Amrit Manthan 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 19th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nimrit remembering all the incident which happened in the palace , that how Amrit killed Karan , and then she also remembered that moment when Karan was saying to them that i haven’t done that to Amrit , she herself did it and blamed me for that , So then Nimrit says to herself that how can i misunderstand Karan , how can I , then she saw matarani , and she went there , and requested her to only let her meet amrit for last time , so that i will ask her why did she did this all .

Amrit got woken and she saw that her chain is loose , she opened her hands and free her self from these things , then she saw the pistol and picks it up , she saw the telephone , and went to call Nimrit to tell her the truth , while the phone can’t reach , as landline was closed , she

thought to herself that where Yug can be or else is he been caught she said no whatever , but i have to go to the palace to tell Tej And Nimrit about Yug’s plan .

MahiJi was in Sunita Ji’s room along with Bani & Jojo , Bani said that how can Amrit Masi can do such bad thing , so he said that why is this happening , i cannot understand , our family is fully broken , then because of this breathing problem , he was unable to breathe properly , so Jojo hand over breathe pump to her , Bani said that if something happened to you then , so he said that don’t worry , and said to Sunita Ji that you don’t worry , let police do their work , why amrit did this thing with us , but i will also go and search in her room , maybe any evidence can come in my hand .

MahiJi went to Amrit’s room and start searching , then he opened the cupboard and he find an handicap , he was shocked to see a video , so he kept watching it .

Yug and Rajjo comes inside a hotel room , Rajjo said how can we manage in this one room , so Yug said that its much better than that of your’s hotel room , then she said but how can i stay in one room with you , so Yug said oh Queen Elizabeth , i will not do anything with you , and whatever that person who went to take your brother , is known this site address only , for few days only adjust here only , so she hits yug’s chest with her hand and said am i like herd of ships who can adjust anywhere , what have you think of me , tell me , so Yug said don’t worry in just few days we will be save , so she said how can you say this so surely , so Yug mention about that evidence , which if comes in hand of the family , then there is no way to prove amrit herself as innocent , so Rajjo said , oh yes how can i forget that evidence .

Tej & Nimrit were rushing in the palace , and said why have TauJi called us so urgently , they guessed whether , Amrit have returned to palace , or anything , Then he comes and said i know why Amrit did this all , he hands over the handicap to TejNi , and they were shocked to see the video as in that video Amrit , and yug were there , and the video starts with Yug saying that today i am going to make a video of your and my true love as an evidence , then he & Amrit discussed about all the matter that how will Amrit teach a lesson to Nimrit and fool her and everyone , and then her revenge will be over , and that she will marry Tej to teach her a lesson because he misbehaved with Yug ( I think and i am sure that in this video it was Rajjo not Amrit ) Nimrit was so heart broken and Tej suffered from same pain , and Nimrit got unconscious , tej took hold of her .

Amrit reaches the palace , she cannot see anyone in the hall , then she saw Puja’s thing and also saw the blood , she thought that maybe everyone is with Sunita Aunty , she went there , she saw no one in room except Sunita Ji , she said to her that Aunty now i am back , and now i will tell all the truth to Nimrit and Tej , and now i will not let Rajjo & Yug to trouble you all and said Sorry to her about all the incident happened with Sunita , Nimrit & Tej comes in room and they saw Amrit , Amrit tried to prove herself innocent , but MahiJi and everyone called police , and before that Tej showed the video to Amrit and she was shocked , she said that , that was not me it was my look alike , i don’t know from where did Yug got her , but believe me , the police arrested Amrit , and while leaving about mention that even i tried to call you , and also said that i am innocent , tears were falling off from Sunita’s eyes to see real Amrit in a critical situation .

Yug laughed a lot by hearing the news that Amrit went to jail and said to Rajjo that look my plan succeed and i wins , and said i am very smart .

Nimrit broke all the photos of Amrit in the palace , BaJo come and then Nimrit said to them that , the woman whom you said your masi is not your masi , she is very bad woman who can never come back from the world of evilness and hugs them .

Precap : Amrit in Jail , infront of her jail , Yug was also there in the prison , he mentioned that the police didn’t brought me here , but i came to see you in this critical situation and want to see you dying .

Update Credit to: Amor

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