I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 15

Hello friends…we are meeting after a long interval….I am sorry for making you people wait…..if you people were waiting et al…..but I’m giving a comeback chapter today, the suspense is on and you people would get the scenario if you keep reading, you people might have forgotten what happened….so am giving the previous part here:

Chapter 14

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CHAPTER 15 – Oh My God!!!!!

Annika’s POV:

I didn’t know what to do, after I had seen him in such a state. My Mom was the only person I could go to. I told her everything, the environment, causes and its consequences. No wonder, she told me stop where I was.
“Enough of this, I am fed up. It’s a twenty year old blabber, baccha. Just had enough of it. Please stop it now.” She had said.
I didn’t shoot up an answer. Some where even I wanted the circumstances to change. But it’s better now than never. Even if I’m not able to stop the proceedings, I can at least tell him about it. But I had to give those proofs to my Lawyer. I had to find a way out.
Surprising where are the papers? Oh shit, I left them at home.
God forbid if they were in the closet…..
“It’s OK. Shivaay won’t get what’s written in it, would he?” Netra, my lawyer gave me an answer.
“Do you even know who he is? Don’t even think he won’t get anything” my Mom snapped.
“Do Hell with all this, I need to run back home: where’re my keys Mom?”
“Baccha, you HAVE to take the driver.”
“Fine!” I growled and ran for the Mansion.
It’s wretched, it’s gruesome. How could I be so careless? I knew what I was up to. I can’t afford to start everything afresh. My mind was turned into a juggernaut of thoughts. I expected the best and the worst at the same time. I rushed to the room, kicking and punching the servants at my way. I opened the door, only to find him sitting on the couch. He was rubbing his forehead hard and I knew he KNOWS IT….Damn!


Friends sorry for the late update, and also for a short one, I’ll post tomorrow the next two parts.
NOTE: I am sorry but I haven’t shown a scene in my story, where Annika narrates her case to Shivaay….I didn’t want Annika to explain her stand. You people would get how the things go, in the next chapter. I thought a “Hatke” ff doesn’t any space for explanations, as love needs no causes and reasons. I’d explain the past events in the form of an author’s note panel. So please do note to read it, to better understand the story. Because in my story, neither Shivaay asks for an explanation, nor Annika is allowed by the circumstances to explain her point. Sorry again and….stay tuned!

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So how’s it? Comment and let me know, I am done with my exams friends, so I’ll update fast. Keep reading!

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  1. Nita D

    Hey Aditi…finally u are back….Even I came back just 3-4 days ago…..
    Since I read last 2-3 chapters together, I am commenting for all of them together here only…..
    At first I thought this is a saimple love story cause obviously it had only love and love all the way…. but then suddenly you gave hints about Anika’s some hidden motives and it brought completely a new twist to the story….. well now I know it’s something related to her mother only…..
    But yes, Shivika love each other deeply and Anika will never hurt him…. the way she cared for him when he was upset because of his parents fight was so nice ….. I loved it….
    And I know that you planned to give explanation as a part of authors note but I would request you to make it the part of the chapter…but yes it’s your story so it’s completely on you

  2. Arthi

    Where did u go????? And ur post superb as always………just superb…….such a short comment coz shortage of words ???

  3. Awesome update di.

  4. After a long long lonnnggg…time which felt like an eternity..finally I got to read your ff dear…
    I was waiting really waiting for it…
    And your storyline is going completely at a perfect pace. Waiting for shivika’s reaction..
    Please post the next episode soon ?….
    This time I am greeting you too
    With Lots Of Bhalobasha to dear Aditi…?

    – Sofiya.

  5. Jerry_36

    Hey Aditi !! You are back, thank god. I missed you and your writing so much. As always your writing just took me to another land. Fabulously written.
    Very excited and scared at the same time of what’s gonna happen next. Hoping for the best. But you came after so long and gave us a ‘ittu sa’ update. But still, post soon❤

  6. Neha_Pheonix

    Wow..what a treat after many days. Sure, post next chapters tomorrow. NIce way of justification..loved the episode it was a great update.
    Love ya!

  7. Alekhika20

    Loved the update

  8. Awesome dii…..loved all the epis
    Update asap!!

  9. Haridhra

    Helllo Aditi di … A big hiii n hug for the come back .. Happy to see u again,Love u di..???… But u r cheating us very badly very bad after these year long wait ur giving us just a glimpse of it .Just kidding di post next Asap..

  10. Awesome update..

  11. Aashi26

    awesome update…and a big solly for not commenting on the previous epis………..post as soon as possible…..would u accept me as ur little sisoo adu di hope I can call u that….

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