Will LOVE Damage Our FRIENDSHIP (kahani aab tak ki & promo)

For new comers to my ff….
Kahani aab tak ki:
Present year:2016
Ishu was seen in hospital ..in critical condition..
Raman was seen crying for ishu and he decided to make ishu fine
He plan to call ishu’s frnd to meet them again
He calls them and one by one pragya, sona, zoya and thapki came to see
They all meet each other after two year…they share some emotional moments and when ishu said hat now we will not separate ..all leave from that hospital…ishu was seen in tears…she decided to make again a lagori gang unite…she gets into flashback
Year 2010(guyz by mistake I have wriiten year 2014 in epi 2..but sorry it is 2008 and they were seprated in 2014)
Lagori gang gets ready to go for movie…
Their moments are shown…

There bonding is shown….
Unfortunately..due dev dixit’s entry and bcoz of meeting of sona and dev there paln to watch movie fails
So they decided to go somewhere else and they go to park.
Share some funny moments in park..just then someone calls thapki and she goes to roadside for speaking bcz of network prbl
3 boys tease thapki very badly , tears rolled down from her eyes..boy1 snatched her phone and other put his hands on her shoulder just then her hero bihaan pandey enters into the scene
Bihaan beats 3boys very badly and warns them not to do yhia again with anyother girls
He pacifies her…he puts his hands on thapki shoulder just then lagori gang see him and misunderstand him,…they warn him and they beat him too
Next day in clg campus thapki says sorry to bihaan on behalfs of her frndz…

Just then 3boys enter where they talk about bihan and thapki…and lagori asked 3boys that what they were talking and when they understand the truth they feels sorry…and take 3boys to store room
Lagori gang takes 3boys to store room and beat them very badly and cracked some funny jokes which irritate 3boys…
One boy said that don’t beat us with your hands..so zoya takes soma stick and when she was about to beat them just then some1 holds her hands and said don’t beat my frndz…it was none another than asad khan
Asad req lagori gang to save them as they r very good
On req of asad lagori gang frees them…
But after that it was relieved that asad was unknown to them and they were unknown to asad
Asad had saved them bcz he listened that lagori gang is very dangerous and can do anything..so he saved them
Asya meets again . asad irritates zoya by calling her miss.hunter
Zoya came to know that he is not a frnd of that 3boyz

So zoya gives punishment to asad and ready for zoya’s punishment
Zoya asked asad to clean all her house evn her bedroom…while cleaning they share some romantic moments..lagori was worried for zoya as she had not informed them that she is at home…they search her a lot…then zoya calls them back nd tell them that she is safe and is at home…while lagori was coming home…sona and dev’s car again get hitted…by which they had some fight..then lagori went to bihaan house and kept sorry letter for him
Lagori reaches home and shocked to see their house clean….zoya explained them that how she gave punishment to asad..amma’s call make them really happy…and also sad for a while bcoz of ishu’s marriage ….at night they share some funny moment b/t them…and also a emotional hug
PART7 &8:-

Thapki tells lagori that there is abhi’s live concert by which they bcame very happy..pragya firstly denied for coming but then she went…and challenge ishu to cancel the concert…pragya met abhi..and they had some talk…where pragya ask abhi to cancel the concert….to which abhi denied but then she started to blackmail him..by which he cancelled the concert and all fans went with sad faces but pragya had a great smile…next day they got ready to go for amma’s house…while travelling they enjoyed each nd every moment….they came inside the house…and hugged ammma….and then amma told them that the guy which is coming to see ishu is setteled in America by which they left in shock…lagori planned to break the marriage ..amma tells that the which is coming is none another than abhi…they decided to call him…
They called abhi and ask him to cancel the marriage by which abhi denied them..they left disappointed as their planned failed….they came to amma’s house..and troubled amma very much..in every way possible

PART 10:-
Amma warned them not to make any shaitani now….guest arrive…..and after some time they get to know that the guy is not abhi but its raman bhalla…as they had some misunderstanding….funny moment takes place b/t guest and lagori…..ishu and raman went to talk alone for some time…to which lagori gang asked him to first say yess for our conditions and then yes for marriage…
Will raman agree for all condition…..to see stay tune with me….for next epi…….

