All alone ragini season 2 episode 6


Early morning ragini is waking up sanskar by sitting next to him..
Ragini:- sanskar wake up na .you asked me to wake up you.
Shakes him…
Sanskar holds her close and cover her too in his blanket..
Ragini:- what are you doing sanskar wake up and u are spoiling my hair and dress.
Sanskar:- shhh keeps finger on her lips and says dont say it loud that i was spoiling your clothes and hair . If any one lisens they will take us wrong and kiss her lips..
Ragini rubs her lips and says..

Ragini:- chii sanskar you didnt brush and kissing me and giggles..
Sanskar open his mouth and sees her..
Sanskar:- just for a small peck you said chii na now i will have my complete kiss.
Ragini:- sanskar noo…
But its too late he smashes his lips on her lips and sucks them badly…
Where both lost into each other.
Ragini pushes him and sits while breathing heavily..

While sanskar leans back and says this is called complete kiss ..
Ragini:- go sanskar i am not talking to you..first you asked me to wake u up so that you can go to walking when i did it you are utilizing it for romancing..thats not fair goo.
And about to get up sanskar holds her hand..
Sanskar:- you have to be thankfull that your husband is romancing at this age also and will kiss you like this untill my last..
Ragini stops him before speaking further and looks at him with crying face.
Ragini:- dont you dare to say anything like that sanskar and if anything happens to you before that i will die..
Sanskar wipes her tears in worrying and says that he doesnt mean to but ragini gets annoyed and says that in future he will never use this type of language..
Sanskar:- i promise and about to kiss her but she gets up and goes by wiping her tears..
Sanskar gets sad for hurting her..

He too goes to washroom to get fresh..
Swara:- what laksh still you cant find your thing and behaving like kid after having kids also..
Laksh:- if i have kids that doesnt mean that i am not kid and lisen i am alway a kid to you and i will be
Swara:- i am having three kids and i am taking care of you three who will take care of me..
Laksh:- ofcourse i will…
Swara smiles and hugs him..

All kids comes back with dp and rp after having their morning routine..
Ragini is making parata and lost in some thoughts..
She remembers sanskar words and tears develops in her eyes and burns her hand and shouts..
Ragini:- ahh and jerks her hand..
ananya who was just came runs
to her and holds her hand..
Ananya:- maa are you ok.
Ragini:-haa anu its just a small burn baby its common in kitchen work..
Anu finds her mom being upset..
Ananya:- mom why are upset..
Ragini smiles and says why i will be sad after having you in my life.
Prudhvi:- then what about me.
And sits on knees before her.
Ragini:- cares his chin and says you too..
Manvi and akash join and hugs ragini..
Prudhvi takes ragini hand and applies cream to it..
Ragini sits and instructs to all kids….
they set dinning table..
And calls everyone to breakfast…
All sits..

Ragini:- today breakfast was prepared by kids..
Swara:- what anything special..
Manvi:- badai maa burned her hand maa..
Sanskar immediatedly rushes to her and holds her hand observes..
Sanskar:- cant you be carefull ragini see how it burned..
He cares her hand and says is it paining..
All see them smiling..
Ragini slowly takes her hand from him and says that she was fine..
Sanskar notices that she was still upset with him…..
All have their breakfast and goes to their school and colleges..
Sanskar and laksh goes to office..
In office ..
Laksh:- bhai tomorrow our meeting with malhotras is fixed..
Sanskar(lost):- hmm.

Laksh :- bhai are you ok..
Sanskar:- not ok yarrr and says everything to laksh…
Laksh:- kya bhai in this age also you are hurting babhi …
Sanskar:- what do you want mean by in this age laksh..
Laksh:- dont waste time on getting angry on me instead of that think how to cheer up babhi…
Sanskar:- hmm i will take her out..
Laksh:- hmm nice idea..take out for dinner bhai.
Scene changes to college..
Ananya informs teacher that she was allowed to tour..
Prudhvi was walking towards class and someone falls on him and he falls front..
Prudhvi:- what the hell and turns and finds a girl who was next to him and stairing innocently….
Girl:- i am sorry i didnt did it intensionally i was slipped …
Prudhvi was lost in her and says its ok..

Girl:- that means you were not angry on me wow that so nice of you and hugs him and goes hurriedly..
Prudhvi smiles and gets up and sees that girl coming back..
Girl:- by the way my name is surbhi ..
Prudhvi:- my name is prudhvi and hand shakes with her..
Both smiles to each other…
Surbhi:- ok bye i am getting late when i will meet you again then we will have brief introduction about each other bye..

Saying this she goes from their..
Prudhvi sees his hand and goes from their…
Surbhi goes his frds and says .
Surbhi:- see i done it three time i hit him and 2 times i hided my face from him and now you saw what happen and now i will make friendship with him.
Frds:-thats impissible he is most shy types boy and he wont even look at girls and being frd with ypu is impossible..

Surbhi:- i will make it possible.he doesnt knew that girls friendship was also a sweet memories in all lifes and i will make this shy boy to awesome boy..
Haa i ascept that he is dashing and handsome and i am also beautifull right and smiles..
Frds to smiles..
Surbhi(mind):- dont knew why but i touched you three time and these three times i felt like current passed in my body and i loved it too and dont knew what feelings are these but i want to make friendship with you and i will also..
Surbhi smiles and goes to her class…
At evening…
Manvi akadh and virat ..
Virat:- kya yar poora din classes..

Akash:- band bajj gaya humara..
Manvi:- i badly need a champi and head bath..
Virat:- head bath will take those people who has head right..
Manvi chases virat….

Precap:- ragini forgiving sanskar
Ananya starting to delhi.

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  1. Sally_blr

    It was sweet. RagSan at this age also cute couples and Surbhi n Prudvi hmmm nice and waiting for Anu’s love story to start

    1. Sindhura

      LOve has no age dear

  2. Nice epi…

  3. Fairy

    Wowww ragsan scene ws amazngggg!!!!oh no rags is angry on sanky!!!hmmmm…lets see how”ll he convence her!!???eagerly waitng fonxt part…n update ws more den fabulousss?????keeep rockng n stay blessed dear?????

    1. Sindhura

      He will dear

  4. Silent_writer

    Dear ananya is ragini like na n about chappy its fab as always?

    1. Sindhura

      Yes she is like ragini

  5. Jazzy

    Amazing episode loved it

  6. Crystal089

    awesome amazing……… Loved it

  7. Ragz_teju

    awesome… ragsan are amazing as always .. all kids care for ragini it’s really cute… loved it

    1. Sindhura

      You upkoad soon dear
      Soon mean today only

  8. Awesome…

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Kids are so cute
    And Ragsan were as usual good how is Sanky going to calm Ragini
    Waiting for the next one eagerly………….

  10. Asra

    amazing update dear….loved it core….Wht a caring kids??…Everyone care for ragini….sooo cute….
    ragsan u both r adorable….waiting for nxt one dear….tkcr dear….

  11. Nice episode and by the way ananya’s role is done by whom do

    1. Sindhura

      Ananya some what looks like ragini

  12. Sreevijayan

    Nice updste dear…

  13. Superb.loved ragsan

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