Ishqbaaz Analysis

This is Khushi.If you have never read anything that i write.I never write anything which offence any fan or fandom.But this is my first time picking up so important issue.I don’t know if people will take this seriously.But i am writing this very seriously.If i know you and you have read anything else i write than thank you.I appreciate you.I always got amazing response from you all and hope to get it on this one as well.If you agree with me than leave a comment.
Important:I won’t accept any criticism.This is probably not edited and long.But it is straight out of my heart.I wrote this when i was really depressed and i had anxiety attack and now i am fine.But i wanted to upload this.This might not be pleasant for you if you are a fan of Shivika and Gaurika.But still you should read this.

The issue i am going to talk about is EQUALITY.It is a very important topic and i feel not many people discuss this issue very openly.You might know why i exactly related equality with Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi.You even might have guessed it.Because they don’t give Rumya the same importance and treatment that they give Shivika and Gaurika.I am not targeting the whole ishqbaaz and dbo team.I know some people also might have issue with it.But it is getting out of hands.
In my life i never saw inequality.I had no clue about it.In my family everyone gets equal treatment or importance.If one gets something then all of them get it.If one doesn’t get it no one gets it.But after starting watching Ishqbaaz i saw the unequal treatment that people gets it.

Let’s start with the start:The montage – The three brothers montage was the best one yet.From the start the montage gives us a clue about what the show is about.Don’t judge a book by its cover was written probably because people judge a book by its cover.So just like that the book can be the show and the cover can be the montage.So people would probably judge a show by its montage.The show was about three brothers.Who deals with different problems who has different perspective on love and life.So instead of keeping the montage the same they made the montage of shivika.So now the show is full on anika and shivika.Just like every other show the show went through a phase of just being the show of anika.But thank god the brain of the writer came back.

2nd Most important thing:Promos – So in the start it was all good in the hood but after few months the writers actually went overboard.So now the promos of the show doesn’t come that often so i cannot say anything about promos.

3rd most important thing:The actual Show – So after liking the promos and montages the viewers decided to watch the show.So in start they had so many Obros scenes which as viewer is a delight to watch.I was fan of the show since the start.I was hooked with the theme which was that the brothers who are so different from each other yet they have so much love for each other.The basic concept was so different from all the other shows going on.In the start it was so amazing the show was going on amazingly the obros moment,Few shivika moments here and there,Rumya fighting always,and Ishkara’s complicated love story which gave me goosebumps,Pinky’s english,Rudra’s comic timing.Which is so amazing.I loved it.It was a power packed show all in all.I was happy.Then after few months all i saw was illogical and nonsense drama which could have been easily avoided.
Rumya Love story:I loved it.Since start they always had amazing impression on me.They are my family’s most favourite couple.The way they bring me to their world is amazing.Th actors are amazing.Their onscreen chemistry is delight to watch.

Ishkara’s love story/Gaurika Love story:I am in still love with them.They are my 2nd most favourite couple.I was amazed by their connection.Most people loved Ishkara more than Shivika.Which is amazing that with the screenspace they had and the magic they did on viewers.But things reached rough patches when Vrushika left the show.I still want to see ishkara.Then Gaurika fever hit me all along.I am going to be straightforward that i don’t like the character of Gauri.It sounds fake.Like Bubbly,funny,loving herself.I would say it sounds made up.I strongly don’t relate to her character.That is probably the reason i don’t like her.The love story was about a soulful person falling in love with someone who lies but not bad at heart.I don’t see that.I wanted to see their love story in om’s perspective.But that is too much to ask for.I wanted to see what if a complete person who doesn’t lie and a girl who lies but is not bad at heart that would have been amazing.

Shivika love story:This is the whole era of Cliche love story comes in a place.A bubbly,sweet and middle class girl with rude,sassy and rich boy.Did this ever happened to someone.Someone who blamed you for one night stand and a forced marriage to top it off.A person who blames me for one night stand would say thousand sorrys won’t make him better.But i don’t think that sorry is going to fix the blame someone puts on a girl.Your self respect should come first for you.

They haven’t shown an obro moment in a while.They are too busy in their life that they don’t have time to discuss something.They didn’t give any rumya scenes.Saumya is on break.Shivaay and Omkara can’t help themselves that they need Gauri and Anika to save them.In Star Parivaar Awards they didn’t give us Rumya and Aveneil.They forgot Rumya but also the mainstream couple of Naamkaran.So Rumya who works so hard doesn’t get a montage their own title song and also Screenspace and then to top it all In spa music awards they don’t get a minute.But you know what i feel that award show is a big joke.Since i believe an award is not going to change the hard work you do.Since it just highlights the few important people but what about other shows.That is why i am only interested in rewards not awards.Instead of wasting so much time and money on the trophies which becomes just a decoration.Instead donate money to charities which actually helps people.Instead of creating a video which makes no sense and promotes the award show.Let me just tell you if you haven’t watched then it is not related to show.You can only see the couples romancing.Then at the end they do a dance.So all i think of Award shows are it is just an extra to everything else.I am not going to vote.

