Its always you…swaragini (episode 15) Last episode.

Hii friends..
Its MERIN.. iam back..Thanks to everyone.. Here is the last episode of my ff..Its a long please bear me..

Episode 15
Hari:Ok..i will say it.

After the accident. Swalak fell into the river.
Hari:I was driving my ship through that river.There I found them drowning.I get them in my ship ,both were unconcious. I took them to my house.After two hours,they got concious.Laksh was fine but swara was internally injured.It took around 1 and half years for her to recover. After her recovery,they were planning to come back to your house but they were shocked to find that Ragini and sanskar are separated because of them.They were shattered.They came back to me and informed me everything.
Laksh:Iam sure that Ragini will accept sanskar when she will see us alive.
Swara:Yes… both should not go..I accept that Ragini might move on with sanskar when she finds you both alive.But I think Ragini should understand that it was just an accident which can be done by one.I have a plan for that…
Flashback ends.
Uttara:Oh..i wanna meet them asap. Hari:You can..but only after ragsan gets together.
Uttara:Hey,wait!So it was your plan to her friendly with me… Hari:Unfortunately I had to do that. Uttara:I will not leave you idiot. Hari starts running n she is running behind him.
Ragini:Sanskar..dont dare to come to me. Sanskar starts coming towards her.
Sanskar:Really..what will you do..? Ragini starts moving backward. Ragini:I..I..
Sanskar:You.. Sanskar pinned to the wall.
Ragini:I.. He is standing right infront of the shower. Ragini opens the shower. Ohhh..its so cold water .. sanskar gets shocked cus he never expected it..
Ragini:This is what i will do..
She laughs. She escapes from his grip and starts opening the door.. But suddenly he holds her waist and made her closer to him towards the shower. The water was so cold that Ragini hugs sanskar in that sudden shock. Ragini starts shivering. .

Sanskar :Ragini..are you okay..
She is still covered in that coldness. He takes her in his arms, went of the washroom and made her lie in the bed.
Sanskar:Ragini…Iam sorry.!!
Ragini is shivering as well as speaking something. Ragini:Sanskar…i love you.
Sanskar:I know. He hugs her,rubs her arms… your eyes.. Uttara and Hari comes back..
Hari: lets open the door. Uttara opens the door.They both are shocked to find Sanskar crying and rubbing Ragini’s hands. Ragini gets concious.
Uttara:Di,..what happened? Sanskar:You n ur prank,. Uttara:Sorry bhai..sorry di.. hatred towards your brother will never you better dont do such things again..N where is my bag.? Uttara:Sorry di..its there,outside the room. Ragini leaves by looking at sanskar angrily. Sanskar gets sad. Uttara:Sorry bhai..i thought.. Sanskar:Hmm..i know you did this for me,.but everything turn upside down. dont worry..she will accept you soon..
Sanskar:I wish so,.
Sanskar goes from there sadly. Uttara:Hari,we have to do something asap.
Hari:Yes… Everyone comes. Shekhar:Ragini.
Ragini:Haan papa.
Shekhar:You n sanskar didnt go anywhere na??
DP:You both go n visit some places. Ragini looks at sanskar angrily. Ragini:Haan papa..
Ragsan are going towards the car. Ragini:Sanskar,I will drive. Sanskar nods n gives her the keys.
In the car
Ragini is driving the car. Sanskar:Sorry Ragini..i didnt mean to hurt you.
Ragini:Its okay(angrily) Ragini’s POV
God..why I am not able to hate him..why? Eventhough ,outside I make angry faces towards him,still my heart is always smiling seeing him.why god why?

