Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 11)

Starts with arjun and neil are at disquothe enjoying their night with drinks and dance….neil pulls arjun to dance for hot number and arjun dances hotly….aft dance,one of the girl goes to arjun and places a kiss on his cheeks,arjun offers girl for dance….Later,neil comes to arjun and signals him to wipe his cheeks….arjun ask wat,neil shows him the mirror,arjun wipes the lipstick mark,they again start to enjoy their ni8.

In hostel,tittu teaches some steps for rads,misha is busy in facial,pia always eating,charu teasing piya saying IF U KEEP ON EATING LIKE THIS,THEN ONE DAY FOR SURE UR STOMACH VLL BURST,pia get irked and throws book on charu,both start to fight….rads and tittu watches them fighting and smiles seeing them.


At clg audi,all r busy practicing dance,arjun comes there and his eyes are busy searching for rads…he sees rads practicing with tittu,he walks towards them and says to titu that ur partner s waiting for u,go n parctice with him….tittu looks at rads and moves from there,arjun turns to rads and ask her to come with him…rads ask where?….arjun says TO DANCE ALONE…BABE,rads says we can dance hereitself na,y ve have to go alone.

Arjun shushes her,holds her hand and take her to green room….he closes the door and plays music,he comes closer to rads,rads trie to go but he holds her hand and pulls her closer to him,he keep his hand on her waist and held her firmly….rads feels uncomfy and they slow dance.


rads feels uncomfy and removes his hand from her waist,and tries to go…arjun stops her and says PRACTICE S NOT YET OVER…TILL IT GET OVER U CANT GO ANYWHERE…BABE,come on…lets dance he offers his hand,rads put her hand on his and they dance on romantic track TUM HI HO…while dancing arjun is lost with rads,he backhugs her,rads unable to hold his closeness tries to go bt he twirls her to him,he bring his lips closer to her neck as if to kiss her neck…rads feels something.

rads is lost in thoughts of arjun

Credit to: Deepa


  1. Mousi

    Hi deepa

    Story is amazing…plz dnt stop it…do it continously.

    I love the episodes…

    Great job.

    If u stop continuing this written story, then there ll no difference between u and star plus.

    This s for natasha also…

    Natasha ur story is very suspense with romantic…very nice yaar…keep on doing

  2. Hai Deepa…how r u..As usual Rocking ❤ it dude..i don’t think yaar college life itna free hota hai..I am a 1st year student I find very difficult If I miss any class and attend another class next day..but this is story..So I love ❤ it..and love ur writings by ur fan…hugs and kisses to u…??
    And ofcourse Precap is interesting..rads is thinking about Arj..ohoh…Who will fall in love at first Rad or Arj..Waiting…thank u ..kuch long hogaya right..Sorry for making u bored..Thank u…

  3. nandhini

    Super episode…
    Sizzling chemistry between them.
    Waiting for next episode.
    please post 2 episode per day…….plz….plz………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.