Amita Ka Amit 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 10th May 2013 Written Update

Fallu gets a call from Tina. Please give me the number of the restaurant from where we get breakfast. Fallu asks why she needs it. Tina says actually Ammu looks a little worried. She wasn’t able to make it till now. Fallu is unhappy. Tina says Kirath bhai (finally I got Amit’s dad’s name 😛 ) has to go to office as well. There isn’t much time left or else I would have made it myself. Tina winks at Ria who holds her thumbs up for her. Tina again asks for the number from Fallu.
Fallu replies you don’t have to worry about it. I will speak to Amita. And if need be, I will share the number with her myself. Tina disconnects the phone and Tina and Ria are super happy.
Fallu says aloud this Amita cant do one work correctly. Whenever I feel everything is falling in place

and she is learning, just then she does some mischief. Amit listens to her worriedly.

Nani enters in the kitchen. She finds an upset Ammu standing here and asks her the reason for her unhappiness. She replies no nani, I wont be able to do it. Mummy ji had given me one responsibility and see what I have done. The kitchen is in complete mess. I have ruined everything. I cant do anything right.
Nani says if I would have known the maharaj wont be coming today then I wouldn’t have gone to the temple. Ammu asks her what they can do now. all items are over. We don’t have time. Everyone is waiting outside. I cant understand what to do. I am very scared. Nani asks if nothing is left. Ammu replies in negative but her eyes search around and stop at bread. Bread! Bread is left. Nani asks her what she is saying. What will they do with bread?
Ammu becomes super excited. I know everything. I have an idea. Just wish Kanha ji helps me. Nani becomes happy and asks what she can do for her. Ammu very sweetly waves her fingers.

Amit says ma Amita is alone. She is still learning things. Fallu says wow, since when she has become poor? Amit looks away helplessly. Fallu says and you are taking her side in front of me. He says I am just telling you not favouring anyone. Fallu smiles. Why is it wrong to take your wife’s side? He looks at her and says I dint mean that. Fallu smiles again. I know you always support her. She is the one who cant understand you. She does something or the other which bothers you.
He dismisses her thoughts. It isn’t like that. She asks then why are you going to America leaving us here. He becomes quiet. She waits for him to answer. I have told you so many times that I am going to US to expand my business nothing else. She says you will say and I will believe it? Amit nods his head impatiently.

Ria is waiting at the dining table for breakfast. She says to Tina we should forget it. We will get the food by afternoon only.
Tina says we will adjust but what about others. Just then Kirath enters and makes his mother sit. Tina and Ria wish them good morning. Dadi wonders about the breakfast. Kirath too has to leave for office. What do I do with this girl! Rohan enters asking for breakfast as he has a lot of work today. Tina tells him they might have to go out and eat something. Breakfast isn’t ready yet plus we do not have that much time to order now. kirath says but I saw her making breakfast for everyone sometime back. Tina gives side glances. Ammu enters saying breakfast is ready!
Tina and Ria are taken aback. Kirath says see she came na. Tina fakes a smile. She opens her hand to make dadi eat medicine before food. She says she is hungry will eat afterwards. Ammu asks her to eat in front of her and makes a sweet face. Tina is annoyed. Dadi takes her medicine. Kirath and Amita smile. Tina and Ria ask for breakfast.
Ammu smiles. She tells them that it was her and Nani’s idea to make something out of bread. So we have made everything out of bread just like some festival – bread festival. Dadi gets infuriated. You have no sense of responsibility. You know I cannot bite with my teeth still made food out of bread. Tina and Ria smile mischievously.
Ammu tells her to at least see what she has made for her and present the dish to her. nani too asks her to try. If she eats it once she wont ask for anything else. Ammu tells her it is bread upma. Taste it and tell me how it is. Dadi tastes it. She takes her time to reply creating suspense for Ammu, Tina and Ria. Dadi says wow you have made yummy upma. Ammu smiles out of happiness. Tina and Ria become upset seeing their plan fail.
Dadi compliments her for taking care of her so well. Why kirath you were saying these days daughter-in-laws don’t take care of their elders. Kirath wonders I did? They have a cute convo which leaves Ammu, Kirath and Nani smiling. She gives everyone their favourite food. Even Rohan likes his grilled sandwich but controls himself when he looks at Tina and Ria giving out angry expressions.
Ria points out that her toast is too hard. Kirath says it is very easy to point out faults at someone by sitting here. You know today Amita has done everything on her own without her mother-in-law or maharaj’s help. He compliments Amita’s cooking and gives her full marks (yayy!).
Suddenly someone pats her from behind. She is happily surprised to find Amit. He is smiling at her and commends her for her work. Both look at each other happily as the same sweet tune breaks in the background. Ammu was shyly looking towards the ground when she hears Amit’s dad reminding her that she needs to go to Patel House too. What time do you have to go?
Ammu looks around but doesn’t see Amit. She says right after breakfast. Ria asks her about lunch. Kirath supports Ammu and asks them all to prepare something collectively. She needs to go too. Tina says we will order something from outside.
Ammu tells her that lunch is ready too sending her and Ria in shock. Nani calls her annpurna for she has made everyone happy too with the food she has made with love. kirath agrees with her. tell your daughter that Ammu is fulfilling her responsibilities very nicely. Ammu recalls Fallu’s words. If he sees everyone praising / respecting you then it might happen that he too will look at you with the same respect. She becomes happy. Nani tells her to hurry up. Ammu nods and leaves for her room. Ammu is ready to leave. Kirath tells her to come along with him. He calls out to Raju / Rohan to take Baa to her room. They start heading outside when Dadi shouts out in pain. Everyone runs to her. right then Ammu gets a call from Fallu. She looks at everyone and then at her phone undecided what to do. Everyone takes her inside her room and Kirath goes to call the doctor.


