Angel of my heart-Adivi fs (Woh apna sa) – Shot 3

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I am very much disappointed with the response. I got very less cmts. Plz guys do cmt this time. I thought to not continue it but I never leave things uncompleted. So I am continuing it. But if this time also I get less cmts then am ending it within the next few shots. Thank u naz, arch, pratha, swasti di n riya di(aarzu) for encouraging me. Sorry to keep u guys waiting.

After a tiresome day at college I returned to the hostel. As soon as I reached the hostel, I laid down on the bed n closed my eyes. As I closed my eyes janu’s smiling face came infront of me. I immediately opened my eyes. What’s happening to me? I see her everywhere, I only think about her. When she is around I don’t care about the world. Is she the angel of my heart? Oh god adi it’s nothing like that it’s just attraction, nothing else. My thoughts were disturbed by the knock on the door. May be it’s siddarth, my new friend. I opened the door but no it wasn’t sid, it was the guard. “Your granny has come to meet u. So come fast.” The guard said. My granny but I don’t have any granny. May be kaki ma is here. I was just about to leave my room but an old women with ghugat on her face arrived. “Beta.” She said. The voice sounded similar. “Granny u r not allowded to come here. It’s boys hostel.”The guard said. “Is this the way u respect elders. Let me meet my grandson u go.” She said. Oh god I recognize the voice it’s janu. “But granny if anyone comes to know that I let u in then I will lose my job.” The guard said. “Ok I will leave in 10 minutes.” Janu (Granny) said. “Ok only 10 mintues.” The guard said and left.

“Janu u here. If guard comes to know it then we will surely be in trouble. Ok u won the challenge now go.”
Janu took out the ghugat showing only her face and said, “Oh ho I came here with so much difficulty n u r saying me to leave. I am not going anywhere without seeing your room. Mission sneak in accomplished.” She gave a thumbs up. “But..” I said but before completing she interrupted in between “No but. Am going in your room.”

She just pushed me aside n was just about to get inside my room but a voice stopped her. “Adi…” my friend sid said as he came out of his room. Oh no now I am surely gone. I just turned around n smiled. “Hey who is she in sari…” Before he could see her face she put the ghugat. “I am his granny.” She said. Her voice was trembling. “Namaste Granny.” sid said. He was about to touch her feet but she moved back. Sid was left with a shocked expression. “Actually on Saturday no men can touch me….”she paused for a while. “ This is a culture of our village.”

“Oh sorry granny.” Sid said. “Sid why don’t u go play basketball I will show granny my room.” I said.
“Ok then u carryon with granny I will go down.” Sid said n left. After sid left we two immediately rushed to our room n locked the door.

“U shouldn’t have come here” I said.
“Now leave this talks anyways I enjoyed sneaking in.” She said as she sat in the bed. “So this is your room. It’s clean. I love your room. I should sneak in once again.”
“Janu u won’t sneak in ever again.” I said pointing a finger towards her.
“Ok baba ok.” She said as she laid down on the bed.

Six months later

“Your order please.” A waiter said. I and Janu were in a coffee shop. It was Sunday n we were there in the coffee shop waiting for our friends nisha, sid n rashmi. “Coffee for me n a cup of tea for sir.” Janu said. How did she know that I wanted tea. Did she read my mind. it can’t be. “Janu how did u know that I wanted tea?” I asked.
“Adi we have been friends since a long time back n we were always together in our happiness as well as sorrow. N I know that when u r waiting for someone u prefer tea.” She said.
In this 6 months my feeling had become strong for janu. But I didn’t know whether it was love or not n moreover if janu felt for me like the way I did or not.
After few minutes our order arrived n our friends also arrived. “So guys we have to work together for the project. For the project we are going for a field visit .” nisha continued “This field…” nisha was saying something but something else caught my attention. Rashmi n sid were staring eachother like lovebirds. They were literally engaged in an eyelock. It occurred to me why they call it eye contact. Does he love Rashmi. May be. I will ask him tonight n may be it will help me recognize my feeling for janu.

Precap: I hate u I love u

Sorry if it bored u n plz do drop ur cmts below.

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  1. wow…nice….just an antonym for WAS

  2. Pratha

    Oh so u at last posted OMG u kept me waiting for more then a week. I used to check daily WAS that u uploaded or not the part…
    Pl. Cont. soon and don’t end it.I’m d one who really read it… And wait for it….
    Post soon n don’t take so much time 2 upload this time…
    Lots of love

  3. rashmi pudasaini

    wwooow nice plz post soon ok im waiting eagerly

  4. Chanpreet0815

    It’s Awesome. Good Start. I hope that. Some Romantic scenes would take place in ur FF.

    Sorry Akriti. I read ur FF but I didn’t commented it becoz I was busy with my sis exams.

    Hope u don’t mind it.

    Akriti listen na. I hope in next part there will be some romance of Adivi.

  5. Hey aaku
    Don’t be sad yaar. It happens. Cheer up girl n don’t u dare end it.
    The epi was fab.Mission sneak in.Everything was just awesome.Loved it.Precap made me more desparate.I can’t wait.Am confused what’s going to happen hate or love.Post soon.

  6. Very nice – I do feel like that romance is brewing and it will get romantic – we do enjoy your words- your play- keep up and keep us interested- thank you

  7. Awesome pls continue

  8. Awesome next post soon soory for not

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