Anamika 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Anamika 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 28th May 2013 Written Update

Chhavi snatches away the papers from Ritu’s hands and tells her to first do partition of Rano. Jeet calls up his manager and says not to disturb him for the day and handle everything himself. Chhavi meanwhile tries to make Ritu see sense. (God ye supernatural show se family drama kyun ban gaya hai)

Chhavi begs both the families to sort out their differences. She then asks them if Rano will ever be happy seeing this. Ritu suddenly melts and hugs everyone and everyone hug Chhavi too Chhavi goes to Rano and Rano tells her that time has come for her to leave.

Anamika comes to office and asks for Jeet. The manager tells her that he won’t come to the office and he only will finalize the hoardings. Anamika asks him to show him the pictures and then mails him a few rejected ones. Jeet gets the hint and agrees to come to the office. He also smiles a little (see Anamika is the one who makes him smile )

Family drama goes on at home Jeet also tells Anamika that the people who can make others smile are very rare, and she made him smile. Anamika thanks him for giving her that value. They then apologize to each other for that day and Anamika tells him that she has always seen him as a friend, and friendship should also have some limits, and Jeet agrees and says he himself does not know what happened that day. (I really love Jeeka. Their moments are all that are still keeping me glued to the show.)

At home everyone is celebrating Rano’s birthday and Jeet is happily surprised seeing the preps. Chhavi falls down from stall trying to do some decorations and Jeet catches her (shows how boring and outdated Jeet and Chhavi are if they are having century old scenes )

Jeet is however happy that no partition happened. Bebe praises Chhavi and then they all get ready for the celebrations.

Precap: Jeet invites Anamika to his home for a special Puja.…

Update Credit to: dishu

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