Phir Subah Hogi 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 8th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Divakar says he too loves chulbuli but not like Vikram ready to loose his life. Vikram gives him one slap and divakar falls…his men come to attack Vikram when DIvakar stops saying he will handle him alone.Vikram warns him not to speak lightly about Sugni and starts beating Divakar black & blue. Divakar gets injured in the head, Vikram says forget sugni divalar says she belongs only to him…vikram starts beating him again.

Chulbuli asks kali about amma when she says chulbuli is looking too hot and happening.Chulbuli says she is scard of Vikram who keeps staring at her and she fears for her safety and only Divakar can keep her safe. Kali says amma will be sad if she goes away. Chulbuli says she too feels bad to leave them all. Here all want our body but divakar loves her a lot and respects her and tonight she will surrender herself to divakar. One women comes and tells chulbuli that divakar and vikram are fighting for her.She comes and asks vikram to stop.Vikram stares at her when divakar hits him… chulbuli attends to divakar while vikram looks on. Amma calls kali who reports her about the fighting and amma decides to come soon.Chulbuli looks angrily at vikram and scolds him for beating divakar and asks what he wants. Vikram says he wants her and will take her away from this filthy place. Chulbuli says she is happy here and wants to be with divakar and leaves when Vikram stops her and says divakar cant come into her house. Chulbuli says its my house Vikram slaps him and takes sugni in his arms. She stares at him when he puts her in his jeep.She is dumbfounded when Vikram comes and holds her from going away. Divakar orders his goons to stop them when vikram drives off. Amma comes but too late.

Suman asking hukum to serve food when nagania comes and says he is away. Suman asks her to stay away from hukum as he now belongs to her & in return given her money & jewels. Nagania says she has no hubby when suman tells she will eat only if hukum feeds her. Hukum comes running and scolds nagania to go. Suman warns her to stay away and hukum supports her. Nagania leaves in tears.Suman calls him hukum darling and acts romantic with him. Nagania comes again to give a post.Its an invitation for Valentines day party.

Part 2

Vikram asks her to sit quitely, chulbuli tries to jump and says she will die… vikram tells her to listen to him & stops the car. Chulbuli tells him to go away…vikram pleads her to listen to him.

Amma scolds divakar for letting go of chulbuli…divakar says chulbuli didnt protest and went easily with him. Amma tellls him not to speak ill of chulbuli.Amma gets a call and she tells them to search for her.

Suman continues to b*t*h about others when hukum tells her to keep thoughts aside and he will message her head. Suman thinks he is so sweet while nagania peeps into the room. Hukum gets scared and nagania tells him to steal the keys but hukum is unable to do it.Suman sleeps off and hukum gets the keys

Part 3

Chulbuli asks him to stop calling her sugni and he is a stranger to her and she isnt his sugni nor knows him.She further says she knows very well that he wants her body like any other men and Divakar pays her 20,000 rs per day can he afford it. Vikrams ays why she always talks of physical relation. Chulbuli asks him to go away and runs off while Vikram too runs behind her.

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