Amita Ka Amit 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 25th September 2013 Written Update

Amu still cannot believe it that Nani and Baa are supporting Amit too. What would have Amit said to them that has changed their mindset? Varsha tries to calm her down. I and your papa will speak with them. Amu is restless. I will call them right away. Varsha stops her. Don’t try to overlook the situation. The truth is neither of them is going to hear you out. Everyone is supporting Amit. Hemant suggests she might have misunderstood Nani’s words. Varsha says I am not a kid who cannot understand someone’s words. She spoke plainly so don’t ask me again and again. Amu calls Amit.

Amu tells him to forget everything that has happened. I too won’t keep any bad memory. We should leave it behind and start afresh. I am with you na…I will help you so that you too are mentally

prepared for the baby. Hemant is proud of her while Amit is saddened. Which couple doesn’t have fights…but we are different right. Once your fear of baby is controlled everything will be fine. Amit replies we are repeating the same thing again. I have told you my decision. Why are we stuck on one thing? Move on. She is taken aback…how to? I cannot move ahead. Please try to put yourself in my place….think from my point of view. You love me a lot right. Baby is inside me only. How can you tell me to kill it? Don’t say this please. You are going to be a father so think like that. You would be so happy when the baby will be born. Please don’t say all that. She is crying by now. I can’t live. He bids her good night and disconnects the phone. She is hurt and goes off to her room.

Amit is lighting match sticks one by one thinking of the recent past incidents. He recalls her words…her offering to help him and everything. He says, if you could hate me for what all I am doing then things would have been so easy. But you…you cannot hate me.

Amu is crying in her room. She throws her phone on the bed sadly. She notices a photo on her bedside table….sangeet’s pic. She has flashback of how happy they were together back then, dancing on stage. She recalls him asking if she will go for the abortion or not; his telling her to move on. She puts the frame down and breaks into tears all over again clutching the pillow.

Hemant and Varsha are worried for her. Varsha cannot see her daughter in pain….sitting all quiet in her room. Amit’s behaviour has left her broken and she has stopped taking care of herself as well. Hemant too is unable to understand why Amit is doing this to Amu. But when I think about it, I feel like there must be some reason. He cannot do this to her. varsha says he is doing it. Whatever’s happening, you can see it for yourself. If there is something then why doesn’t he talk it out with her? Can he not see her pain, her tears? If he didn’t want a baby then he shouldn’t have got married? He was so happy earlier so what happened now? Hemant is clueless as well. That only he can tell. Varsha decides to go and get her answers then. Hemant is reluctant but agrees as it is a matter concerning their daughter.

Amit is walking on the streets all lost recalling doc’s words.

Fallu is back. She cannot believe everyone hid all this from her. tina tells her to calm down. Fallu says I have been praying for Amu’s baby in every temple and things here are altogether different. Why dint anyone tell me anything? Baa asks her what she could have done from there. Fallu is worried for Amit. He would be so broken from inside. I cannot even begin to think what he must be going through. But I cannot understand why she isn’t telling the truth to Amu? Why is acting all bad? Kirath supports Amit. He has grown up now. He must have thought well. I don’t want you to interfere. Let him handle things his way. Everyone is surprised as Varsha raises her voice against Kirath’s words. Kirath greets them and tells them to have a seat but they decline. We have come here to talk to Amit. We want to know why he is doing this to Amit. We all are a family that’s why we want to talk to him in front of you all. Nani tells them that Amit is not at home. Varsha asks her to call him over. Forgive me but for once we aren’t able to trust him fully. We don’t know what he is thinking but we are sure he isn’t thinking it right…for Amu or for the baby and not even for AA’s relationship. She turns to Fallu. We gave you our daughter. You are her parents now. Do parents leave their kids alone in times of need? No right…then why is our Amu all alone? You all are quietly supporting him in his decision. You should try to make him understand he is wrong but no one is talking to him. Why are you all supporting him in his wrong decision? Why is no one ready to talk to him? Are any of you or Amit not able to see my Amu’s tears? Why don’t any of you tell him baby isn’t a burden? Fallu stops her. My Amit isn’t wrong. I feel and I know it that if it would have been someone else in his place then he too would do the same thing. Varsha is taken aback. What are you saying? Hemant stops her and turns to Fallu asking her to explain her point. Kirath stops Fallu. Don’t say a word more. Remember your promise. Hemant is confused. He asks all the elders…I don’t know what’s happening at your home. There is something for sure which you are hiding from us, my Amu who is your daughter-in-law. You might not be affected by this but it certainly affects my daughter’s life. She is crying non-stop. I have to handle her. I wont be able to do it till I get to know what the problem is. I beg you tell me the truth. Fallu agrees with him. He must know the truth as I cannot hear anything against my son. The truth is that Amit has done it for Amu’s sake. There are complications in Amu’s pregnancy. Her life can be in danger if she decides to keep the baby. Amu’s parents listen stunned. Amit dint tell her as he knew she would choose the baby over her life and then her life can be at risk. Now you tell me if you still think we don’t worry about Amu? Hemant sits on the sofa in a trance. Varsha apologizes. Nani tells her she dint do anything wrong. We too were blaming Amit till we dint knew the truth. Fallu tells her not to blame herself. Amit loves Amu much more than we can even worry about Amu. Hemant realises Amu is alone at home. We shouldn’t leave her alone in this condition. Amu’s parents take leave from everyone.

