Saahil peaked from behind the old lady eith a smiling face,two man,one with angry beard full face and the other one is smiling with his clean face,two ladies with heavy jewellery like trying to commit suicide with the help if their necklace.
Then came three young member of the boy have so long hairs like he is the single descendent of Tarzan…the other have strong a pehelwan in akhda..but an innocent stupid smile was pasted on his face the last one was a girl..innocent ,shy and beautiful girl..

“If that long haired creature is the boy then I will leave mice on his hair…his saloon fees will be saved”- Saahil felt very angry on the guests,”and if the pehelwan is the boy then I will make him bring water ..thousand buckets of water from the street side tube well and then make him eat all the oily food in this world”.
“Saahil..”- Annika stop him,”we have to plan smartly ..I am not going any where leaving you behind”.
“Lo aagayi Bandari Bua”- Saahil cursed his father’s sister,”I want to kill this Moti first”.

“Sit here Puttar”- Dadi make a place on her couch for Annika after she took blessing from all elders,”here beside me”.
“Will you marry our Bhaiyya??”- The three younger children of that guest family asked,”we would love to call you our Bhabhi”.
Annika want to throw all the water in their locality at their face for this stupid direct question.
“Billu!!”- Dadi looked at her kanji eyed grand son ,”your work is already done by these three”.
“Billuji”- Annika smiled looking at her saviour from last few days “did you forget any thing with me yesterday?”
“Bhaiyya !!”-Rudra created his drama,”you went on a date yesterday!!”
“I went to temple with mom and Dad”- Shivaay explained.

“That cheppada always steals things in temple area”- Annika hold her bracelet securely ,”I wanted to beat black and blue out of him”.
Saahil keenly observed the kanji green eyes of the new boy in living room. “It was the man Annika Didi was talking about”- He realised.
“Thank you Billu”- Saahil forget all the plan he set to punish the prospective groom of his Annika didi,”for saving my Didi twice”.
“Twice!!”- Om teased,”Shivaay you did not tell us that you meet Annika bhabhi two times before today…secret from us haan”.
“He met me on one wedding and saved me there from the entangled fairy lights and yesterday from a thief who was running away with my bracelet in Temple”.
“Both the meeting was accidental only”- Annika supported her saviour.
“Every thing happens for a good reason mom”- Tej concluded,” I think this alliance is accepted now”.
” Is Billu your name Mr. saviour??”-Saahil asked,”I and Annika didi didn’t know your name so we named you like that imagining your kanji eyes to a match of Cat. We never realised that we are so genius to name some one this correctly”.
“Hi …I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi”- He introduced himself for the first time.
“Saahil Chaturvedi”- The kid matched his voice.
“We planned to insult you very badly”- Annika accepted ” I swear I didn’t know it was you “.
“Will you marry me Annika”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi asked heart in hand.
“Saahil show your books to Om and Ru bhaiyya”- Jhanvi sent the kids inside “Prinku you too”.

“I don’t want to leave Saail alone “- Annika disclosed the reason of her denial,” we both are orphans”.
” God is giving you a family dear “- Dadi tried to manipulate her mental condition for a good reason,” after marrying Billu you will have a complete family”.
“I am not his real sister”- Annika said truth only,” I am adopted daughter of his parents”.
“They have a very big and kind heart”- Jhanvi patted on Annika’s head affectionately.
“Will you marry Shivaay”- Shakti wore black coat for the love story of his son.
“I will Shivaay.. I will”- Annika finally agreed.
Oberoi are kind enough to accept an orphan like her as their daughter in law and Saahil is free with her.
All of the family members hugged and kissed them..Shivaay and Annika and blessed for a happy married life ahead .
“SSO ..”- Saahil returned with his mathematics book,”didi agreed finally”.
“Will you teach me math “- He handed over the book to Shivaay.
“champ all your books and belongings”- Shakti cheered,”we are going home now and you are also coming with us with your Annika Didi”.
“Annika ..I wanted to say all truth to you before marriage”- Shivaay stopped his car in the middle of a deserted road.
All other family member with Saahil left to Oberoi Mansion.
“That you have an ex-girl friend before”- Annika imagined the general truth of modern love and marriage story.
” No… that my bade papa was having an extramarital affair with his secretary, my brother Om was addicted to drugs, my sister Prinku have a major social anxiety disorder, my badi Maa drinks too much of Alcohol…”- Shivaay listed all the problems in his family,” my dad believes in God too much, my mom shouts in very loud voice like a crow,Ru always flirts with girls and I have a problem in my heart”.
“I don’t care about all these things”- Annika rook a bold step.
“That your Badi maa drinks and Omkara takes drugs are the result of the extra marital affair of your bade papa…and your Bade papa is at fault like the other women in his life..both of them are equally responsible for their cheap work and its consequence .May be your sister’s problem is also due to the continuous fight among her parents”- Annika take a deep breath,” Ru is still a child by heart and Innocent only”.
“About my heart problem”- Shivaay repeated his own disorder..
“Billuji”- Annika again started her positive view on all problem of life,”not every one in the world have the voice of a cuckoo that your mom is sounding like a crow to your ear..your dad generally is very good devotee of God..arrange for a pilgrimage for him to all temples in India..all over India”.
“Annika.. you forgot about my heart Problem”- Shivaay said for the third time.
” You heart have problem Billuji!!”- Annika felt like fighting with God,” then it is alright for me as the problems in your heart make you pure, honest and truthful”.
Shivaay hugged Annika real tight with gratitude. She definitely is a girl who have positive view for life always..every problem.
“I am happy that I met you Annika”- Shivaay said,” you are the best thing that happened to me”.
“Why this always happens with girls”- Saahil said real loud to attract almost every one’s attention.
“What happens with girls Saahil??”- Pinky asked out of curiosity.
“That boys ask their hands for marriage and then takes the whole of the same girl after marriage with them”- Saahil spoke his heart out.
“Very difficult question champ”- Tej patted Saahil’s head .
“The most difficult question of the world is”- Saahil looked at every one’s serious face,”which company supplies that little piece of clothes for Mogli in Jungle book?”…..

