Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Teja pays back Preeti in the same coin

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

After exhibiting the power of her position and assigning the family the jobs of servants,Teja , utterly disgusted with herself ,comes back into her room and feels miserable at how she has treated her family.As she starts crying at her helplessness, Dharamsingh comes there to console her.He reminds her that certain painful decisions ought to be taken to achieve something.He says that the need of the day is to end the evil game of her distractors who have almost separated her from Prem.Encouraged by her papa,Teja comes out of her grief and promises him and herself that their three enemies will bite the dust shortly.
Rajvir and Mandira eagerly waits for Preeti’s call and curses themselves for choosing s brainless girl like her.Just then Preeti calls Mandira

to report how ,Teja taking advantage of the coveted chair,has reduced the whole family to house helps.Mandira assures her that they are still in a stronger position as the all important Ace is still with them.She explains how she should proceed with their next plan.
Prem,terribly disappointed with himself, stars drinking.He reminiscies how he failed to stop Teja from entering their house and occupying his Papa’s chair.He thinks that his wife doesn’t respect him because he is a good for nothing fellow.Preeti,seeing him drunk and vulnerable,decides to add fuel to fire.She instigates him by commenting that her sister doesn’t deserve him and explains how ,Teja taking advantage of her position,has sent all the servants’ on leave and assigned menial jobs to the entire family including his parents.Enraged and out of control due to alcohol,Prem rushes up shouting Teja’s name.Straightaway he goes for her throat and warns that enough is enough.He has tolerated enough of this torture and knows how to end this.He reminiscies how she has taken advantage of his father’s affection and generosity.As Teja suffocates,Preeti who is watching all this,,hurries out excitedly to inform Mandira that nothing is lost and they can still call the shots.
Prem ,now completely out of senses threatens Teja that he will kill her and end all this pain and misery.An elated Mandira asks Preeti to switch on the camera on her mobile as she wants to be a witness to this beautiful scene.Preeti with her camera on hurries back to Teja’s room and gets the shock of her life to see Teja reading a book coolly with Prem sleeping by her side.
Teja smiles seeing a baffled Preeti and a confused Preeti,not knowing what to say to Mandira ,comes down the steps , completely dazed.Seeing her in this state,Priyal follows her concerned to find out what the problem is.Preeti ,not noticing her goes into her room and takes Mandira’s call but stops in her tracks seeing Priyal.Shocked to see her there,she starts blabbering as if she is seeing a ghost.Priyal tells her that she looks stressed and needs oil massaging to her head.Preeti,in a hurry to report to Mandira,refuses saying that she will be alright.Priyal, still concerned goes to the kitchen to fetch some medicine for Preeti.Teja ,who is in the kitchen,cutting vegetables,inquires.On hearing that Preeti requires a head ache medicine.she decides that it is right time to teach Preeti a lesson.
Teja takes out some pills and keeps on a tray along with a glass of water.Not suspecting anything,Priyal takes it to Preeti and forces her to take.To Preeti’s fury ,she advises her not to use her mobile so much and gets ready to give oil massage.The drug already working on her.Preeti loses her sanity ,becoming violent,she starts abusing Priyal.The poor lady, completely taken aback,by this uncharacteristic aggression , starts shouting for help.Preeti ,totally mad with anger,pins her down on the bed and attacks her with a stick shouting that whatever makeup she does,she always looks like a witch only.
Hearing this commotion, everyone rushes in including Teja and Dharamsingh.They look exchange happy glances as this is what they want.As Preeti starts brandishing the stick,Teja stops her and slaps her.Enraged ,Preeti shouts how dare she is to slap her and attacks her.The family ties her up as they don’t have any other alternative.Dharamsingh suggests a visit to the neurologist.

The precap shows Priyal doubting Teja,she explains that after taking the pills given by Teja, Preeti has gone mad.As Dharamsingh asks one of the family to bring the medicines box, Teja gets tensed and prays the goddess to help her.

