I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 20


Aakash: khushi wat r u doin? I said u too remind me that meeting na?

Khushi: lekin ..u were u with some work? Which u and bhaiya hiding from us

Aakash: aise kuch neih..tum kya meri PA ya detective..

Khushi:u both behavin like that..i will find it..

Aakash: pls do some work too..otherwise we should close our consultancy..

Khushi: haan haan..i am the one who doin all work..but no credits..u always complaining me..

Aakash: sorry khushi..i just said in,tension..khushi u know that after Arnav gone..i was too upset..but u was with me all the time as a friend..i am not hiding u anything..its just me and bhaiya was worried for another thing..so we’ll let u people know..wen the correct time..

Khushi:achha..u both..u and bhaiya know to handle me very well..if i say anything u will emotionally blackmail me..and bhaiya command me..

Aakash:(smiles) really..now go to that company confirm the deal..and say we will hire them good employees..

Khushi: u need not to necessary to explain my job..

Aakash:suno..wo .. now that company was sold by someone..who was from abroad..he just came today..i think u to make sure..

Khushi:haan haan..tu apni kam kar..

Khushi goin for that company..she stopped the auto..

Automan: chal give me 100

Khushi:kya..iam not asking u to take me for London..its here..aur tum askin 100 for that?

Automan:accha..its here .tho khud chali jaa..mae chalta hoon..

Khushi:arrey bhaiya..only 50..

Automan:kya ..90


Automan: last 70

Khushi:tk 65..

Automan: arrey madam..i can’t ..atleast 70 dho..na??

Khushi:kya bhaiya..65 is too much..come lets go..its getting late..

Automan:kya madam ji..65 too..

Khushi:achha achha..chalo na..

She reached office..

Khushi always get tensed eventhough she did thousands time..
Aakash and Khushi were started Consultancy..they were working together..their job is to hire employees for their clients..now she goin to fix the deal..

Khushi reached..receptionists asked her to wait..
She started to stare everywhere..at first this company was not like this,,after sold by someone..its look like simply superb..
She calculated to ask some good amount for them..

After sometimes..receptionists
Said that the meetin cancelled due to some personal issues..wil be scheduled some other times..

Khushi was so irritated..suddenly she collapsed with someone..

Girl: oye..can’t see and walk..
Khushi:oye ..give respect madam ji..
Ankita:accha..aunty ji ..can’t u see and walk properly..
Khushi:Aunty..koun aunty..
Khushi:just get out..
Ankita:Aunty ..this is my father’s office..i can be anywhere here..by the way who r u??
Khushi:i am..i came here for meeting..
Ankita:accha..i don’t understand all that..bye aunty..
Khushi:? mae aunty neih hoon..
Ankita: accha accha..by the way tume patha meeting kyun cancel hai..
Khushi: receptionists said ur dad’s health condition was bad now ..thats why..
Ankita went to see Arnav immediately..
Khushi:arrey..itni love tumari papa ko..chal beta..u called me aunty..ha ha ha..

Khushi called Anjali.

Anjali:haan khushi..kya baat hai? U calling this time..u are busy girl..and calling in work time..
Khushi:hena dhi..lekin wo so called new Md postponed the meeting..and his little daughter called me aunty..mood out dhi..
Anjali:accha ..thats correct..for her age u are aunty na?
Khushi:no aunty..she can also call me by name but no aunty..i am still not married ..
Anjali:haan ..if u were married ..u will be mother for two kids..
Khushi:dhi..ok not that topic..u know wat i asked both bhaiya nd Aakash..but they still hiding..to us..
Anjali:its ok khushi..let them..we will see after we come to know..i hope its not about Arnav..
Khushi:dhi,.u still angry with him..maybe some reason..
Anjali:haan maybe some reason..but he had not any single reason to come nd tell me that he was goin somewhere..i will send him happily with all my love..i don stop him..and…u know wat just leave it..rakthi hoon ..

Anjali wiped her tears and says
He don’t deserve ur love Anjali..

To be continue..

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  1. Ankitha Khushi convo was cute.. nice part dear

    1. Farie

      thank u dear..keep supporting

  2. Very nice part Farie. Eagerly waiting for Arshi meeting. What wil be kushi’s reaction when she comes to know Ankitha is his daughter (as she don’t know truth na) bechari ko heart attack na hojaye

    1. Farie

      thank u..sure arshi meeting coming soon..but now its a secret

  3. Superb dear missed Arnav today..

    1. Farie

      thank u soo much..don worry hereafter Arnav will be in most episode

  4. Wow so cute part dear… Looking forward next update

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  5. Awesome episode farie.. kushi ankitha make nice team.. hope arshi meet in next part.. bechare shyam aur akash itne dino se Arnav ko doond rahe hair aur yahan miss detective seedha office poohuch gayi

    1. Farie

      thank u dear..yes wen i wrote their conversation..i like that part very much..nd arshi goin to meet soon with very big heart attack..keep supporting..

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