Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Garima smiling seeing a baby pic and saying finally Sanjay everything is fine. Vinita comes and apologizes to her, asking her to save her marriage. She requests Gairma to talk to Saurabh and Garima agrees. Samarth says he has made the fake It raid on Vikram’s office and laughs, saying he will be losing everything now.

Nani talks to Shobha about the problems coming and Vikram. Vikram comes home upset. Nani worries seeing him and asks is he fine. Vikram says everything will be fine. He says all our properties are sealed. She says its something wrong, how can it happen like this. Vikram recalls Samarth and thinks how to tell you, your husband did this. He says its good news, we got a place to live. He says Nani I will take you from this house, but I promise

we will be fine. Shobha hugs him. He says we are together, remember this, get ready, I will do the arrangements.

Sarika comes and tells Samarth that Vikram’s house is sealed. She says it means he has so much money that It got after him. He says you are a fool. Usha comes to them and he asks why did she come to his house. She says this is my house which I gave to Shobha in her bad times, I give you 24 hours to vacate this house. She warns him and leaves. He laughs and says we will leave, we will go somewhere, pack the bags.

Nani wishes Shobha hates Samarth but this does not mean she will give Vikram a chance, the world can see love in his eyes, and just Shobha can’t see it. Shobha asks Vikram to talk to Ketan. He thinks he can’t tell her about Samarth else she will get upset. Samartn brings Sharda, Sarika and kids to new flat and Jia asks about Shobha. Sharda says don’t know will Shobha come or not, lets see the rooms.

Sarika says you are taking revenge from Vikram, why, take revenge from Shobha. He says fine, then you marry Vikram and take revenge. She says we got homeless when you made him homeless. She says you should accept Shobha back. He argues and she asks him to think about himself, as she is well sorted, she will marry Vikram, this time his career will be gone. He thinks he will do that she won’t be able to think about herself.

Sanjay comes home and talks to Garima. Garima says Vinita is ashamed and Saurabh is not forgiving her, she came to apologize, we should do something for her. He asks why is she thinking about Vinita after what she did. Garima says she did mistake. Sanjay says it was sin. She says lets talk to Saurabh please. He says fine. Nani pacifies Vikram. Shobha says she was thinking to go to her mum’s place. He asks her not to go, as her presence makes them feel strong. Shobha says please Nani, explain him.

He thinks he has to marry Sarika soon to get the kids back to Shobha. Saurabh scolds Vinita and says he will not stay with her. Garima and Sanjay ask him to forgive her. Saurabh says shame on you Vinita, see Garima’s goodness, I m sorry Garima, but I can’t forgive her. Garima says for my baby’s sake. Saurabh says I m stopping today for the baby which you wanted to kill.

Samarth talks to Tiwari and Tiwari says he will get the favors back when times comes, and where is Shobha. Samarth says she is with her lover, let her stay anywhere, I don’t need her. Tiwari says pity on her, if you need me, let me know. Samarth says yes, I hired a detective for my work, if I need you, I will say. Tiwari says he is with her. Samarth wishes the detective does the work well, then he will manage everything.

Sharda apologizes to Shobha and says Lord made us homeless.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please end this dragging story of samarth and sarika. Got bored with this serial these days….. Want to see new things happening. Dont drag this stupid story!

  2. Ur stupid rinky. d story is on d right track!!

  3. Its not stupid to not want to see negativity every evening and enjoy watching the evil getting punished

  4. i don’t like dis track yaar plz change it

  5. No its nt draggin guyz. Nd truth wil nt gt victory as easy. Den it wil becum lyk fairy tale na?? hwevr serial is going 2 end aftr sum said as sources said. So itz on right trck

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