Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira Gets Vasu Kidnapped

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira calls Vishal mama and asks if her work is done. He says almost. Angad asks Sadhna to have dinner. Sadhna says no. BD and others also say no. Mandira says Bhuri is also not having food, they need not worry whatever Bulbul did, Vijay will correct all the mistakes. On the other side, at temple’s guest house, Bulbul braids Aaliya’s hair and asks her not to take Khuda’s name as they are disguised as Harpreet and Simran. Aaliya asks why. Bulbul says it is time for aarti, she should not call Murari panditji as mamu and instead call Murari bhaiya. Aaliya asks why.

Yug opens door and lets Vishal’s goons in to kidnap Vasu. Gayatri yells that Bulbul put family in trouble and escaped. Sadhna says she knows Bulbul well and she cares her family most. They ask

about Vasu. Gayatri says she will go and bring her.

Vijay and Agastya reach temple searching Bulbul and Aaliya. Bulbul attends aarti. Murari asks Aaliya/Simran to do aarti. Aaliya gets tensed. Bulbul says she will drop aarti, so let her do it. Murari agrees. Gayatri enters Vasu’s room and sees masked men pointing gun and knife at Vasu. Bulul performs aarti in temple and Vijay stands behind and prays god to protect Bulbul and Aaliya. Bulbul offers aarti, just then Vijay gets Gayatri’s call that goons have entered their hous and have hostaged Vasu. At home, goons take Vasu and Aaliya. Angad warns them to spare Vasu, else he will not spare them. Goon warns him to back off and says Vijay kidnapped their community girl, so they are kidnapped Vijay’s family girl and drag Vasu away. Mandira brainwashes family against Bulbul.

Vijay returns home, and family informs him about Vasu being kidnapped. Vijay says he will call Ahmed and find out if he kidnapped Vasu. Gayatri says Ahmed’s aide must have kidnapped Vasu. Mandira brainwashes them. BD yells Vasu was kidnapped because of Bulbul. Vijay asks what is Bulbul’s mistake in it. Sadhna shouts at Viay. Outside Vijay’s house, Vishal mama hires conmen to slogan against Vijay.

Bulbul and Aaliya sit for dinner in temple. Muraari serves food on plantain leaves. Aaliya asks where are leaves.. Bulbul says it is fun having food on leaves. Aaliya says her sisters would also have enjoyed food on leaves. Bulbul says they are mother and daughter here. Aaliya calls her mother and hugs her. Murari serves veg food. Aaliya ask where is maas/nonveg. Murmuri panics in shock and shouts they don’t take even nonveg’s name in temple. Bulbul says she means chaas/butter milk, he misheard it. Murari says he must have and goes to bring butter milk.

Precap: No Precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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