I have always loved you!!!! Episode 7

Here’s the episode
Three Children of nearly 10 -11 years were sitting on one of the tables of a an ice- Cream parlour. One was a girl wearing blue jeans with yellow top and her hair tied in a french braid while other two were boys. One was wearing black jeans with green t shirt while the other was wearing a dark blue jeans with white t shirt.

Girl:(bored) Guys I am getting bored and this Adi he had gone to bring ice- creams or to eat them.huh… (naughtily) lets play some prank.

Boy: (smirking) Nice idea but what we should do.

Girl:Think think, think fast.
After a few seconds the same boy and girl together: Idea

Boy: Are you thinking the same what I am thinking??

Girl: Offcourse …not (hits him) Arrey buddhu how would I know what you are thinking? First you tell then I will.

Boy: Okk and discuss something among each other and looked towards the third boy.

Boy:(seriously) Guys don’t you dare think that I am not in. (smiling) Off course I am in. So who is our bakra??

Girl and the first boy:(with devil smiles) The one who’s gonna bring ice- creams.

other boy: (shocked) Adi…… Are you guys serious its his birthday today, he won’t leave us after that leave him what about them(pointing towards other table Where a couple in their mid thirties was sitting)

Girl: Baad ki baad mein dekhenge, no fear when pankhuri deewan is here and winks.(yes she is pankhuri) And pankhuri goes to the other table where the guy was pointing.

soon both boys hide themselves under the table.

Pankhuri: (to Lady) Avantika aunty we are planning to play a prank on Adi plzz help us naa.

Avantika: ( acts as thinking) ummmm …… But what will I get afterall its his birthday today and you are telling me to play a prank on him and that too on his birthday. ( and raises her eyebrow)

Pankhuri thinks something and smiles naughtily

Pankhuri: (dramatically)Hawwww bribe, mom says giving bribe is bad. I never expected this from you aunty.(wiping fake tears) You disappointed me alot today asking bribe?? Really ?? And that too from such a sweet, innocent girl? Hey bhagwan kya zamana aa gaya hai

Avantika smiles at her antics and says: Bas bas my dramaqueen I am in tell me what you want me to do?

Pankhuri: That’s like my sweet aunt now listen (and she whispers something in Avantika’s ears)

Harish sees them and says: Arrey kya khusar phusar chal rahi hai wahan koi humein bhi batayega

Avantika and Pankhuri looks towards each other and smile.

Avantika and Pankhuri: Off course..(harish gets happy and noticing this both with attitude) Not

And both laugh giving hi-fi to each other.

Pankhuri: You are really sweet aunty well you wanted something naa I will give you a new name today

Avantika : Achha and whats that

Pankhuri: Dreamgirl

Avantika : ( Smiling) And why

pankhuri: kyun can’t I call you that and pouts

Avantika: Achha meri maa you can
Pankhuri excitedly hugs her and says thank you.

Pankhuri notices someone and says look dreamgirl Adi has come so lets just get ready.

Soon a guy of Pankhuri’s age with grey Tshirt and black jeans come there.

Adi brings ice cream tray and keeps on Avantika’s table.

Adi: Mom here is your order and you can have it we are going there chalen pankhu.

Pankhuri: Offcourse
They move towards the table with a tray.

Adi:(while moving) Kaam hogaya
Pankhuri:offcourse boss they are under the table.

Adi: all the best ms.
Pankhuri: same to you mr.

Saying this they move towards another table and empty the tray and hold one ice cream cup in each hand.
Then they move towards the table where the other two were hidding and stood behind chairs.
Then Pankhuri signals Avantika to call Adi.

Avantika: adi beta plz come here.

As she called Adi both the boys came out and saw that there was nothing on the table.Before they could understand anything their faces were fully covered by Ice- Creams. (Yes our two devils had put ice cream on both their faces)

Their expressions changed from confusion to shocked to surprised to angry. Both were making faces.

Pankhuri and Adi came in their front and started laughing looking at them.
Pankhuri : (controlling her laugh) ahem ahem Adi don’t you think we have seen them somewhere.

Adi: Offcourse pankhu you remember we went to circus last weekend

Pankhuri: yes yes arrey haan now I remember they are that patlu and lambu haina

Both other boys look at them amused.

Adi: haan main bhi wahi kehne wala tha waah yaar apni soch kitni milti hai naa

Pankhuri: Woh toh hai hi afterall we are best friends and they give hi-fi to each other.

Adi: Chal yaar ab chalkar khate hain I am tired of seeing this patlu lambu.

Pankhuri : Haan haan pehle petpuja fir kaam duja.

They start moving towards Avantika and Harish and settled there and started eating their ice creams while other too looked at them shocked.

Pankhuri: Oye lambu paltlu come or else we will eat your both’s share too.

Both boys look towards each other and signals something in eyes.

They wiped ice creams with tissues and went towards them smiling.