PROMO for upcoming track:-
Lagori gangs condition to raman…for which all conditions raman agreed…..there will be some funny conditions also….
RAMAN in mind: raman beta…iss ishu ke sath shadi karke bahut buri tarah se fass jayega tum…..
…to know the reason wait for next epi….
All hero’s entry…..and relation with each other will be discovered…….
Preparations for ISHRA’s marriage will take place where you will get to see romance of all pairs…and some moments b/t lagori…..
In further epi’s zoya past revelation will take place (it will take some time..i mean in ishu’s marriage )

Guyz I have introduced abhi as raman’s frnd……so what connection you want to see b/t dev, bihaan, asad, abhi and raman….. .

Plzzz comnt…….

An biggest mistake done in my ff:-
Guyz in second epi have have said that story’s year is 2014..but its 2008…and in 2014 they were separated

  1. promo seens very interasting you always have amazing storys in your ff exited for ishita’s marrige but sad for lagori gang

    1. Nivika

      thnx disha….will get to see some super scenes in ishra’s marriage

  2. Arshi

    Wow .. superb promo… abhi s ramans frnd… and i want azad as ramn bro.. actually u have introduced azad nah… so there will be much fun if zoya came to know tat azad s ramans bro..

    Now it will be azads turn to torture zoya… and zoya will accept all of azads tantics only for ishus happiness… like tat u can shape tat… its only my wish .. and i know u would have super plan….

    I have never seen azad zoya pair… but its really fun reading those parts… tats y this odea stuck my mind…

    And abt other pairs….hmmmm…. yeah dev to be raman’s partner in business….


    And i dont know abt bihan tapki pair also… wish to read from ur ff…

    All those boys if share a friendship bond… tat will be superb…

    But do once give a thought for asad zoya track i have suggested.. . And and pls.. if u have any other idea… do tat.. its only my opinion… tats it.. and i m really waiting for next part…

    Oops… i think inhave posted long ling comment…. haha… ??

    1. Nivika

      thnx a lot arshi…i iwll introduce asad as raman’s bro….and make the story line same to ur thought…thnx for this great idea

  3. I am really sorry for not commenting in your previous post in my WiFi modem there was a problem bcoz of that i didn’t comment you. I hope you understand. If you are still angry on me then I will put 100 sit ups really sorry. Episode was awesome as use well. Do as your wish bcoz you are the correct person to do that. Again sorry. If you are counting the comments if my comment is there or not you should count with my name also. I will always support you. Love you a lotttttt

    1. Nivika

      hey monisha dont be sorry yaar…..i am happy that i have got fans like you…so glad to read ur cmnt…….n thanxxx a lot

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Will be waiting for the episodes and as for relations right u can make any two of the five guys like they r brothers is ur wish I just say as u ask na that’s why 😛 oh that means this story is of 6 yrs ago and lagori got seperated after 4 yrs which means 2 yrs ago is it?

    1. Nivika

      yes joyee u r right story is six years ago……yaa….i will make raman and asad as bro…n thnxx a lot…..how r u???

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      I m fine how r u? Wow raman and asad r brothers interesting

    3. Nivika

      i m fyn too……n missing u all

  5. Awesomeeeeeeeeee and u can show that all the boys are freinds and after that dey will try to solve the problem

    1. Nivika

      thanxx ayushi…be ready for next epi to know further

  6. Asmita...

    Superbbb promo…

    I would like to suggest that you can make Dev Raman’s client… as Dev wants Raman to convince Abhi for doing promotion for dev’s company (dev very well knows about raman and abhi’s frndshp)…

    And if possible you can plz consider Arshi’s idea of making Asad raman’s bro… it will turn into shock for zoya… and we would able to witness some funny and romantic scenes btwn Asad and Zoya…

    This is my suggestion only and i know whether you follow it or not, you will Dfntly come with a mind blowing super fantastic story line…

    So aal the best dear… ?

    1. Nivika

      thnxx asmita dii a lot……….and again thnx for this great idea…i will come with this idea only…

  7. Oh sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry for sooooooooo late comment please forget me some problem of Internet when I want to comment error occurred due to rainy season . please I want bihaan friend please please please please please and keep it up advance sorry kyoki meri comment ma to error hi gusi rahati ha vara my comment is always first .

    1. Nivika

      ohh hoo garima yaar..dont be sorry…its okk….even i have some problems of net….hota hai kabhi kabhi…and thnxx for advance cmnt…hehehe….n haa i will introduce bihaan as frnd of someone…be ready for next epi

  8. Thank you very much dear for your support. Now I can easily join with your story. Don’t stop it midway. Best of luck

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