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  1. Sairan

    shivika talks ❀
    jungle book ???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thnx . Sairan. As it is an arranged marriage story of Shivika so I thought to make them talk their heart out..

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      Thnx. Darling..Love you..

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    Nd did shivaay really call his mom a ‘cow’…hahahaha…actually pinky did look like an old fat cow in yesterday’s epi…Amazing one astha diii!! you nailed it…
    Nd are you rooting for ur bhaiyaa??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bhavana.. I made fun of Pinky out of anger….Thnx. yaar

  5. A newer concept fr our shivika…… gd one aastha as usual……n really still unknown who supplied those little piece of clothes to mogli πŸ˜›

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      Shree…after three years of wait S.S. Rajamouli reveled why Katappa killed Bahubaali??..the next important question I thought is who supplied small clothes to Mogli? Ha ha…Thnx. Brownie..

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    Shivika??..cute couple..
    “Shakti wore black coat for love story of his son”??aastha u will always amaze me with your writings and jungle book??how do u get such funny ideas.

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      Sanskriti… I was making fun there..Love you too

      1. Sanskriti120

        Even I was joking?????. I know aap mera mazaak uda Rahi thi,kyun ki aap kisiko hurt tho kar hee nhi sakti???,bht achi hain meri astga di???????

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    Awesome as usual astha di , Actually I was wondering whether the 1st part of it was really a Os because it looks incomplete then only I read this and understood . I loved Sahil so much , how intelligent and cute is he , haha and Shivaye repeating that he have a Heart problem also made me laugh . You write so well di , keep writing . I am waiting for your another work ! πŸ™‚

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      Sana..I will end in very few parts Alien feelings is waiting for my attention…
      Love you too..

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      Love you Haridhra..the you broke the silent of ice today..I felt very happy meeting you here… You said it correct my heart always make the character sing melancholy songs with a fun…its my way to bash the characters..

      1. Haridhra

        Hahaaa???..U r so funny di..N I’m glad to meet u too..??

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    Astha dii you are amazing…. Lastly jungle book is funny and awesome…
    With lots of love and care dii.

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      Thnx. and live you too Nikku.

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    You are really amazing……and I hope this part is not the end for this story???

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      Thank you Tanz..
      Bhallaldeva gave Katappa two option..either to kill Bahubaali or to kill Devsena and Shivudu together..Poor but wise Katappa choose to kill Baahubali to save the Maahismathi kingdom from evil clutch ..when Shivudu return some day if left alive…

      1. Tanz

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      Ha ha ..Surbhi maine toh tumhare curiosity ko badhya hai..Actually I watched with my brother.
      Thank you and watch Baahubali-2 soon…Its by my favourite S.S.Rajamouli after all..and my fav. Anushka Shetty and Prabhas Darling Raju are in along with Nassar.. you should watch it must.

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      Thank you Gayathri..True crow will also leave his food for being compared with a wrong person(I will not take that particular name from my pure mouth)…

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