It was always you !!!!! (Part 5)


Hey guys watsupp !!!
I know I am pretty early today but got time so thought to write to compensate the gap and thankyou for loving my ff and all other ffs are just awesome and guys sid is rocking jdj
So let’s continue

Tw kiss him on his cheek and sajnave plays in BG
Wt did just I do did I kissed him ??? Oh my god at I have done if he gets know he will tease me for sure so its better that I should leave know

Bye sadu sarna
Kunj is sleeping and and his phone beeps he half awakely opened his phone it was message of tw
Uth jao sadu sarna
He checked the time it was 10:30

Ku: 10:30 main itna late kaise ho Sakta hoon or ye siyappa queen khusti to Chali gayi jaldi mujhe nahi utha sakti thi kya
Wtever but wo sahi time pe uth gayi wo theek hai

Ilater kunj left for his office


Its afternoon time the sun is on its full rage and ready to burn someone but someone else was burning in jealousy

Yes it was tw only bocz she saw kunj and Maya in playground playing cricket with children

Actually maya invites kunj on a cricket match of her nephew and he also agrees

And tw was their bcoz she has come to nearby market with chinki regarding some clothes

She saw kunj playing with Maya and Maya is batting and kunj is holding her from behind and explaing and cracking some jokes

Now this was too much for her she quickly entered the ground and went towards kuya(kunjand Maya)

Tw : ku tum yaha
Maya: tw tum yaha wt a pleasent surprise
Tw 🙁 in mind)there pleasent surprise ki to aisi ki taisi badi aao chudail kahin ki

Tw fakes a smile
Tw : ku tum office nahi gye
Maya : wo maine hi use apne nephew ki match dekhne ke liye bulaya tha or him khud hi khelne lag pade or kunj mujhe batting dikha RHA tha

Ku: han or tu yahan kaise
Tw: wo main chinki ke sath market ai thi or yahan pe tumhe dekho to socha ki pooch loon
Ku: ok

Maya : tw y don’t u join us
Tw: no maya u both continue
Ku: ( in order to tease her)rehe do maya issue nahi hoga
Tw: shut up Mr.sarna maya main khelingi
Maya: ok then Chalo

Tw is warring red shirt and blue jeans
Maya is wearing green shirt and blue jeans
Ku is wearing red shirt and blue jeans

Trio started to play and hits fours and sixes
In between maya leaves as becoz of some urgent work now tw and kunj are left with some kids and its evening now tw had tied her hair hair in a low bun with some strands out

Both were playing something but tw leg got sprained
Tw: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh??
Ku: ( concerned) wt happened tw are u all right
Tw: aah my foot kunj its aaah paining very much

Ku: wait wait get up let’s go to hospital
Tw: no no hospital ( meri wali habit)
Ku: look at itself u can’t even walk properly and u don’t want to go to doctor
Tw: ku no plzz ahhh
Ku: no tw u have to go
Tw : plz kunj if I go then doc will give injection and it will pain a lot and i will cry so much and if I will cry so much then my eyes will pain and…….
Ku puts husband on her mouth
Sajna ve plays in BG
Both have an intense eyelock
Ku break s it
Ku: kitne bolti hai tu yr han back to back non stop chapr chapr or theek hai him hospital nahi jayenge
Removes his hand
Ab uth Chal tujhe ghar chodo dun
Tw tried to get up but fails

Tw : aaahhh kunj its paining a lot I can’t walk
Ku lifts her in arms in bridal style

Gerua instrumental plays
Tw : ( calmly ) ku. …nj tum kha kar rhe ho
Ku: tw tujhe utha ke nachne to nahi wala hoon or AGR tu wo sab soch thi hai to main apni innocense prove karne ke liye or kuch ni karne wala
Tw: nahi tum glt samajh rhe ho mera wo matlb nahi tha
Ku: ok now leave this

And started to walk
Tw adores him lovingly
Song still plays

Kunj put her on the front seat and closed her door
And started to drive

Whole journey was quite for them inspite stealing some glanceses of each other and blushing slightly
Ku reached taneja mansion and again picks her up and entered the hall
Le came
Le: puuter ye kiya hua
Ku: ma jyada kuch nahi aapki dhurender beti jhansi ki rani banae ki koshish main ghayal ho gayi hai

