I Ain’t Sorry for Loving You (Ishqbaaaz ff) by AditiB – Chapter 1 and 2

Heya Friends, this is the first part of my story “I ain’t sorry for loving you”. Thank you sooooooo much for your support and I wish you all like my story.
Here’s the link to the prologue:
I ain’t sorry for loving you.
Shivaay’s POV (continued)….
CHAPTER 1 – Someone else?
“Sir, I hope your presentation went well with the board?”
“Yeah, but how many times I have to repeat myself regarding that?” I had to remind her that we were meeting unofficially. As a rule, she was not to be my employee now.
“What, Sir?”
“What is wrong with you, Annika?” I growled at her stupidity.
She had a naughty tint in her eyes “SIR,”
“Oh! Come on……..” I resigned.
“I am sorry dear”, she said smilingly, coming closer to hug me.
I found solace in that friendly hug. Her gestures clearly indicated she didn’t feel for me, at least the way I felt.
“Hey, I have something to share.” She gasped in my ears, still hugging me.
“I am all ears, darling”, I beamed like a wind-chime.
“Guess what, finally I got a potential future…” as she was trying to complete it, it was cut by “May I come in, Sir!” of Rajesh.
“Yeah, Rajesh!”
“Sir, your Coffee”
“Thanks” I gulped in the hot drink, searching her as she stood in front of me.
“Where was I….yeah, I met a guy TANISHQ.” She beamed happily.
“Yeah, really?” I said unbelievably broken, what if…..I didn’t want to predict.
“I am… dating him” She said, chirping like a free bird.
“Oh! So you are…..” I said glooming with despair, not able to complete it.
“Yeah! I am……” She said mocking me and I fell again for her antics. Why wouldn’t I? They were my breath.
“You love him?”I asked her, abruptly.
“I just said I’m dating him.”
“So it doesn’t mean I am in love with him”
THIS made me happy, but it ebbed away as she continued…
“I might be in love with him some day, marry him and have babies too.”
And here I was…….dying for her.

“Enough is enough, you are going to confess tomorrow” Om glared at me, while Rudy was busy shedding crocodile tears.
“Will you stop sobbing Rudra?” I never saw Om’s temperament raising this high.
“Om, you know Bhaiyaa, do you expect him to open up?” Rudra sounded confident while his confidence shook mine.
“Rudra, for once either keep shut or talk sense!” Om was uncontrollable in anger.
“Fine O, I would” Rudra made his irresistible baby-face.
“And you, what are you thinking?” Om’s question cut my thoughts mid-way.
“Nothing, Om” I was still hopeless.
“Wow! You’re still thinking nothing!” Om sat down in my ochre-velvet couch with a thud, resignedly.
“Hey! Wait a minute, what am I to do then?” I asked my Om.
“You are to confess it to Annika, remember Shivaay?” He said blankly, that was his default answer.
“Tarzan Bhai is right” Rudy gave his thoughtful look and an expert opinion.
“What did you say Rudy????” Om was throwing daggers on Rudy as soon as he registered it.
“Calm down guys, my problem?” I gaped at both my baby brothers with a questioning look.
“She won’t agree and I don’t want to be rejected by her, that’s all” and I walked out.
“He’s Impossible” OmRu ended the conversation.

Shivaay’s POV (continued)….
CHAPTER 2 – Her apathy, my turmoil…..
The next day in the office was going to be a tired one; I had tones of meetings lined up and dozens of files to check. But an eyeful of her made me forget everything and everybody. She had those molten gold of eyes, that were my Sun in the day and my Stars in the night. How can someone be so hopeless in love? I had no hope of her being mine ever, but I couldn’t doubt neither her nor my love for her. She was a quiet workaholic but transformed into a social butterfly effortlessly. I certainly did not know of her origins, though she was so close to me. But she had to be a member of a well-cultured family.
She was quietly going through all the files, handing them to me, while I was busy drowning myself in her presence. Now I wanted to burn that moron Tanishq to cinders. I had everything, but what did he have? Why the hell she doesn’t fancy me the way I do? What’s so wrong in it? It broke my heart and if it were a piece of glass, it would have been mere dust by now. Please look up, look at me, I want you and I need you!
Author’s note: The story would unfold in a few more chapters…..Its totally different from the story on-screen and I have written it so as to keep it as much realistic as possible. As of now Annika does not respond to His love but she would in the next episodes, so stay tuned!

Copyright: AditiB
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So, How’s it? Drop down your comments below. I won’t be able to post as my exams are hell near, so I gave you two chapters of the story. I promise I’ll reply to all your comments and would give you long chapters. So……..I’m going.
Bye all,
Lots of Bhalobasha,

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