Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 28th May 2013 Written Update

In the morning, Anisha comes from office and Aaru asks her if she wants anything. Anisha refuses her rudely. Aaru is shocked.
Anisha questions Aaru how could she divorce Madhav. Aaru asks who told her all this. Anisha said no one told her she overheard Madhav. She tells Aaru that she considered Aaru a very lucky girl but now she thinks Aaru is the most unlucky girl. Anisha goes from there angrily.
Aaru tells Smriti that she’ll help her in the anniversary function but Smriti refuses. Just then Anisha comes in the room and both Anisha and Aaru are awkward and quiet. Smriti questions why both are so quite. Anisha gives an excuse that she had head ache and taunts Aaru. Smriti goes to make tea.
Aaru tries to explain to Anisha but Anisha is not listening. Madhav comes and asks Aaru to accompany him to the music company where they get old albums. Aaru tells she has an appointment in salon so she can’t come with him and tells him to go there alone. She said she’ll give him the address. Anisha makes faces as her face is turned away from the two. Madhav decides to go another day but Aaru makes an excuse that the shop will close for a week from today. She suggests Madhav to take Anisha. Anisha is shocked and agrees to go. She goes out of the room.
Aaru comes home and asks Smriti about Madhav and Anisha. Smriti goes away while Aaru thinks about Madhav and Anisha.
Aaru goes to the kitchen and finds Smriti preparing pakoda for Madhav as he wanted it. She decides to make it for Madhav. Aaru prepares with the help of Smriti. Aaru is waiting for Madhav.
Just then doorbell rings. Aaru goes to open thinking it’s Madhav but is disappointed when she finds it is Gaurav who has come. Gaurav comes in and finds the pakoda and compliments Aaru. He leaves to freshen up.
Aaru is about to call Madhav when Smriti and Dadi come there. Smriti asks Aaru who she was trying to call. Aaru replies Madhav. Smriti tells Madhav had called to tell that he and Anisha will be going to watch a movie and have dinner from outside. Aaru thinks that he should have informed her too. Dadi is not happy and goes back to her room with Smriti.
Aaru is waiting for Madhav in the room. Madhav comes in and finds Aaru asleep on the chair and asks her. Aaru shouts at him for not informing her. She tells him that she waited for him and tells that she made pakoda for him. He tells that he tried to call her but her phone was switched off. She doesn’t believe him and finds that her mobile was actually off.
She apologises to him and he forgives her. He goes to change. She checks her mobile and finds Madhav’s missed calls and message. She gets embarrassed and goes to get some food for him.
Outside she finds Anisha telling Smriti about their evening. Aaru gets angry at Anisha for eating outside. Aaru says Madhav doesn’t like outside food.
Just then Madhav comes and says he enjoyed outside food. Anisha and Smriti laugh and Aaru feels uncomfortable. Aaru leaves and Madhav asks the reason for laughing.
Anisha doesn’t give an answer and asks about the stuff which they purchased. Madhav says it’s in the room asks if he should bring it now. Anisha says hse’ll collect it in the morning.
Aaru is unable to sleep and goes to check what Anisha got. She finds a nice dupatta and thinks whether Madhav got it for Anisha or Anisha purchased it on her own.

Precap: Anisha tells Madhav that he should take money for the purchase. Madhav says it is a gift. Aaru comes in and tells that Madhav should have given her some fashionable gift to Anisha. Madhav is shocked and says Anisha liked it. Aaru taunts Anisha for her choice and tells it is good Madhav didn’t get her a gift she wouldn’t have worn it. Madhav looks embarrassed and sad.

Update Credit to: Maria

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