Raj:(the boy in navy blue jeans) Off course princess lets eat.

Pankhuri and Adi look towards each other listening them talking so sweetly. They signalled and nodded through their eyes.

Before anyone could interpret both Adi and pankhuri picked the two ice creams on table and put them again on other twos faces and started laughing hilariously.

Both the boys got angry and picked ice – Creams from one of other man’s table and threw them over adipan.
Now other two were laughing and like this they threw ice- Creams on each other running through the whole parlour while others were just looking at them. They had created whole parlour a mess with ice cream all over the floor, on themselves and also on half of the customers.

Finally owner catches them and started scolding them. All for some time heard him bowing their heads but then signalled something to each other. They picked ice creams from one of the nearby tables and
All four together: Bura naa maano ice cream hai
saying this they threw ice creams on the owner and soon he too like others was covered with ice- creams. They enjoyed for sometime until finally the owner threw them out.

standing outside they look towards each other and shout: prank successful (so guys there was not just a single target )

and start Laughing

Pankhuri gets up with a jerk in her balcony while a curve forms on Adi’s lips remincing these moments.
At kumar’s residence roof
Adi was still sitting and smiling but soon that smile fades away.

From behind a voice comes : remincing about her???

adi turns, it was Raj.

Raj: Today those small children made me remember our friendship. How we used to play, irritate teachers, play pranks on other and all.

Adi: Me too. I wonder if she would have not done that then we all would have been together today.

Raj: I really feel hurt when I see her pain but what she did that day is also unforgettable. (angry) I won’t ever forgive her.

Adi: Relax leave all that lets sleep now we need to go to college tomorrow.

Raj: ok lets go

And they start leaving when Raj suddenly held Aditya’s hand.
Aditya looks towards him and raises his eyebrows asking him what.

Raj: May I ask you something?

Aditya: Haan haan aur when did you start taking permission??

Raj: ok tell me calmly. If suppose if

Aditya:(irritated) aage bhi bolega kya

Raj: Ok if suppose she would have not done that then what would have been your answer to her proposal?

Adi: ( With a sad smile) Firstly she did it and it was wrong, so stop thinking about her and moreover I love Tia, she is gonna be my first and last love.

Raj:(teasingly) Oho so you love Tia haan but I was toh asking about Pankhuri,leave that(imitating adi)and she is gonna be my first and last love haan,(and starts singing) pehla pehla pyaar hai pehli pehli baar hai….( He starts dancing around Aditya teasing him.)

Aditya just stands there folding his arms across his chest and smiling. He blushes a little.
Raj notices it and says: Ohooo the Aditya kumar for whom girls are going crazy is blushing. Aha its a million dollar moment. And clicks his photo.Arrey yeh toh mujhe apni bhabhi ji ko bhi dikhani chahiye sorry sorry future bhabhiji ko. Chalo unhein send karte hain kya pta woh bhi iss waqt apke hi sapnon mein khoyi hon.

He winks at him and acts as sending the pic while Adi tries to stop him. And at the end the pic finally got deleted. While Raj and Adi look towards each other and started laughing.they finally go to their rooms.Raj doses off while Aditya moves to the window and looks at the sky and thinks about his moments with Pankhuri.

At Deewan mansion

Pankhuri gets up with a jerk and looks around and starts crying.She takes out a pic from her wallet in which has all four of them(the four in above flashback). She touches each and everyones pic with lotS of love and grief in her eyes. Finally she stops at Aditya’s pic and looks at it with lots of pain.

Aditya’s room

On other hand in his room Aditya too takes out the same pic and caress Pankhuri’s face with lots of pain and tears start brimming in his eyes.
In balcony

Pankhuri: Why Adi why, I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU Adi and thought that you too love me but you don’t. No problem about that but why have you broken our friendship for my one sided love Adi? What was my fault if I had fallen for you, your care, your love, your friendship? Why such a punishment just for loving you?

saying this she starts crying vigorously.
In Aditya’s room

Aditya:(with a broken voice Still caressing Pankhuri’s pic) Why Pankhuri why did you do that? If you wouldn’t have done it then we would have been together today Pankhuri. Yes Pankhuri my answer would have been a yes if you wouldn’t have done it. Yes I also loved you but ….(angry now) But what you did wasn’t right too. I won’t forgive you for that. And leave love you are not worthed of my friendship even now. And yes now I have Tia. She loves me and so do I. Now you have no place in my life. No place means no place.
saying this he throws the pic and punches the wall.

Alla waariyan song from Yaariyan movie plays in background and screen splits into two with crying face of Pankhuri and angry face of Aditya.

Finally Pankhuri doses off crying in the balcony only and Adi too sleeps in his room.

The episode ends at the sleeping faces of Pankhuri and Adi.

How was it Guys- Do tell through your comments and guys if its not good plz do tell what is it, I will try to improve myself.

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