Jee Le Zara 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 25th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi recalling Prachi’s harsh words. Dhruv comes and asks what is Sunil doing here? Saanchi says she called him. Dhruv says congrats as he saw Sunil smiling. He says he can see her tears as she said yes to Sunil’s parents demand against your wish. He says he isn’t surprised as he knew she will take this decision. He says let’s go and have tea. Saanchi says she have a meeting in hour an hour. Mugdha comes and says Mr. Garg has cancel the meeting. Dhruv insists her to come. She obliges. Dhruv orders two tea for them. But tea maker spills the tea on Dhruv, Saanchi asks the tea maker to get the ointment and starts blowing on Dhruv hand. Dhruv smiles looking at Saanchi. She says it will be fine and asks if he is better.

Saanchi and Dhruv then have

the tea and Dhruv asks whether there is an ointment for heart as someone is in pain. He says you are in pain. Saanchi asks Dhruv that she has responsibility towards her siblings. Dhruv says Prachi is not a kid. Saanchi says she might be wrong. Dhruv says you was right yesterday and today too. He says we can’t control something in life, don’t torture yourself. He says I bring you without your wish. He says it is Prachi’s best decision. Saanchi smiles and says you are young but clever. Dhruv says he is not very much young and smiles.

Prachi says sorry to Saanchi. Saanchi says I know you didn’t mean it. Saanchi starts telling her about her childhood days and says she is respecting her decisions. But may be she didn’t get a choice to decide on herself in that home. It is a very difficult decision, as we can’t change the relations if we don’t like. It is not like changing clothes. She says both of you should change, Prachi says she knows how to adjust as she loves Sunil very much. She says I am your sister tai. Saanchi calls Advait and Prachi. Aaji tells Saanchi that you didn’t do well. Nani says they have enormous demands, it is not good. Saanchi says Prachi knows about them, then also she wants to go that house, She will adjust there. Aaji says she is not adjusting and her to be mom in law is not adjusting as well. Saanchi asks them to be happy and don’t think about tomorrow. Advait comes and gets happy seeing the noodles for the dinner.

Saanchi is sitting outside her house, Dhruv signs her hi and starts speaking in the sign language, while the sweet music plays in the BG. Saanchi too speaks in the sign language. Dhruv asks how can do everything easily. Saanchi signs him that she did everything with God’s help.

Saanchi speaks with Sunil’s parents and says she is ready to accept their rituals and traditions. Nani and Aaji looks on. She asks them to come to her home with their daughter. Dhruv says he like her steady decision. Dhruv shows his hand to Aaji and Nani.

Meanwhile Saanchi is organising everything to welcome Sunil’s parents. She orders mineral water and coolers for the Sunil parents comfort. Dhruv says he got the coolers and will cool them. He looks adorably at Saanchi. Sunil’s family comes, Saanchi greets them. Sunil’s sister hugs Saanchi. Sunil’s mom notices that Saanchi wore silk saree and praises her. Saanchi smiles. Saanchi introduces everyone to Sunil’s sister. Sunil’s sister says your home has common decor but in America, they like this decor. She says open kitchen is a bad idea to have in India. She spots the cockroach and tells to Saanchi. Meanwhile Dhruv rushes to get it. He tells Meena that it is just a leaf and not a cockroach. She asks for Prachi. Saanchi says she is getting ready and will come soon. Prachi comes in a silk saree, Meena praises her and introduces herself. She says Prachi is very pretty. Nani asks till when you are here. Meena says she came for a week and wants to have the marriage done in one week time. Nani and Aaji gets tensed.

Sunil’s father says his daughter wants to have the wedding in one week, so he also wants to have it in one week. Nani says we will do the engagement first then… Saanchi asks them to tell her what they wants. Sunil’s mom starts speaking about the gold coins for the guests,relatives and for panditji. She says we will show Prachi sarees and jewellery to everyone, so be careful. She asks for 51 sarees. She goes on to list her demands, while Saanchi listens carefully. Meena says to her mother that you gave me three times more than this. Sunil’s father asks her decision. Sunil’s mom says she came to know her yes or no as she has only two options. Everyone is tensed, Saanchi goes to Prachi and says she has the third word too. She congrats everyone. Prachi smiles. Meena says congrats and says welcome to the family. saanchi asks Advait to get the sweets. Saanchi smiles looking at Prachi. Dhruv gives the tissue paper to Saanchi to wipe her tears.

Dhruv introduces his friend to Saanchi and says Saanchi ji is his….. Saanchi says friend. Dhruv says yes.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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