Sanskar in his mind:I know Ragini that you love me..i will make you accept it soon. Sanskar switch on the radio. Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain Tasverein Si Ban Jaati Hain Main Kaise Inhein Bhooloon, Dil Ko Kya Samjhaon Kitni Baatein Kahane Ki Hain Hothon Par Jo Sahmi Si Hain Ek Roz Inhein Sun Lo, Kyun Aise Gumsum Ho Kyun Poori Ho Na Payee Daastan Kaise Aayee Hain Aisi Dooriyaan…. Both looks at eachother and remembers their marriage..nok jhok etc. Both have tears in their eyes. Suddenly a truck comes in front of their car and Ragini is lost in thoughts. Sanskar shouts:Ragini.. Ragini see the truck but she couldnt do anything as it was having just one inch distance between the truck and the car. The truck hits their car. After sometime Ragini opens her eyes.She finds herself in hospital bed. Shekhar n sumi are there with her. Ragini:Where is sanskar??Ma,where is he??
Shekhar:Come with me..(Ragini is fine.just one stitch on her forehead) Ragini sumi n Shekhar reached a room. Ragini is shocked to find something.. Ragini shouts:Sanskar.. Sanskar is completely injured.He is lying in the bed unconcious. Nurse:only one person can stand here. Shekhar n sumi leaves from the room. Ragini is crying … She holds his hand.
Ragini:Sanskar..pls open your eyes..sanskar pls.. A drop of her tear falls on his hand.He slowly opens his eyes.
Ragini:Sanskar.. Sanskar smiles. Ragini:Iam sorry sanskar…iam really sorry..if i had driven carefully then you might not be here now.iam sorry sanskar..
Sanskar:Its okay Ragini..i can understand you.Once I was also in your same situation.
Ragini:Sorry sanskar..i blamed you that day..I shouldnt have done that..Now I can understand you being in your situation.sorry sanskar..
Sanskar:Ragini..i dont know how many minutes more I will have.. Ragini:sanskar,..pls dont say like that.Please…
Sanskar:Ragini..i want to hear those three magical words from you .. Ragini cries..and said:I love you sanskar… She hugs him. Whole family comes. Everyone cries. Uttara:Bhai,..iam sure that you will be alright aftem seeing these two people. Hari brings swalak there. Ragsan n all the other family members are shocked.Hari says everything to the family.Whole family gets very happy. SwaRaglak hugs sanskar. Swalak shares everything which happened to the whole family. Ragini cries. Sanskar:Swara..laksh..i have a last wish.I wanna see you both’s marriage. Sanskar’s pulse rate decreases. Ragini calls doctor. Laksh leaves from there .
Doctor:All of you ,please go out. After sometime.
Doctor:His situation is very critical.He is asking everyone to go to him.
Everyone enters there again. Ragini cries like a small baby. Ragini:Sanskar pls dont leave me alone.pls..
Sanskar:How you will be alone..Whole family is there for you. Sanskar:What about my last wish.
All cries hearing “last wish “. Laksh comes with a mangalsutra and sindoor tin. He ties the mangalsutra around swara’s neck and applies sindoor in the middle of her hairline. A drop of tear falls from his eyes. Ragini:sanskar..pls dont leave me.. Sanskar:I love you Ragini..n I will be always around you… his heart beat stops.
Ragini shouts:Sanskar….. After 10 years.
Maheswari mansion..
A girl:Maa..iam going to meet sanskar.
Annapurna:Ok beta..

Gadodia mansion.
The girl enters this house. Sumi:Ragini…swalak are there in the room. Ragini enters their room. Swara:Ragini bhabhi…
Laksh:Ragini… Swaraglak hugs. Ragini:Where is sanskar? A small boy comes.
Boy:Ma..iam here. is your chocolate.

Sanskar is swalak’s son but he calls Ragini also maa itself. Sanskar:Thankyou ma..
Swalak:We are going to temple..are you coming sanskar.?
Sanskar:No..let me spend some time with my Rags maa..
Swalak smiles and leaves from there. Ragsan are talking

A photo is shown in the left side of that room which is having garland.Yes,.its sanskar’s.He is dead. Ragini is living with the beautiful memories of her husband sanskar . Her strength is his last words”I will be always around you”. The story ends here.
Every love story might not have a happy ending…Ragsan’s this story is one of those.But their love is true n pure.And as sanskar said he is always around her……

Credit to: MERIN


    • Thankyou so much dear…i will try…iam almost fine now but doctor asked me to take rest for the coming week too.Thanks for your concern ina..?

  1. Sarika Shah

    yaar i ws crying while i ws reading it….hats off yaar u r awesome in today’s episode u nailed it….Love u yaar u r awesome….nyan ee FF orupadu miss cheiyum…hw is ur health nw?…
    Love Sarika Shah 😀

  2. Why u did this yar.i almost cried.i am feeling really very bad.i am feeling like it’s a true first i thought it is a prank of sanskar.oh so really touched my heart.hope u r fine now.

  3. poonam

    why u ended so soon yaar plsz write another ragsan ff plsz u r great writer……… Plsz do that we want ragsan ff……..

  4. Nikki

    Awesome… is your health hope u are well….I was literally having tears in my eyes…..u have very well portrayed the feelings

  5. Anaita

    How are u??
    Coming to the epi… u have ended it i was literally shocked to see that… and it was a sad epi indeed… I hope u ll come up with another ff on ragsan/raglak..

  6. sinzo

    oh my god….i didnt excepted this type of ending…..but its awesome…….i loved it….i loved it….i loved it…..?

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