At Shah House, Kajal has come with her parents. Varsha is looking at her phone and is worried about Ammu. Hemant comes to kitchen and asks her to come inside. She nods no. he asks her the reason of her worry. She tells him that she is very upset with Ammu. Hemant tries to calm her down but no use. She continues I don’t know why she is getting so late. Plus she is not even picking my phone. She could have told beforehand if she dint want to come. There are guests at home… Kajal interrupts her mummy ji, there are no guests here. Hemant tells her to listen to her second daughter. Varsha corrects herself. I dint mean it that way. Your papa had asked for only one thing that he wanted to eat mohanthaal that too made by Ammu.
Kajal says he will continue being stubborn but we know that sweets aren’t good for his health. What if Ammu hasn’t come papa too makes yummy mohanthaal. And even if he continues asking for it I too will learn to make mohanthaal like Ammu. Hemant becomes happy. varsha goes to her and cups her face. No, my daughter-in-law will make the best mohanthaal. Kajal smiles happily. Varsha kisses her forehead. Hemant again tells her to come out and sit with the guests. He and Kajal leave from there. Varsha again looks at her phone.

Dadi in her room asks Kirath to call everyone. Her time has come. He tells her not to speak like that. The doc must be on his way. Nani agrees with him. Rest till he comes. Nani calls for Amita to bring water. Everyone turns but doesn’t find Ammu there. Nani wonders where is she. Tina says she left for her home leaving Baa in such state? I dint expect it from her.
Nani disagrees with her. ammu can never do such thing. She must be around. Tina says then where is she why cant we see her. Today’s girls only care about their parent’s house. It is good that Ria IS (emphasised) here. She asks Ria to call Fallu bhabhi right away and ask her what should we give to Baa in such state. Kirath reminds her that the doc is coming. Tina tells him to let her ask at least. Till doc comes they will have at least an idea what to do. She knows it all. Baby, call her right away and tell her EVERYTHING. Ria gets the message and nods.

Tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam from DDLJ is playing in Amit’s car (lol!). he is smiling to himself as he recalls Ammu’s reaction when they had stepped in the movie hall. I love this song very much; SRK’s entry. How excited she was!
Fallu looks at him, sees him smiling and asks for the reason. He replies I was listening to DDLJ’s song na, Amita loves this song. She keeps singing it often. Fallu nods. He says she sings wherever she wants to. She asks him then what do you do. I ask her what she is doing. She says then? He says then Ammu tells me one thing – bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti hain senorita (famous line from DDLJ). Fallu looks at him amazed. He continues, you know ma when she earlier used to watch it then she always used to ask me that in the whole movie this senorita…..
He stops when he finds Fallu staring at him. He completes his statement…whose name is senorita? Fallu’s phone rings. Amit tells her about it.

Ria calls her up and informs her about Baa’s health. We are very much tensed. Fallu asks her to hand over the phone to Amita. I will tell her what she needs to do. Ria says amita has gone to her parent’s house. Fallu asks she left Baa in such state?
Ria tells her she was here only when Baa started feeling ill but then she left. Why are you worried? If not Amita then you another daughter-in-law is here. You needn’t worry. I will handle everything. Fallu disconnects the phone and is disturbed. Amit too is worried. She says she went even after seeing that Baa isn’t well. Amit says how this is possible. Fallu replies I am only telling you what I heard. She is worried about Baa. Lets go back. If something happens to Baa then I wont be able to forgive myself. Amit tells her to relax. They will take u-turn and head home only.


Baa is shouting in pain. Nani asks about doc from Kirath. He is on the way. Just then Ammu enters and Tina and Ria are shocked. Kirath asks her where she was.
Ammu tells him I was making lemon soda. It will soothe her pain. Tina objects it isn’t the right time to use homely remedies. This has happened because of the food that she made for her. if she drinks this then what if her health worsens. Nani says lemon soda isn’t harmful. She helps Baa get up and makes her drink it. Baa burps loudly ( 😀 ). Ammu becomes happy. nani asks her how is she feeling right now. baa tells her she is feeling better now. doc enters and Baa scolds him. Don’t give him fees for I am feeling better already (cute bickering). He asks what have you given her and becomes happy to know about lemon soda. Kirath is happy and doc commends her too. Kirath asks her who you have learnt all this from.
She says she only knows 2 remedies and no other. Baa taunts Ria. She doesn’t even know these 2. Tina and her family super pissed off. Kirath diverts it saying Ammu has done a great job. The doc lists out a few medicines for her and gives the list to Kirath. She again tells him not to pay his fees.

Amit and Fallu are back home. Fallu stops him from going inside. I am going inside. You go right now and get her back here from her parent’s house. She left Baa in this condition. Ria and Tina got their chance to taunt us. I know that she was needed there but she must understand her priorities. Amit wants to see Baa first but she tells him off and goes inside.

Precap: Amit asks about Amita. Kajal replies this you will tell. He asks Hemant who too denies. Fallu says Baa you are fine then why did Ria. She says I too felt I had a heart attack for the pain was immense but Ammu understood that it is gas. Fallu looks at her and asks you are here?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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