from my group, she says its group thing? Gaurav says they made it even if we agree or not, i dont know them, i just met Rahul before, Priyanka says you didnt work together, he says i just worked with Rahul before, she asks which movies he did? he says i didnt do movies, i did movies outside from India, i did Tv here, she asks anything famous that she can watch? he says watch Bigg boss season 10 to see me, she says i am seeing you in it live, before that? Gaurav says how will you watch it? she says on youtube but its okay, i didnt see before, he says no problem, she leaves.

Manu says how can you say to anyone that dont take long shower, Manveer says we can to save water, Manu says you can say that lunch time has gone, Manveer says we woke up late only, Manu says that model Lopa doesnt know what she is cooking, i will tell bigg boss to allow me to cook, we cant eat their trees and grass, Manveer says its not good to fight from start, you can cook separately, let her cook too, Manu says she is not even cleaning potato because they dont have to eat it, they are making me eat it, she thinks she is celebrity internally, its not her fault, she doesnt have habit to cook for 15 people, why others are not helping? Akansha says she is cooking alone, poor, Manu says she should take help.

Bigg boss says its about first nominations. In this nominations. Celebrities will nominate commoners and commoners will nominate celebrities. Bigg boss asks Akansha to come in confession room, she goes.

Akansha: She comes in confession room, bigg boss asks he two nominate two people and give reason. She nominates RAHUL and says i didnt talk to him much, she nominates MONALISA and says i didnt talk to her much too, she looked sad too.

Manu: He nominates BANI and says she can be good ruler and i might clash with her. He nominates GAURAV and says he has attitude, he didnt clash with me but i want rule to myself.

Priyanka: She says i just asked Bani her age but she made big deal out of it. She nominates BANI. She says i asked Gaurav his age and he said 55, it was weird, it was not such bad question to be answered like that. she nominates GAURAV.

Naveen: She nominates RAHUL and GAURAV, he says i dont like to order, they are seniors and i am not able to order them, i dont feel good ordering them for any work.

Nitibha: She nominates RAHUL and says he is very quiet, its his nature. She nominates MONALISA and says i couldnt connect with her much.

Swami: He nominates BANI and says i like peace but she is breaking peace, she fought with Priyanka too. He nominates GAURAV and says he is intelligent but my life goal is to make good people win, i dont see emotions in him.

Lokesh: she nominates LOPA and says she is lazy. She nominates MONA and says she is quiet, i am quiet too but i will open up.

Manveer: He nominates LOPA and says she is showing what she is not. He nominates MONA and says i feel like she is fake, she knows how to do things but pretends to not know.

Bigg boss says half nominations are done. The Celebrities nominated are MONALISA and GAURAV. Gaurav says its about maximum votes given. Bigg boss says celebrities are 7 and commoners are 8 so celebrities will be given advantage that they can mutually decide to nominate commoners, Priyanka says you will have to discuss. Bigg boss asks them to go in bedroom and discuss. Celebrities leave.
Celebrities go to bedroom. Bani says i am glad we got this chance.
Swami says to his commoners that keep united. Manu says we have fight of power, money.
Lopa says to celebrities that Manu doesnt have manners to talk, Manveer doesnt have it too but he has toned down, he is good, i had talk with him when you people didnt come and i thought he was rude, Bani says its his way to talk. Lopa says Priyanka is loud and bossy.
Bigg boss ask celebrities to tell their decision. Gaurav says we are nominating MANU and PRIYANKA, we dont know them properly but according to first impression, we didnt like vibes coming from them, Priyanka laughs and pouts.
Bigg boss says nominated contestants are GAURAV, MONALISA, MANU and PRIYANKA for this week, Gaurav says clap. Manu leaves from there. Manu comes in bedroom and says i told you that i will come in nominations, they dont like speaker, they want silent people, they dont like my vibes? fine then.

Bani says to inmates lets have meeting to talk about general things in house, Manu asks like what things? Karan like ration will be less, Swami says keep weight in control. Karan says like flour got wasted today, it was first day so it will take time to adjust, Priyanka says put extra flour in fridge, Karan says we are trying to control and not to waste, Manu says eggs got wasted because it was not nicely cooked, Rohan says we tried our best to cook but we are not experts, Manu says this is not answer, we know you all tried. Bani says one concern i want to address, its general hygiene, most people leave tissues there or towels are in bathroom, or on chairs, this is your thing, take care of it, be mindful of that, with toilets.. all ask her to speak. Bani says make sure you have right aim when peeing, Rahul says especially boys, its problem for girls, Bani says yes boys, if you are peeing, lift seat up, do your stuff then close seat, thank you. Manveer says if you divide washroom for girls and boys then it will be more problem, Bani says i just wanted to clean, we have to live respectfully together.

Manu says to commoners that in today’s whole day, they were proved to be litterate, Priyanka says and we illterate, Manu says i was nominated so i am litterate in their eyes, they nominate genius person, Priyanka says they are scared that people will hear us now. Manu says Manveer was not nominated because he didnt do anythign major, Nitibha was not nominated because she was not in picture.

Manu says to Naveen that our girls are idiots and their girls clever, Naveen says they talk in sign langauge too but our girls cant, Manu says our girls are not comfortable with us, only Priyanka talk other two are not able to settle.

Voting procedure:
SMS TO 56882
SMS TO 56882
SMS TO 56882
SMS TO 56882
Voting lines open till thursday 11:30PM.