In short usko moch aaj hai
Le: changa kita putter Jo isko yahan le aaya tu isko upper leke ja or main garam pani or pattiyan leke aati hoon
Ku: ji maa

He reaches her room and placed her gentely on the bed
Tw : thankyou but waise mujhe LGA ki tum mujhe yahan Aake patak doge per tumne aosa nahi liya very good
Ku: wt tujhe abhi bhi lgta hai ke main aise wo bhi there sath karunga or tab bhi jab there pair main moch aai hai kha tujhe itna glat lagta gun main han
Tw : are tum phir mujhe galat samajh the ho main to BA’s majak kar rahi thi
Just then leela enters with all that medicinal stuff

Ku started to leave but leela stops him

Le : putter tu ek kam karega mera
Ku: are ma Aap pooch kun thi hain Aap batai ye
Le: putter maine abhi ek imp. Meeting me Jana hai or Raman ya pinni koi ghar per nahi hai or upper se iski ye pair ki dard ………………tu thodi der jab take main nahi aa jati ruk jyaega plz
Ku: are ma Aap plz mat bolo main run jaunga

Le leaves bye kising tw forehead and ordered her to take care

Ku took move to apply on her foot

Tw : main khud LGA loongi
Ku: ok
Ye le
Tw started to apply but fails due to pain

Ku took move from her hand and applies it by himself

Ku ( still applying) jab kam hota nbhi to karti kun hai
Tw : wo wo …tumse matlb
Ku: nahi mujhe kha MATLAB
Ku banadeges her foot and
Ku: le Ho gya
Gts up
From the bed
And covers her till her waist by blanket

Ku: tujhe kuch chahiye
Tw : nahi
Ku: ok
Too so ja ok main hall main hoon
Tw wanted to stop him from leaving but stops herself thinking that be might take it to tease her

It was 11:30 and leela has still not returned
Just then the lights goes off
Tw was awke and scremes due which kunj falls from his couch in his sleep

Ku: Ab is siyappa queen ko kha hua
Tw room
Tw : ( yelling ) kunj ! Kunj plz tum yaha aa jao plz mujhe bahut dar lag RHA ahi plz a jao
Ku reaches her room with help of torch of phone and saw tw crying and shivering and goes towards her sits beside her
Cupping her face
Ku: wt happened tw don’t cry I am here na stop crying
Tw : kunj!!!!?????
And quickly hugged him and it was a bone crushing hug and this time kunj don’t resist bcoz he knew that it was essential for making her calm

Tw : thank god tum aagye pata hai main kitne darr gayi thi
Ku;?: kuch ni hua hai tw main yahi hoon ok
After sometime kunj broke the hug and cupped her face

Main yahi hoon ok darr mat ok Ab sona
Tw ; kunj tum lahin mat Jana ok
Ku: (, smiles), han han main ni ja RHA khain bhi Ab so ja

He patted her forehead and slowly she falls asleep
He smiles at her innocence and kissed her forehead and whispers siyappa queen
Sajna ve plays
And he also falls asleep
They were sleeping in the posture like kunj head was resting on the head rest and tw is sleeping in his lap or we can say chest ?????

Leela saw this when she returned but let them sleep

And thinks

Babji in dono ki jodi aise hi banaye rakhna kabhi in he jusda mat karna

Plz babaji

****** engagement blast ******
So guys how’s it
Bad I know
But a special note that this is story of tei with my twist and turns with some story of them only ok and maya is + ve but with a great motive which will be reavealed later in the story and guys my holidays are going on and my real name is VANSHIKA ok and I am 15 and I am in 10 standard and on of the comment or asked me abt my dob that is 23 April I know did is also on 23 but guys it is just coincidence and enough of my chapad chapad bye bye and don’t forget to comment bbye

Stay blessed muaaaaahhhhhhh
Don’t throw your tomatoes and egges yr face khrab ho jayega or plz comment jarur karna

???????bye bye

Credit to: bulbul

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