Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 18)


Starts with arjun getting intimate with rads,rads feels uncomfy,arjun releases her from his grip,she gets up from bed draps dupatta around her shoulder and runs downstairs,arjun wears his shirt and runs after her,rads open the door and is shocked to see Neil…Neil looks at her and ask what Ru doing here,rads looks at Neil,she s abt to say something,jus then arjun comes and tell vr practicing dance dude…Neil looks at rads and arjun.rads start to leave,Neil says wait radhika,he goes out.arjun and rads look at each other ackwardly,,Neil arranges car for rads,rads thank him and leave from there,she is in car,thinking abt their moment,she has tears in her eyes.

At farmhouse,arjun is also thinking the same,Neil comes to him he s abt to call him jus then he see lipstick mark on his chest he smiles and leave.

Rads reach hostel,Misha ask her wat happened,we u went, v all were tensed,y ur mob is switched off….tell me girl.

Rads start to cry,Misha ask,hey chasni,y crying,Ru alright na…rads hugs her tightly,Misha pats her shoulder.


Rads hugging Misha and crying.Misha consoles her and gives her water to drink,
Misha:now tell chasni,what’s ur problem
Rads: tell her everything.
Misha just smiles and ugly oh my Dr chasni,nothing happens na then y ur chasni is looking ugly with crying face,come on chasni,smil e,smile,she tickles her.rads shouts stop it Misha,am I cracking any just kes,stop laughing..Misha can’t able to control her smile,burst out heavily,rads says don’t smile Misha am I looking like joker uh tell me..
Misha says hey rad
s ur totally nuts,she says the mater is very serious,ur falling in love with our senior,rads look on shocked.


Rada: wat Ru saying Misha,b serious
Misha: am saying ur in love with arjun
Rads is confused
Misha: see rads,y did u allow him to touch u,y didn’t u show any hesitation…tell me x
Chasni…rads looks at Misha,Misha says matter is simple,his touch is affecting u badly,and u urself can’t able yo hide ur feelings am I right chasni.

Rada: there is nothing like tat,don’t blabber Misha,I can’t love anyone
Misha: oh my chasni,u have already fallen in love with him…rads looks on.

Arjun- rads,neil-misha perform on cheers dheere song.

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. Hai deepa how r u? I MISS YOU a lot dear… episode 18 kaga Yevalo nala kathukitu erundhen theriyuma. Thanks for updating. .. nice one love story starts… eneme daily update panunga pls… i love ur way of writing. .. superb… take care…

    1. Hi aradhana u also Tamil uh….am happy to c u all my drs….ippa am fine yaar….even mee too waiting for the day,when I vll update my stories….probably I updated yesterday yaar….thank u yaar and pls forgive me for making u to wait yaar…love alot

  2. Thx deepa suprb epd really enjoyed ur story and h r u dear?

    1. Hey anu thank u yaar,am fine now buddy

  3. Fantastic epi yaar…..finally radhika fallen in love with arjun. ….n deepa hw r u?plse update as soon as possible waiting for next update

    1. Ya lulu rads has fallen in love…am fine yaar sure vll update daily buddy

  4. lyk srsly, omg deepa u write soooooo well….just love the way u write…..keep writing….looking forward for more episodes like this

    1. Hey straw berry.wru Dr….missed u so much yaar

      1. No actually exams r on…….btw…….plzzz upload next epi……please

  5. Heyyy Deepa.. How are you Buddy?? Missed you a lot …. Finally you post ARCL… Thanks a lot…

    1. Hi britty,am fine now yaar….me too missed u buddy…last week are like hell me yaar

  6. Nice yaar waiting for next episode

    1. Thank u devi

  7. Good to see u Deepa/////Loved the episode to the core…

    1. Hi Sree,I also read your stories yaar,its so interesting…keep continuing buddy

  8. deepa where did u gone all these days . eagerly waiting for ur update at last u made it today thank god. on behalf of my frnds and me we r requesting u to play this as background song
    for aradhika song -“seethakalam suryudilaga koncham koncham chustave sootiga thake choopulathoti guchyechuga”.plz …………………………… and nice episode yaar .

    1. Hey chinnu.Ru malayalam

    2. Chinnu it’s Telugu right?

  9. very nice

  10. Missed u Deepa so much…How r u buddy…R u alright na..We were waiting for ur update from long time..
    Good going buddy..i am worrying for Rads..Rads has fallen in love ❤ but Wat about he playing a game with Rads..waiting for upcoming epis…eagerly..pls continue…
    Take care ? buddy…

    1. Hi aliya,hru buddy?…of course am alright now yaar…sorry for making u all to wait for such along time Dr….pls forgive ur Deepa…ofcourse yaar,now only their story going to start yAar….bt u have to wait for tat buddy…tc yR

  11. hi deepa i miss you dear super story pls continue regularly dear

    1. Hey swarA,sure yaar I vll continue daily ma,don’t worry yaar

  12. Hey deepa dear how r u….superb story… but late update buddy… please make it fast na….

  13. hey deepa whr were u? r u okay or what dear?? missed u so much…thought left the page
    …n story is on awsome track
    .waited for so long for ur story…pls update in continuation na dear…plzzz…muhhhaa

    1. Akhila,roma thank u buddies love u all,hru my deariez?

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  17. deepa where were you all these days…missed you a lot yaar…even ur crazy love story…very nice track yaar deepa…you rock it…superb no words to describe how well u write i just love it…please update it regularly yaar…cant wait for long time….amazing dear….all are writing updates on manmarziyan…it means it is best and superb seril…..not even single fan fic on SAATH NIBHANA SAATHIYA, DIYA AUR BAATI HUM…YEH RISHTA KYA KEHALATA HAI…as youth is not intrested in saas bahu fights….if starplus had brain it would have understood this…but this cant happen….anyway deepa superrrrrrrr amazingggg mind blowing…..

    1. Hello Valli Ru Tamil,mee to missed u vermuch yaar , sp is one brainless channel yaar,they won’t understand youngster feeling…they always worry abt their sass bahu…hope both serial and channel go to hell,watt u say vali?

  18. After long time.awesome to continue the story
    plz update always and don’t give up more days…
    love your loads…

    1. Sure nandhini vll update daily…with lots of love

  19. Wow Deepa!it is fantastic.

    1. Hey thank u Tanya,eagerly waiting for ur stories yaar,post it asap dr

  20. Nice epi deepa
    But where were u all these days …I really missed ur story…..

    1. Hi Mira,am not feeling well for past 1week yaar so only can’t update dr

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    1. Hi chinni,me too missd all of u yaar,nw am perfectly alright yaar,thank u so much yaar

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    asusual,he epi was very nice,,,,i m epecting the future episodes…..bye

    1. Hey abi come on yaar don’t ask forgiveness n all yaar,sorry for making u crying yaar for tat u only should forgive me DA…will u,sure I vll update the story regularly ma,don’t forget to give ur feedback buddy..

      Love u lots…tc yaar

      1. hey deepa…..

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    what a story. Loved today’s episode.

    All the best for upcoming episodes.

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    1. Hello maasha…thank u Dr…keep reading daily and give ur feedback yaar

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