Tum Saath Ho Jab 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Tum Saath Ho Jab 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

ALtaf promises to help Mariam, turn the garage to a tennis court. The three of them work in it. Altaf brings paints, Mariam and Najma laughs on his accent. The do the paints.
Jamal complains Bilquees for stitching his vest, he can’t wear the new one as it doesn’t have a pocket. He request Amma, but she isn’t ready to do it too.
Najma comes to Imran and requests on him to come and see the place. She says his mamu asked her to get him catching his ear. She drags him inside. Imran is shocked to see that court. Mariam, and Altaf stands there. Imran looks at Mariam’s face an smile, saying this is a mother’s charm and appreciate her. Mariam gives credit to Najma and Altaf. He promises to train Najma, says he needs a net and will buy it later. Najma says they have a badminton net. Imran says it won’t work. Mariam says Tauseef’s net is there. Mariam heads to go home, Imran asks will they go home with such face. They ask to wash the face.
Outside, Altaf goes to get water, Najma goes with him. Imran tells Mariam not to worry, but she says they are getting late. He says sorry, goes to a side and finds a pot of water there. He gets the pot for Mariam, she tries to wash the face but the pot is heavy. Imran helps her, holding it with her. They look at each other. Imran pours the water as Mariam washer her face, the splashes reaches his face as well. She notices he was looking at her face.

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Nasima hears Younis talking to Shabbir’s mother, and saying he will give them the certificate tomorrow. Nasima says this is limit this time, and asks will they get the certificate. Younis asks her to make tea for him. The kids come there, Nasima tell Waqar and Fizza to go and play. They tell Younis that Mariam and Najma aren’t here. Mariam and Najma come there, Younis asks where they were. Najma says they met her friend’s mother, who insisted so they had to go their home. Nasima says they could have told them. Najma says ammi doesn’t have a mobile, to inform.
Mariam says to Najma that she has started to tell lies really clearly.
Nasima comes to Mariam to soak the clothes. Younis comes for a paper, Nasima asks Mariam to check the shirt. Mariam’s clothes fell down, Nasima asks what is this. Younis asks it stinks like petrol, and is greasy. Najma begins to tell, he makes her quiet. Altaf goes out, and calls. He asks Mariam to tell them the truth herself, for what she has done. Mariam was quiet.

PRECAP: Mariam and Najma leaves with books for assignment. The kids ask them to go too. Nasima thinks she must find out where they go, and allows the kids.

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