Humsafars(krpkab) part 6

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I thought we finally got rid of the goons but no I was wrong that duffer called his friends to find us ” Look everywhere they must be here somewhere ” I didn’t know what to do I held her hand she was shocked with my behaviour I took her and hid between trees we were hidden by the long leaves what made me angry was their behaviour ” Leave that man just find that girl kasam se agar woh ladki mili toh zindagi mein kuch nahi chahiye ” I was raging in anger ready to make him black and blue I was about to get out from there to hit that person black blue but Sonakshi held my hand not letting me go because she was really scared so I controlled my anger.

By the looks on the goons face I made out they were really irritated ” Kahan gaye dono ” One goon said ” They must be here ” the other said the first one goon got angry and cut some of the leaves of the tree in which we were hiding Sonakshi got scared and hugged me I was shocked but understood why she did it she broke the hug and those people went I took a peep and saw the coast is clear so we went out we sat under a shade of a tree ” The moon looks so clean from here right allah knows idhar toh aasman bhi kishtoh mein dekhta hai chand ko choddho. To be honest the moon is so pretty ” she said ” There’s no prettiness in the moon only scars ” I said with angry glares ” It’s all about the views sir hum daag mein bhi khoobsoorati dekh rahe hai or aap khobsoorati mein bhi daag dekh rahe hai ” she said back taking the moon’s side ” I can not only see scars but also the deceptions of it today something tomorrow something, just like humans changing itself ” I argued back she gave a surprised look and said ” Yeh sirf ek cheeze hai sir jo kabhi nahi badalti, sab saat chalne wale saat chodh te hai but yeh nahi hamesha wahi door upar se hume dekhta hai, hume samaj ta hai saat chalta hai just like a humsafar ” I looked towards her thinking how can a person be so positive ” When black clouds come then…then this moon leaves us the first. Zindagi mein aisa rishta nahi koi saat nahi jiski koi umar nahi ho, raat katam chand ka saat katam din daltah hai or suraj sat chodh tah hai. There’s no relation which stays with u all the time ” She was little surprised but managed to argue ” Sir y is there so much bitterness about life for u ” her words stunned me a little ” Because I know the truth of life because I know life is not beautiful because I know the other name for life it’s pain. Yeh baat jitni jaldi hum samje utna acha hoga because when we understand this pain has no treatment bearing the pain is little hard ” I said she said calmly ” I know sir life is pain but with every pain there is happiness, with every tear there is a flower but we need some viewing habits” This was it with my patience I replied angrily ” Tum zindagi ke bare mein janti kya ho . How much life have u seen. What do u think u’ll talk big things and u’ll know about life only I understand the pain what life has given me ” She said ” Those who have sins on their head and is brought up like an orphan whose father left her because she’s a girl and who has seen her mother from birth living like a widow has understood all the sadness and pain of life ” Her words bought numbness in me while she turned away and the moonlight showed her eyes which almost have tears in them.

After sometime she went to sleep while I was in thoughts after Sonakshi turned towards me and hand held me hand I couldn’t resist so I took her hand to keep it on the side but as I took it she turned and caught my thumb I tried to remove my thumb out just then a leaf fell on her face she was sleeping peacefully I didn’t want her to get disturbed so I took out the leaf with my other hand after sometime I realized what I was doing and got angry of my self and got up took the axe the goons left and went towards a tree and started cutting it the only words which were coming out of my mouth was why. After sometime Sonakshi came hearing the noise and kept her hand on my shoulder and saw my bleeding hand I turned towards her put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her close to me and said ” Tum samaj ti kyun nahi door raho mujse…..door ” I said this and pushed her dropped the axe and went she stood there shocked staring at the axe and the blood dripping from it.

Next day I went to the hospital to see Zeenat my ex-wife over there I saw Sonakshi crying I went over there towards her ” Sir woh ma… ma ko kuch hua….hua hai ” She said with difficultly and hugged me I was astonished and with much difficulty I raised my hands to hug her back. After sometime I broke the hug and went away leaving her stunned in Zeenat’s room who was in coma I went close to her and said ” Mera vaada pura karne ka samay aa gaya hai Zeenat ”

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