Angry Swara Poor Sanky Part 3B – Last part


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Rasam- Food given when u r sick
Papa- call affectionately for baby or the younger daughter in the house
Athai- Aunt
Mama- Uncle
Sema- Super

We reached home. She was feeling weak. I helped her to get inside and made her sit comfortably in the couch. She immediately lay on the couch holding her head.
( Servant- maid) Akka : Aiyo papa ena achu (What happened)

Sanky: She is not feeling well. She immediately touched her forehead and keeps on pondering with her nonstop questions that was it . I wanted to stop her and asked where is everyone
Just then Laksh entered with full tension face with Uttara.

Sanky (Confusedly) : U both here

Laksh: Oh ya yar grand pa is not felling well , we have to leave immediately

Akka: But Swara papa is not well she is having high fever

Laksh: What she told just tiredness.

Uttara: Checks Swara. Bhai its ok u go Swara and I will be here . If anything urgent we will come.

Sanky: Ya laksh I will also be here so dnt worry. Once Swara gets better I will bring them.

Laksh: First thinks but agrees later. Ok then I will go by bus you have the keys na. He rushes out immediately.

Uttara : Rasam panunga ( Prepare rasam) Swara will feel better.

Uttara takes Swara to her room. Uttara took good care of Swara . Uttara slept before Swara.

In the night

Sanky thought to check Swara before sleeping. She was struggling to take her blanket. Sanky rushes to her and covers her properly with the blanket and reduce the A.C. He sees Uttara also sleeping . He covers her too ad makes her lie properly in the bed near to Swara.
Swara: Thank you

Sanky: What I did not hear did u say something and smirks

Swara: Understands his sarcasm and tells little louder. Thank you

Sanky: Smiles little, do u mind me sleeping in the couch

Swara: Its ok . I am fine u can sleep in ur room.

Sanky: I think that was not my question.

Swara: Nods. And tries to get up

Sanky: What do u need something

Swara: Ya my head is aching so balm is in cupboard

Sanky: Ok u sit I will bring

Swara: No its ok

Sanky : Gives her a stern look

Swara understands that there is no point in arguing.

Sanky takes the balm and applies on Swara’ head while she was lying. Due to medicinal effects and the head massage swara dozed off.

Sanky too goes near the couch and makes himself comfortable, and slept staring Swara.

Swara’s POV

When I opened my eyes. He was sleeping there in the couch facing me. Eventhough I misunderstood him I behaved with him badly. Neither he scolded me or fought with me, he was so cool he helped me and took care of me. He is not like others, he is very cool korangu and handsomeeeeeeee too hugs her teddy and sleep.
Next day mrng.

Uttra: Hi anna today u r nt going to office

SanKy: No today I am working from home

Uttara: Then I will go to colg and submit both of our project and come.

Sanky: Come I ll drop u

Uttara: No anna its ok dnt take tension. I will go by my own. U plz take care of Swara. I will try to come fast.

The whole day Sanky took best care of Swara. He fed her, made her entertained and she was feeling better.

Days were passing swasan friendship cum love was also developing. They started to spend time together. Sanky decide to propose Swara as he has to leave in few weeks. He did not want to hide his love. So he decided to propose her. He knows taking her out is an impossible task. He keeps on thinking terrace, her room no she is full time here then an idea popped out and he immediately rushed outside and brought all the necessary items and made his room ready.
When Swara entered Sanky’s room she was surprised to the core.

The room was beautifully decorated. To one corner there was a velvet ribbon tied from one spot to another end. He asked to me to open one by one.
I went near to it and tried opening the ribbon. I opened the first red color with a note attached to it reminiscing their first chili powder incident.

Next was in brown color with monkey picture attached and notes reminding their korangu incident, next laptop, balm he made sure that they relived all their best moments. I was waiting at the last stop, ring in my hand and proposed her.
I am nothing special just a common man with common thoughts, and I’ve led a common life but after u came everything became special I wanted to u to become my princess .
Swara was dumbstruck while tears continuously flowing.

Sanky; What happened I am ok even if u reject me also.

Swara: Ran to him and gave him a bone crushing hug. Sanky stumbled at her force but reciprocated the hug. Both were enjoying a lighter moment.
Next day Swasan informed Uttara and Laksh .Uttlaksh were shocked.

Uttara hugs both I am happy for u both and was super happy.

Laksh: I am also happy but athai mama nenaicha bayama iruku. ( I am feared thinking about aunt and Uncle)

Swasan: We can convince them na.

Laksh: That is very difficult. I think u both should run away that is the only option. Swasan widely opened their eyes.

Swara: punches him O hello y should I run. My parents have worked hard and brought me up and don’t u dare eye on my property ok. All burst out loud in laughter.
Laksh: I am proud of you

Swara : I will convince them if not I will wait for their approval and looks at Sanky

Sanky: Holds her no u told wrongly

Sawara: Confusedly : What

Sanky: Not I will wait but we will wait.

All become happy and have a group hug.

The day Sanky has to leave.

Swara: resting her head on Sanky shoulders. Whatever may happen but we can’t leave our parents I want their blessing too. We can hurt them. They will surely understand but they need some space we need to wait. I am sure everything will go well and holds his hands. Sanky gives her an assurance smile and pecks on her forehead.

It’s been 6 months since Sanky left to his place. Both convinced their parents with great difficulty. Sanky and his family came to Chennai to meet swara.

Swara was perfectly dressed in kanchipuram saree with minimum jewelry but with her asusual smile. Sanky was mesmerized while laksh was pulling his leg.

AP: Swara I heard u will cook nicely

Swara: Gave her what who told this look: No aunty I never went to kitchen.

AP: Ohhh u look beautiful u can wear saree everyday, I heard u like to get up early , doing pooja wearing saree all interests you.

Swara gulps in fear : Aunty let me be frank with you. Seriously I dnt know anything. I can sleeping however late night but can’t get up early. This saree is heavy I am comfortable in casual dress. I know I should have learned but I will learn everything. I love Sanskar and wanted to marry with all your blessings. I will try to change but one by one.
She was very angry and went out. Sanky came to Swara and was consoling her. They both heard fighting sound and went out. Swasan was shocked to see their parents fighting.

Swasan tried to stop but in vain . Last Swara shouts at her top of her voice just stop it. Stop fighting and breaks down .

Sanky: Enough everybody dnt tease her I cant take it anymore.

Ya it was all their plan to tease Swara. All liked Swasan and their marriage was fixed after a year as Swara wished to work for a year before marriage.

Swara wiped her tears angrily and started beating Sanky shouting Kornagu , Laksh Uttara and all were running and she was finding it difficult to run with her saree.

After 1 year Swasan got married happily by both their traditions. They got married twice by fulfilling their parents desire.

Swara fulfilled her daughter’s duty to Sanky’s parents while Sanky fulfilled his son duty to Swara’s parents.

Happily ever after.

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