PRECAP- Braking from bigg boss house:
Gaurav says to Manu that you are going in and out of bedroom, disturbing our sleep. Manu says i was sleeping, Karan went to make eggs so i went behind him, Karan says first owners will sleep then we will be allowed to sleep only. Manu says i went behind him, Manu says i couldnt sleep because of you people.
Bigg boss says commoners are taking lead from celebrities. Priyanka says when we talk, slaves have to listen. Bani says you can talk clearly, Priyanka says i talked to you 5times but you didnt listen. Later Priyanka says to Gaurav that we have learned to bow down in different situations but this Bani, she doesnt know how to talk, she cries, Nitibha consoles her. Karan says to Manu that you called food we prepared as rubbish, it feels bad to listen, Manu says if you stretch it then it will go ahead, correct yourself, Karan says we can see who is correct Sir. Swami says Bigg boss there is slavery DNA in commoners, Akansha says when you dont know what you are talking then dont talk, you dont have to become great in every situation, you must be swami at home but not here. Lopa says to camera that i am shocked to see Swami acting rude.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I already have a favorite actually the moment i saw her on the stagr i knew whose side i am on, this season

    Its bani

    Gosh i admire her
    Its the first day i hope i remain on her side even in the end

    Ps:- rohan mehra did nothing but still i will support him coz he is super cute

    From the aam admi gang i like akansha
    And that other girl who left her job she is also ok

    Rest are annoying from the amm admi gang

    1. Bani is y favourite too

  2. sarayu (honey)

    i hate this Swamiji, worst
    i am just watching it because of Rohan Mehra and Karan Mehra( Naksh and Naitik from yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai), i hope any one of you wins,

  3. priyanka and manu are showing their real face. both are scared of celebrities mostly from bani.
    full support for bani and all the celebraties
    i think akansha is trying to be friend with celebraties its good but maybe she is playing safe game.
    from commoner support for akanshya and from celebraty support for bani

  4. its their choice whether they want to tell their age or not yaar. its reality show and that priyanka what is she trying to do . she is blaming bani for not telling her age. its her choice
    trying to be over smart
    i m hating her from now lets see what will happen

    1. Me too… she’s disgusting :।


    I also like bani. Priyanka and manu r irritating and that swami he is fake see his video getting viral in which he is beatten a women on india tv and one more interview in which he said that his community killed gandhiji and said that they can kill kejriwal too

  6. My favourite is bani too. She will be the strongest female contestant of this season. This swamiji is irritating but entertaining.

  7. mottu is BACK....

    bakwaas show full nonsense and i hate this bani a lot in roadies and in this bb too……. she is always irritating……… she is only showing how ? to get it loud she is…….nothing else…..
    this swami is just a fake and tharki…. …
    just always behind a girl…….
    karan and rohan both are just standing always
    from commoners side only priyanka and manu are doing everything to take footage ……
    i hate this lokesh a lot…….

  8. Hi… guys in yesterdays episode PRIYANKA was full on pakkau….. by far PRIYANKA seems to be mandana n bani seems to be gauhar

  9. I like bani , I hope she win the show .

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    I never expected Commoners will turn out to be more irritating then the celebs i thought they will be Soft or cool minded and celebs will be arrogant types but i was wrong and also must see who are they.
    Among the commoner that babaji is way too irritating will be so happy if he gets evicted and that lokesh is so weird. Only Akansha and Nitibha is okay from the commoners for now and some (don’t remember their names right now)
    And among celebs all are okay for now didn’t see true Colors of any but bani seems to be the Favourite here and she is gauhar type she is also Friend of gauhar i found her straightforward which i liked ( I got shocked when lokesh and Bani make entry together they are so poles apart ?)
    I don’t know how yeh rishta guys will stay here for Long because they are way too thanda but it’s good that they are calm
    It is most likely that celebs will win this season but won’t be surprising if a commoner wins this season

  11. Gaurav was good and very controlled on his temperament . The way Akanskha was trying to instigate and provoke him by indirectly telling him that he is not a big celebrity as he has not done much films .Respect for him as he did not react and controlled and stayed calm.

  12. I want Bani to win the show

  13. @Atiba…. Welcome back…. 🙂 A whole new season huh…. Looking fwd to hv good fun like the last season… Keep up ur awesome work….

    The contestants..
    – Bani seems like one sorted woman…. Have seen her in roadies… I like her no nonsense attitude…
    – Gaurav has a strong personality… Wud love to see him more…
    – Rohan,, karan,, lopa nd monalisa.. Too early to commnt…
    – Rahul.. Have seen him in a different reality show… Pretty polite person.. Have to wait nd see hw BB turns him..

    – manveer is intelligent… Liked him.. Has a good chance..
    – lokesh seemed very irritating in the intro episode… But today she looked lil weak with no actual voice…
    – Akansha ,, nitaba are cool ppl… Aint sure if they r faking it…
    – naveen is actually intrsting.. Din like him in the intro… But tody was kinda ok..
    – manu is way too arrogant… But i want him in the show… To spice up things.. *wink*
    – priyanka.. My first impression din go well … i din like her.. Hated the way she asked gaurav abt his work…. You Need to grow up mommy darling..
    – swamiji… Funny… ” meine kamar pe laat mara aur dard gayab” and deepika is like ohh… LOL..


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