Its always you…swaragini (episode 9)

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Iam really sorry guys for not posting last three days.I was very busy with my exams.Next exam is on Wednesday.So Tuesday i wont post.
Episode 8 begin today’s episode .
Episode 9
@ office
Ragini is walking here and there.
Sanskar comes.
Sanskar:Why are wandering here and there.I said you to study the works from someone na..
Ragini:Vo..actually no one is saying me what to do.
Sanskar:Oh so you thought that they will come behind you and will say you..”ye jaro ragini ji,vo karo raginiji” and all.
Ragini:Vo sir.
Vinu comes.

Sanskar:Haan vinu,she is Ragini,new assistant manager.Just say her what’s her work.
Sanskar:And you Ragini,if i see you again wandering here and there then you will be it?
Sanskar leaves.
Ragini:Why he is always very angry.
Vinu:No,he is very good person.But sometimes when he get angry he cannot control himself.Thats it.Anyway,now come with me,i will teach you all the works.
Vinu is teaching works to Ragini.
Its evening.
Vinu and Ragini became very good friends.
All are going to their house.
Its raining so some are waiting in office itself.
Vinu:Come Ragini,i will drop you..
Ragini went with vinu in his car.Sanskar notices this.
@ Sanskar home. you love me?
sanskar:Ofcourse my princess…but why are you asking like this..
Swara:If i say you something,will you get angry on me. looks like you have done something.Anyway first you say,after that i will decide i wanna get angry or not!
Sanskar:Okay okay say..

@ Ragini’s House.
Ragini:Why are you looking so tensed.?
Laksh:Today swara is gonna say about me to her brother.
Ragini:Hey don’t worry.Her brother will accept you both’s relationship.
Laksh:I wish so.

@Sanskar’s house
Swara:Vo actually bhai..Last year i went for an internship in gadodia companies know..
Sanskar:Hmm so what.
Swara:There i met Laksh Gadodia,the owner of that company.And we both fell in love.
Sanskar:I will kill him..
Swara:Bhai please..
Swara:Forget him..It will be better for both of it..?And don’t dare to meet him any more.
Sanskar leaves.
Swara is crying.
Swara calls laksh.

Laksh:What happened swara,why are you crying.
Swara:Bhai said No for it.
Laksh:What..Swara you don’t cry..pls.
Ragini hears this and takes the phone from him.
Ragini:Swara,iam Ragini.
Ragini:I will make everything fine..You don’t worry.I will talk to your bhai.
Sanskar see swara talking in her phone.So he snatches her phone.
Sanskar:Mr Laksh,stay away from my sister.otherwise..
ragini:Otherwise what??Huh?What do you think of yourself.Who are you ask my brother to stay away from Swara.
Sanskar felt that he heard this sound somewhere.
Sanskar:Mind your tongue..You don’t know to whom you are speaking.
Now Ragini also felt that she heard this sound somewhere.
Ragini:Who ever you are i don’t care.If swara and my brother love each other,i will make them together.Its Ragini Gadodia’s words.
Sanskar:Mis Ragini Gadodia???

She understood that he is sanskar by the way he said her name.
Ragini:Mr Sanskar Maheswari??
Sanskar:Mark my words,.Mis Gadodia.I will not let them to be together at any cost..
Ragini:Lets see.
Sanskar:Ok..lets see.
They both cuts the phone angrily.
Episode ends.
Precap:@ office,Sanskar pinned Ragini to the wall angrily. was it..?
Guys..i said about starting new ff after this right??
I have started it .Only introduction.
I will start writing first episode only on 23 march.That is after my exam.And in that ff,My name is not neena..Something else.I think it got posted two or three days before.
Hope you all will like that too.

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