Update Credit to: Lakshmi

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  1. Thank you Lakshmi! Well i enjoyed watching Preeti go crazy the best she’s done to date, she seems to be relegated to lurking behind doorways and taking phone videos. WHERE is Arjun? LOL

  2. Preeti literally got a taste of her own medicine!! ?????..thanks Lakshmi….

  3. When I first saw Preeti in the bus travelling to Rajpipla to join college,I had never anticipated her to be so mean or would she be given this much importance.Anyways today on Preeti’s D day Arjun is conspicuous by his absence but we are all happy that Preeti finally had a taste of her own bitter pill.But Teja should have done something to stop Preeti from drugging Prem further,she can see he is sinking. May be this is how Teja wants to sort out Preeti.If she herself is drugged ,she won’t be in a position to harm Prem or for that matter anyone else.

  4. Both the leads have left the show due to 18 hours workday. that kind of means this show is coming to an end. Probably next week, every villain will be out, misunderstanding will get clear and it will end.

    @Lakshmi. True..initially i thought Preeti will play the role of second lead/sister friend type of thing as a cousin or at worst a short term adversary who can become positive after some misunderstanding clearance/conscience. Her transformation into out and out stupid villain is really stark. something that i predicted initially about arjun that her arrogant bad exterior will eventually calm down to a more positive role.

  5. Vartix ,I don’t know how to react to this news that both Pranav and Jyoti have left. In our heart of hearts ,we knew that this will happen with the story in doldrums and the writers not willing to do anything about it.Infact ,While writing yesterday’s update ,I wondered what would be the next track after this. With Teja already pregnant,will the leads be willing to become parents like Archana and Manav in Pavitra Rishta that too just six months into the serial ? Many won’the be willing ,we can see how kumkum bhagya is managing the fresh look of its leads even after…..well! I frankly don’t know how many years.At this moment I really feel sad that we won’t be seeing Teja and Prem after a few weeks.At the same time I am happy for Pranav and Jyoti as they deserve better writers and directors who can do justice to their good looks and acting talents.Good for them,there is not much in this story ,the writers are n’t able to see and think beyond Preeti and MandIra.Then what is the point in continuing…..If this news is not a rumour like it happened with Sartaj in ETRETR,I will miss Dharamsinigh’s character as well.In fact I will miss everyone except for……Well! We all know who it is.We have waited for Preeti’s character to end but never thought the serial would end.

    1. Is this news true? I agree with you that the writers couldn’t see anything beyond Preeti and mandira and it’s such a pity that they believed that being bad is the way for their characters to add sensationalism just to keep us glued to the serial but’s so depressing and disgusting to see Preeti and mandira take precedence over the main characters. I wouldn’t be angry at all if the leads really leave but it’s sad for me because pranav and joythi embodies the true spirit of Prem and Teja and I don’t know how I’ll feel to see others replace them.. Lakshmi, this is depressing news for me, I’ve gotten attached to these two characters as well as DSR…i love him to bit and pieces…and time will tell if I stay on here or not. I believe that the end of a serial should always leave us wanting more even if satisfied as in the case of KLKAH, though we were shortchanged but nevertheless, we saw no change in any of the leads being replaced and while the story didn’t drag like most of them, we didn’t have room for regret because writers wrapped up the story and considering the timeframe they had to work with, I think they did really well. So, instead of dragging serials and having to lose the leads for whatever reason, at the end of the day, we can clearly see how much importance is placed on Preeti and if I can’t see pranav and joythi anymore, I certainly don’t want to see this actress called Preeti, in my face after this..don’t you think it would have been best to wrap up the serial with the leads intact..which means shorter serial…. instead of working them so hard but giving the importance to the negative leads, and placing lesser importance on the positive one?? I saw the episode where Teja was dishing out duties to the family members and it filled me with happiness to see good taking precedence over negativity, why can’t we always feel this way?? Why must we have to put up with Preeti and her antics as if her sordid behavior is something to laud about!!! Most certainly… I don’t want to see Preeti around for longer…I’d prefer to quit the serial instead!!!

  6. Thanks for the update lakshmi, it was descriptive and very detailed…Love, love the way preeti got a taste of her own medicine, it’s about time..that was the best part of the episode…
    Vartix i also read this news about pranav and jyoti quitting the show but someone commented on instagram that they are not quitting so i dont know if it’s a rumor or not. Both actors havent confirmed or denied this news… I hope it is a rumor as i will miss pranav, jyoti and DSR immensely..realy love them…

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