But then at the end i can also blame the audience who watched the show on internet and not on tv when they could have watched it on tv when it was good on starting but the trps went down and they decided to make the show only about shivika romance.But i don’t care anymore.

I am not going give any explanation.I am done with this show.

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  1. Diyaa

    Hi Khushi. I felt your distress while reading this. I understand. I liked the freshness of this show as well. But what could have been a beautiful story has been turned into a ridiculous series of cliched and done to death situations. I find the whole plot of Gauri utterly ridiculous. The way they were brought together, the horrendous thaakur sequence and how Om and Gauri got married, and everything that followed. Terrible. I don’t watch that show. The total lack of self respect they have shown in Anika, and how they transformed her character from a bold and self respecting one to a sob fest was very hard for me to witness. And now this Pinky drama. Oh God! And the best actor with natural expressions, Leenesh Mattoo, is given no story of his own. I watch IB off and on to keep track. But I don’t get attached to the show. I also follow Neil and Avni from Naamkaran. I think they are amazing. Great chemistry. So far it’s going well. Let’s see what happens in future. Please, I hope no forced marriage romance there too!! Anyway, just wanted to respond to your post. Take care.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Totally true thanks diya and you too take care

  2. I agree with you. I have the same feeling. Ishkara story had a substance to it. It would have been a thrill to watch if developed well. Gauri character is too helpless and selfless and it seems fake. Even omkara is losing his charm. Shivika have same old concept. Why lead females have to be too goody 2 shoes and faultless. I felt disheartened when naamkaran leads were not given due slot share. I feel naamkaran is better as atleast leads are not helpless have a motive in their life and foot listen to useless taunts but who knows when the creatives destroy the show just to gain trps. For me ib will now never reach the initial charm it created. Now watching ib is like killing time. No offences to anyone.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Correct and u are not offending anyone.Thanks saira

  3. Yeah i feel same too..basically i m not a fan of any in IB..i watch this show earlier but not first it started with the brothers bonding..i love each of their bonding masti etc..but sufdenly i feel dat d shw IB in one side and DBO in othrr..from dat i stppd watchng IB..not at all intrstd in watchng love story..
    In starting i also feel that they only focus on shivay..the show start with shivay and end with shivay and in btw also shivay..only shivay shivay shivai
    But still i like IB just bcz some where they shws thr glimpse of obroi brozz
    But now we didnt get any glimpse of obroi scenes..such a pathetic show
    But what to doo the makers only run behind trp gaining characters like happend in swaragini..

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      True and thanks teja

  4. Hi i read so many comments on annika self respect if we really love any person one sorry from heart enough . he realised his mistake its enough for her . She cant see his cry face . After forced marrage she angry on SSO also she convinced om ru for him because she saw his crying it touches her heart .lastly in concept of love selfrespct ,ego all are small matters between them .it happens only we truely love them more than ours then only we give life easily

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      It is definitely not about ego.It is just caring about your own self respect.Self respect is more important in any girls life.You can find new love but not new self respect.

  5. AMkideewani

    When they start a serial it’s always amazing and then it’s the same like other series with saas-bahu drama and etc. I totally agree with you, I actually prefer Ishkara more then Garikara, because their charm was different, then the usual couples have, it was fresh and I used to get excited to watch Ishkara and Raumya scenes

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I completely agree with you.Even I prefer ishkara and only ishkara.Thanks

      1. AMkideewani

        What the producers can’t do, the writers can do with their hands writing FF/OS/SS for their fav. Couple. I’m writing a FF with eight couples right now and I’m trying to give all of them equal importance as well as the villains too

  6. I completely agree with u kushi expect for one thing. I find shivika story different from the regular love stories that they show. There’s more of confusion than the regular hate and love story!
    I have hardly been a regular viewer of any indian television serial bcoz i used to feel that they show unnatural stories and unnecessary drama. I started watching ishqbaaz after shivika marriage(wen my sis told me that it’s a different story) I liked the first episode i watched and started seeing it. Soon i catched up all the previous episodes on hotstar.
    What i want to say is for a person like me who started watching ib in btw even the portions after marriage was fun to watch…… although they were showing more of shivika…. The show really got spoilt after they decided to do the spin off. ib and dbo are shot in two diff places so, the actors mi8 be finding it difficult to juggle their schedule for the two shows. So that destroyed the fun element in the show….. Obro moment! And the weirdest thing is that shivay and om doesn’t know what’s happening in each others life….. Being the ‘saghe se badkar’ brothers they r expected to know!!!
    They have made om into that typical hero material….he was not so in ib! Well i ve stopped watching dbo now….. Almost used to get a headache after watching SULTANAJI and Param purush Omkara! I ve decided to watch it again only if they start rumya track! And with ib……. I really don’t think that I will watch it any longer if they continue with all those villians and shivika alone!
    I feel that the only way to revive the originality of the show is by winding up dbo after developing the love stories of Rikara and Rumya and merging it with ishqbaaz. Then, i bet we all will be able to see more obro moments and all their stories. It will be more enjoyable than 21minutes of dbo and ib each!

