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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Garima asking Ajay not to ruin her life, what did she do. He says you are still meeting Sanjay and it hurts him. She says think about my family’s respect, think about Tarun and Samarth’s relation, delete the video. He says he will defame her. She cries. He says save tears for marriage, everything is in your hands, don’t meet Sanjay and I will not leak the video. He leaves. Vikram comes there and thinks he saw him in Garima’s engagement. He sees Garima crying and goes to her. He asks what happened, why is she crying. She asks him to go. He asks what did I do. She says you did this, you provoked Sanjay and my engagement broke, Ajay is threatening me to release the fake MMS and ruin my respect, tell me where should I do, you spoke against women in that party

and went to have peaceful sleep, you have ruined my life. He says don’t cry, we will make things fine. She says you already did a lot, please don’t do anything now, leave me alone. She leaves.

Vikram comes home and thinks about Garima’s problem. Nani comes and says she wants to change profile pic and asks him to help. He says don’t disturb me. She asks is he in his past again. He says someone’s future is spoiling because of me. He tells her everything. She asks why is he regretting now. He says Ajay has made her fake MMS and is threatening her to marry him, else he will upload on internet. Nani is worried. He says I want to help her. She smiles and says she can see the old Vikram. He says tell me any idea, else I will go. Nani says let me think. She says she got a solid idea. She tells him. (Muted)

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Vikram says please come out of filmi world, this is not possible. Nani says we have to do this for wrong people. She says my plan will work for you. He says I don’t think so. She asks him to make Ajay right. He says I have to. Garima cries. Shobha comes home and sees her crying. She asks what happened. Garima tells her about Ajay and the fake MMS problem. Shobha is shocked. Garima says she is scared. Garima says he told me that I have to marry him, he is mad, psycho. Shobha hugs her and pacifies. She says she will solve this problem, and asks her not to cry. Garima says she told this to Vikram, as he came to me seeing me crying, and she told him in her anger. Shobha says Vikram is a good man, he will be feeling guilty in this matter, he will do something.

Vikram waits for his friend Rishi. Rishi comes dressed as inspector Chulbul pandey. Vikram asks him to correct the dress. Rishi says just see my talent, if Nani and I get together, we can shake the world. Vikram says talk slowly. Vikram arranges his shirt and goggles. Vikram and Rishi go to Ajay’s house. Rishi looks around the home and tackles Ajay. Ajay asks what is the work. Rishi says you made Garima’s MMS. He asks him to come to police station and he will put many charges on him. Vikram says he complaint in police and he came on his saying. Ajay asks him to show warrant. Vikram scolds him. Ajay asks which sections will they charge on him. He asks how will they prove he made the MMS. Vikram says the section number about cyber crime, stalking and harassment. Rishi asks him to give his phone and delete the video, else come to station. He says he can’t run else he will be caught.

Rishi goes to get the phone. Rishi asks Vikram how does he know sections. Vikram says its phone numbers. Rishi hugs him. Ajay brings the phone. Rishi says give me the phone. Ajay does not give, and asks from which police station is he. Rishi says he is acting smart. Ajay slaps Rishi. He says he knows all inspectors, and asks will he go to police station. He says he is acting and asks Vikram will he play cards with Tarun and Samarth in jail. Rishi says lets go. Vikram says he promised Garima he will help her, and he will fight with the whole world. Vikram beats him and takes the phone and runs out. Shobha comes there. Vikram says come with me, and takes her.

Vikram gives phone to Garima and asks her to delete it. Garima deletes it and cries. She thanks Vikram and hugs him. She says I m so sorry to scold you. She says fine, stay far and say. Shobha smiles. He says problem solved. Rishi says he is done and leaves. Shobha thanks Vikram. He says don’t say thanks please. His hand is hurt. She says I m sorry. He says life gave you much pain to me and you, this pain is nothing. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………plays………………She goes.

Its morning, Sanjay says he will not leave Ajay. Garima stops him saying he has criminal friends, don’t go to him. She says Vikram has solved it. Sanjay says he has done all this. Garima says he did a lot for me. Sanjay says its my mistake to listen to him. She says then why did you hear him, he was feeling guilty so I helped me. Shobha hears them. Sanjay says yes, Vikram is not bad, our engagement can happen because of him, as Saurabh listens to him a lot. Shobha says yes, maybe Vikram can talk to them. Garima says thanks and hugs Shobha. Sanjay asks about his hug and Shobha hugs him.

Ketan comes and greets Vikram. Nani sees them holding hands, as Vikram shows his hand hurt. Nani asks them to have some shame, as she is at home. Ketan says whats the big deal. She takes Ketan. Shobha comes to meet Vikram along with Garima and Sanjay. She says they want to talk to him. He asks them to sit. He says tell me, how are Saurabh and Vinita. Sanjay says they are fine. Garima says sorry, you got hurt by me. Vikram says I have also hurt you. Sanjay says it was my mistake too.

Vikram says is there anything new to discuss. Sanjay asks him to help them. He asks what. Sanjay says we want you to talk to Saurabh as he respects you a lot. Shobha asks him to talk to Saurabh. Vikram says wow, if I can break their engagement, I can convince Saurabh to agree for marriage, I think I should try soon. Sanjay hugs him and thanks. Garima also thanks him. Vikram says you are welcome. Garima and Sanjay leave. Shobha smiles. Vikram asks why is she smiling. She says she forgot smiling before. He acts rude and says he knows she knows he is rude.

Sharda tells Shobha about Vikram threatening Ajay at his home, and asks her to be away from Vikram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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