Amu is waiting for her parents to return. Hemant and Varsha are back home. They stop as they see Amu waiting for them. They get emotional recalling the situation she is in. Finally after composing themselves, they enter inside and are met by Amu. She is anxious to know what happened. They agreed for my baby right? Hemant tells her to rest. We can talk tomorrow. Amu turns to her mother to tells her to trust God. You should take rest as it is good for the baby. Amu is confused…meaning? Hemant tries to divert her attention but then she starts feeling pain in her stomach. Hemant informs Fallu about it. Fallu in turn tells Nani and everyone that Amu’s parents took her to doc’s clinic as she was in a lot of pain. Everyone is worried for Amu.

Amit gets a call from Kirath. He tells his dad to tell Fallu he is alright. Kirath tells him about Amu having pain and being taken to Dr. Saroj’s clinic. He is alert immediately.

Doc is checking Amu. She tells her parents Amu is well. I have given her pain killer injections because of which she will be sleepy for some time. Let her rest for a while and wait outside. They leave reluctantly. Doc gets a call from Amit (he is on his way). She checks Amu (sleeping or not) and then moves to another corner to speak to him. He is worried for Amu. She tells him not to worry Amu is fine but I am surprised you haven’t told her anything yet. He tells her he tried a lot but has not been able to. She says your efforts are of no use. I don’t want her to know at a later stage when the complications increase. It would be good if you tell her asap or else her life can be in danger. He assures her he will tell her today only. She disconnects the call and is surprised to see Amu standing behind her. amu is shocked as she has heard everything. There are complications in my pregnancy? Tell me is my life in danger? Amu’s parents have come inside as well. Hemant puts his hand on her shoulders. She is looking lost and confused so he nods at her. She has flashback of past incidents where Amit was stern about choosing her out of her and the baby; Amit looking worried for her as soon as he got to know the truth; him feigning not wanting a baby and giving her choice of getting an abortion.

Amit comes there now. He is super worried for Amu. He keeps bombarding questions at her and the doc as well asking if she is well. Hemant answers instead…Amu knows everything now…and we too. Amit is taken aback. Amu says sorry and breaks into tears again…hugging him tight, apologizing profusely for misunderstanding him. He too is crying now and so are Amu’s parents.

AA are going back (to Shah House) in a taxi. Amu turns to Amit. You were right….if you would have told me the truth then I wouldn’t have cared about my life and would have chosen the baby. He says that is why I had to lie so much to you. She wipes her tears. So what have you decided? Amu doesn’t want to talk about this matter for now. He puts an arm around her and she looks at him gratefully and then leans her head on his chest.


AA are back in Shah House. Amit is holding Batuk’s baby in his arms. Amu says I know about the complications in my pregnancy but only Dr. Saroj has said so. Why don’t we go for a second opinion? Plus it wont be a problem right. It wont be a harm. Things are bad already…how worse they can be?

Fallu is pacing worriedly in the hall. Everyone else is there too. Nani gives Prasad to Amu blessing her that all her problems be solved. Kirath too boosts her morale. If things go your way then its good but if they don’t go like you have planned then its better as that is God’s will. Trust God…if he wants then Amit will be back with a good news…after all he too is going to be a father. Amu nods. Baa agrees with Kirath. Amit too is as worried as you are. Its just that he doesn’t show it. I dint knew that my small grandson would grow up to be so bug that he would handle all this pain on his own. Nani tells her it is the power of love. Amit loves Amu a lot. How would he be able to handle it if something happens to Amu? Baa nods.

Amit comes home holding a report in his hands. Fallu rushes to him wanting to know about the chances and every possible question. Amit notices Amu praying. Everyone is waiting for him to speak and he glances at Amu again and then back at the report. Nothing can be done. Amu’s case is very complicated and this doc gave the same opinion like Dr. Saroj. Everyone is sad. Kirath says I know the next step isn’t easy but whatever it is, it is for Amu’s good. He asks Amit to take appointment from the doc asap. Amit nods. Before all that I want to talk things out with Amu once. I don’t want her to make any decision in haste. Its her decision…till she isn’t happy with it we won’t take any step further. Amu has made her decision. Everyone is taken aback and Amit is waiting expectantly.


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