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      You are right.But it is so typical that they handle the whole family.The whole concept was about three brothers not shivika.The deal was they are going to show the brothers handling the problems together and their life partners were going to help them.I never was very intrigued or anticipated toward watching Shivika.I was more into obros,rumya,and ishkara.Thanks SAN

  7. Ishqbaaz was a far better show when the 3 brothers were together. Now it’s the same old done to death love story. However, it is only the acting and chemistry between Shivaay & Anika which still make the show watchable. Disappointed.

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      I didn’t and never will watch the show for shivika.But thank you ruhana.

  8. Nikita_jai29

    Hii khushi… You are right dear.. After ishkara relationship windup in ib… Writers are truly shifted on shivika.. And the great spinoff… Totally damaged the charm and character of omkara… And also rudra character is in confused….

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Yup true and thanks Nikita

  9. hi khushiiii……. i happy that u pen down my thought about dbo and ib.initially ib is like “ek kahani ke teen kissey hai ek doosre ke jaroori hissey hai” but now ib and dbo ak hi show ke do hissey hai aur ak doosere ke hissey nahi hai.
    ib ki story toh phir bhi theek chal raha but dbo is like punishment sessions for ib viewers as ib fans only demanded for om love track . cvs ne kaha ki lo om ki aisi love story denge ki future mein koi kuch demand hi naa kare and we have a result .

    kaise dbo ki creative team nein tej ko typical villain bana diya, jabki ib ke initial episodes mein tej rude selfish but a loving father tha.wo om ko shivay se aage dekhna chata tha. usne om ki happiness ke liye swethlana ko bhi ignore kiya tha. but agian dbo ko start karne ke liye tej ko villian aur jahnvi ko bechari bana diya.

    and my favorite brother rudra he is best. but cvs uska screen space villians ko kyu de dete hai . it very sad to see that he is not getting importance in the show.plz start raumya story they r best couple with over weight cuteness.

    if shivika is the face of ib then shivomru are the soul of ib. we like to watch shivika on screen but we love/die to watch brotherhood in ib.

    i wish ki cvs ne ishkara ki love story ko nicely develope kiya hota to aaj show mein love hota romance hota true-lie love fight hoti.

    may be because of these loopholes only show is not getting trp

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Thanks and I was just penning down what I feel about ib and dbo.

  10. Exactly Ishkara had no coincidental meetings. All was well planned by Ishana. Though they never had unnecessary hero heroine moments yet they had the best chemistry which Gaurika lacks. Why does Gauri have to be always after Om???? Just because they got married according to her hence its her duty to do so. Come on this is not 1950s this is 2017. Girls are ambitious and independent and they don’t need any knight in shining armour.
    Also ib and dbo appear to be two different shows altogether with Rudra being the only common factor. Maybe because he neither has a partner nor screen space nor a room(Shivaay ‘beautified’ his room)
    Badly missing o bro moments. Earlier we saw Shivika for 2-3minutes now we don’t even get that much of o bros.
    Did you notice Shivika have their story going on since beginning but for Omru its either Om’s story or Rudra’s story? I hate Shivika for this.
    Earlier Shivaay was the ideal brother now according to some he is the ideal husband. Did he forget now that he has two brothers too????? And also a family.
    Om’s character used to be soooo deep. After Ishana’s exit they’ve made him helpless and overdependent on Chulbul.
    Wish to see earlier ib again on tv

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      Exactly my point and thanks Nikita

  11. Ananyagour

    You are right about rumya scenes I am missing them so much and also ishkara , I just hate gauri she is so rotlu bahu I don’t know why dbo has started the show make no sense ishqbaaaz was on “ek doosre k jaroori hisse hai ek kahani k teen kisse hai “but now two hisse are sepreted and one has no kahani

    1. Khushilovesroumya

      True and thanks Ananya

    2. AMkideewani

      You are absolutly right, I watched the first epi of DBO, I really don’t like the new OM, but then them I stopped, because Gauri was going on my nerves

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