Ardeep/Ishra/Tanshi ff: Jiyein Kyun (26~Past, Fun And Truth)

Flashback Continues:

Roma talked to Shanaya’s pic sadly. ‘Look what you’ve done to your little sister, your doll. Since you went, she has been so weak, she cries day and night, but now when she found your lookalike, she’s just like you, she too cares for Tara, but who can do it better than you? Come back na bacha, your father is also very weak since you went and before that we had already lost Tara’s twin sister, please come back, Tara needs you, I can’t see her crying like this, please come back baby, we miss you,’ she said cryingly.

She saw Tara was asleep and so she too laid beside her crying herself to sleep. Next day, she took Tara to Ishita’s house and as she saw Ishita, she ran to her and hugged her. ‘Shanaya di, please come back to our house and play like we used to play,’ Tara said and Ishita looked at Roma still in the hug and she nodded in positive. ‘OK I will come,’ Ishita said and Tara kissed her cheek. ‘I love you di,’ Tara said smiling joyfully. ‘I love you too,’ Ishita said and they sat down playing with toy cars.

Roma went to Madhavi and showed her the old photos of Shanaya and Tara. ‘Your daughter is my daughter’s lookalike, if you don’t mind and permit, can Ishita stay with us till Tara is fine? I will keep bringing her here to make her meet you all, agar aaj aap ne meri baat maan li or insaaniyat dikha di na, to ek chhoti si bachi ko uski khoyi hui behen mil jayegi, aapki waja se ek bachi ki zindagi sanwar jayegi or ek baap ko bhi uski beti mil jayegi Madhavi ji, hum Ishita ka pura khayal rakhein gay.’

‘OK, you can take Ishita with you, I permit,’ Madhavi replied and they hugged each other. Later, when Roma was returning home, she took Ishita to her room. ‘Beta Ishita, you’ll have to come with us to our house, Tara wants to be with you, if you go then she won’t be able to live, please don’t ever tell her who you are, promise?’ Roma said forwarding her hand. Ishita held her hand. ‘Promise aunty, but will you bring me here to meet amma, appa, Vandu akka and Mihika?’ Ishita asked and Roma nodded in positive and hugged her smilingly. ‘Thanks beta, you don’t know what you’ve done for us,’ she said and they went from there packing her bag with Tara.

Flashback disturbed.

While Ishita was telling Raman, she heard Tara calling her in her room and so she went excusing herself. She saw Tara crying badly and went to her. She gave her a sudden hug. ‘He betrayed me Shanaya di,’ she said sobbing heavily. ‘Who betrayed you?’ Ishita asked. ‘Lakshya,’ she said and told her everything. ‘If anyone else would’ve been in his place, his reaction would’ve been the same, don’t worry, I will talk to him.’

Everyone sat to have dinner, Tara had worn sunglasses so that no one can see her teary eyes. ‘Why are you wearing sunglasses?’ Aarohi asked. ‘My eyes are sensitive to light, that’s why,’ Tara said and smiled at her. ‘Just like your eyes, people can have sensitive hearts too,’ Lakshya said. ‘Umm sorry, do I know you?’ Tara said trying to ignore him and he rolled his eyes at her and continued eating. ‘Aarohi, since we came here, I feel something is going on between Tara and Lakshya, I feel strange,’ Deep whispered to Aarohi. She nodded in positive agreeing to him.

Later, everyone went to sleep. Aarohi and Deep were sitting in their room. ‘After coming here, I don’t feel like going back,’ she said. ‘Me too,’ he said and she laid her head on his shoulder. She received Rashi’s call. ‘Hallo,’ she spoke over the phone. ‘Hi Aarohi, we’re on conference call, we just wanted to know if you’ve thought of doing anything further,’ Rashi said. ‘Yes, you should think of it, they did so bad with you,’ Gopi said. ‘This foolish mom of mine is like a buzzing bee to my ears,’ Vedhika said and they laughed.

‘My parents remember me only when I do shopping and they get happy,’ Mayuri said. ‘I have a very good mother and father who always support me in everything,’ Rashi said. ‘I don’t even know if I have them, my adoptive parents died but.. I know my real ones are alive but still can’t forget them,’ Aarohi said. ‘I have them, but I had one more daughter besides Vidya, but she died,’ Gopi said. ‘Everyone has their own problems, but what to do? Everyone has to survive with them, but I can’t kill someone for my revenge,’ Aarohi told them.

‘Try to make both of them mad,’ Rashi said. ‘But how?’ Aarohi asked and all of them told her one by one. They smiled. Call got disconnected. ‘Finally got a plan,’ Aarohi told Deep. ‘Good,’ he said and she stood up and sat in his lap and encircled her arms around his neck. He held her waist. ‘I was thinking what if Niku and Tara come face to face? She knows he’s alive, but still he might be fearful of her,’ he said. ‘I think we should make them fearless of her,’ Aarohi said and she stood up and he too stood up going outside.

Ishita and Raman sat with Tara. ‘You OK na Tara?’ Ishita asked for the fourth time. ‘I m fine, and if it comes to Lakshya, if he really loved me he will come back, if not then I am also not dying for him,’ she said rolling her eyes. ‘That’s the spirit,’ Ishita said. ‘Let’s play ludo star, it will be fun,’ Raman said and the trio picked their phones playing like children. They made a team of IshAra(Ishita and Tara) and RamIka (Raman and Mihika) and Ishita and Tara high fived as they won.

I can see a lot of changes in Tara, just some love is needed to overcome her loneliness. Ishita thought smilingly.

Tanuja was in the hospital in her cabin and it was her break time. She got tears in her eyes as she felt really alone at this time. She stood up and was going to Natasha and Tanya when suddenly she collided with someone and was about to fall and closed her eyes but then she opened her eyes and was shocked to see Rishi. ‘You?!’ she said with anger. ‘So what? Can’t I come to meet our daughters?’

‘Actually they’re only my daughters and not yours, get out of my way,’ she said and walked away. She went to Natasha and Tanya. ‘Tanya, did Natasha eat?’ she asked. ‘No she wanted to eat with you,’ Tanya said and she went to Natasha and hugged her. ‘Natasha, now I came, you eat,’ she said and made both of them eat. ‘I want to tell something to both of you,’ Tanuja said. ‘The people who were there for you as your parents, they were just your foster parents, they didn’t give birth to you both, I gave you birth.’

(Dear Tanshi Fans..Before this part, there wasn’t any Tanshi)

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