around love life is so beautiful (Episode 4)


hi thank you for comenting
you all know that raman and iren are bruthers
they had came tgo chennai for vires engagement
raman; hi bhabhi iam raman vires brother
my brother had told me you are sop bueatiful , and he was right
jeevika smiles and becomes shy
mrs bhalla ; why you are becoming shy he was right my vviren was very lucky
amma ; pandit ji all formalities wrere over fix one muhurtham pandid ji says after one week we we have a good day i can i fix that day
appa; it is too short time how can we manage

viren ; its ok uncle we can manage
allsees viren and laugh
raman ; bro i think you are egarly waiting for marriage with bhabhi
mihika; raman bro if you met your dream girl then you will understand what is viren bros problem
[all starts teasing viren and celebrates the moment ] raman in mind voice
istill dont know where is my dream girl
ishu appears in collage
ishu; thank you mani and raman if you people dont heip me .idont kouw ican iwrite m y exams
and now i have to go chennai immideatli
raman ; why there is any important work
ishu wants to tase raman she says ya,, ihave to meet my boy frend
mani ; stop joking isshu who loves you if a man had mad then he loves
raman ;if he dunt have mad after loving he becomes mad
[thy have an hifi and starts laughing

ishu ;stop it mani9 you are my frend and supporting him
iwill not talk you till 10 days then you will under stand she laeves from there
next scene
viren stand iun balcony and thinking something
raman by crossing sees virn and comes there
raman ; bro you feeling alone its better to talk wiwh bhabhi
viren i think you are right
viren clls jeevik its ringing raman takes the phone andtells iwill talk first then you can ntalk
jeevika phone rings ishu lifts the phone

says hello raman in m,ind such a sweet voice keep thinking
ishu ; hello who is thi
raman i; iam virens brother iwant to talk to jeevika bhabhi
ishu ; she wsa in garden wait iwll give the phone
in that time jeevike arrives
ishu; ya she come
raman hello hello iwant to talk to you
viren watch from from a side
raman; your voice is so sweet
ishu ; so you wat to impress me , whats your name
to tease ishitha he iam ravan kumar and you
ishu ; your are ravan kumar means iam jhansi ki rani
they both have atalk and turns at atimeishu was shocking by seen jeevika raman was shoking by seen viren
episode endsa

precape ; raman and ishitha were shoking by seen each other in engagement

Credit to: devi

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  1. sorry for spelling mistakes

  2. Hey Devi…very cute epi…but try to increase the length of the epi and update it regularly…jst now I read all ur episodes and I’m glad to know that ur from hyd…a big and warm welcome to my hyderabadi frnd…?

  3. thank you

  4. Hi Devi
    Loving the way you write in detail
    However I do agree with sharwani
    Plz increase the length.

    Guys do any of you watch silsila pyaar ka…….OMG!!!! It’s to die for.
    Love it!!!!!!

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