Amrit Manthan 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 8th February 2013 Written Update

epi starts with vishal sehgal congratulating agam for finaling the deal . agam says he had to go next week its a meeting so he had to workout in their deal , so vishal says whole day you work but atleast chill at night so agam and vishal cheers so vishal says how much u had work for this company , now do less work so agam says that how much u have did for me how can i forget it . i was found on road and i didn’t even remembers that what was my past . he says u have save my life , given me new life . i cannot even fulfill all ur dones with me . he says that its because of god that he sended u as my brother

next scene gurbani is sleeping in nimrits leg and nimrit amd agam are shown together and agam loks at stars and nirmit too . so agam says why this star makes me feel like its

related to my life . nirmit remembers that scene when agam told him look at the star and u’ll find me close u .

morning tej saying to maji ji while doing exercise that i have done 20 and u r stuckk in 5 so they both are doing acting . so sunita comes . tej says today is sunday and today nirmit went to office and if bani knew this so she had to be more route . mahi says yes .so we are doing this for her so she says oh i got it now . bani comes and both start acting again so tej says noww i will show you how to do suei namaskaar . he says softly hat if we do something wrong so she’ll come down . so to bring her down mahi fells down she runs and come so she comes and says u all r doing wrong so tej says i want u to smile like this so bani says my father would be doing exercise this time in mumbai so tej says yes so they all go for breakfast so bani says chacu u knw wht jojo said to me so he said what she said that jojo told me to call u my dada . so she says this is not right so tej attends a call jojo comes so bani says that go and wash hands and how did this paint in ur hand is applied . so she says i was making this for my ranbir so then jojo says to bani first pray and then eat .

then they go to throw coin in fountain and bani says that this valentine let my dad and mom live together so nimrti was watching this all so she said that how i can tell u that ur dada lives up with bhagwan .

next scene vishal tells agam to attend the wedding . nirmit attends a call from her uncle and he said that u ahve to coem to mumbai with ur entire family so both jojo and bani becomes happy .
the dulha was Yug and amrit took the avatar of an old woman so amrit says that one more night and tomorrows night is very special
next scene nimrit bani and jojo are sitting bani says mom tomorrows night is so special so nimrit says yes umeed toh yeh he hain
next scene agam saying that umeed per puri duniya tikki hain and i will attend mr kolhi’s daughters wedding tomorrow

precap :
yus says sometimes i think how would they be so amrit says nimrit is dead so yug says what so amrit says yes after agam;s dead nirmit would be a zinda laash .bani prayed that wahay guru please let me and mama meet dada in mumbai and tej and nirmit were looking at her .

Update Credit to: mehak

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