Dil Mil Gaye ( A SwaSan Short Story) Part 9

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Part 9

Swara was looking into sanskar’s eyes for answer but he just stood numb..there was no emotions on his face..!! He was astonished to the core..!!

He was shocked to the end by her proposal which he hadn’t thought even in his wildest dreams..!! He was not at all ready for this..!!

“What is this swara..?? I thought you as a friend in fact best friend and what you did…?? You took my best friend away from me..!! How could you even think of it..?? I don’t believe in love..!! I don’t feel anything for you..!! (Moving away) Why did you do this? I thought you as a good friend Swara..!! I believed in our friendship, not in love..!!” Said sanskar all shocked..

Swara felt her world came to an end hearing this..!! He was her life..

Tears fell down swara’s eyes..!! Her first love, her life did not love her..!!

Swara: But sanskar, I love you..(crying)

Sanskar: Please swara, i don’t believe in love..you were my best friend..!! Please..

Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Safar yeh hai tera
Yeh raasta tera
Tujhe jeena hai.. mere bina

“Were..??” Swara asked sanskar all shocked with tears flowing down her eyes in a endless flow..!!

“Yes, we are not friends anymore. You broke our friendship also..!!” Said sanskar angrily..

Swara felt like someone stabbed her heart..it broke into millions of pieces which will never mend again. She sat down on her knees with a thud and cried her heart out..

Ho teri saari shoharatein
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhi pe saari rehamatein
Hai yeh duaa..
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
Bhula dena mujhe
Hai alvida tujhe
Tujhe jeena hai mere bina

“But sanskar..why are you putting our friendship on stake..??” swara managed to say catching his hand..”Leave it swara” said sanskar leaving her hand and walked away from there leaving a broken swara behind..

Tu hi hai kinaara tera
Tu hi to sahaara tera
Tu hi hai taraana kal ka
Tu hi to fasaana kal ka
Khud pe yaqeen tu karna
Ban.na tu apna khuda…

Sanskar sat down in his car and he was also teary eyed..!! He wiped his tears and closed her eyes resting his head back on the seat..!! The flashes of his past were haunting him..!! Tears were still in his eyes..!! Seeing swara crying , he also felt like crying..!! But he did not know why. He shooed away his thoughts and drove away to his home all teary eyed..!!

Swara was crying continuously sitting there..”Whhhhyyyyy” she shouted looking towards the sky..It is rightly said that it is nearly impossible to forget your first love and same was happening with Swara..He loved him with all his heart..!!

She went home and made sure that shomi and shekhar do not see her in this condition. She went to her room and buddy jumped on her..”Not now buddy please..” she said sadly and kept him down.

She came out of the washroom and sat on the bed with the support of the headboard and closed her eyes. Few tears fell down her eyes silently. Soon it started raining and she went towards the window.

Even buddy was sitting silently, wagging his tail..!!

Swara’s POV

Why it happened with me only..?? I love him so much but why…?? I can’t stop loving him but i have to move on..!! Yes, I can’t stop here and my mom and dad would not be happy seeing me like this..!! I have to be happy for them..!! But how I’m gonna face him..??! It’s only written in my fate..!! Be always fine sanskar..!!

Swara’s POV Ends

She closed her eyes thinking this and a tear slowly slid down her eye..!!She layed on her bed and closed her eyes. Now the tears had also dried. She had became so pale from the past few hours. She was hurt..!! She was all weak as she didn’t had the food too.. Her heart was broken and it would not mend easily but life must go on..!!

Next Morning:

At the College:

Swara and sanskar were not sitting together now anymore. The seating plan had been changed. Whenever swara looked at Sanskar, he turned his gaze. This hurt Swara a lot. Why was he being so rigid..??!

She still had a hope that he would not break their friendship but he did..

Swara had told Piya everything as she had to share it with someone, pari di was also not there. She consoled her and gave her strength..!! Piya was so much angry on Sanskar but was stopped by Swara..!!

At the canteen:

“I am with you Swara, be strong and don’t breakdown in front of him..!!” said piya patting her back..swara could seethe concern in her eyes and sanskar from the corner of her eyes in the canteen. She could sense he was equally disturbed.

On the other hand, sanskar was missing swara’s talks and what not..!! The way her silly talks made him  laugh, their movie, their canteen jokes.. Everything was making him remind him of Swara. But whenever the word ‘Love’ comes in his mind, the flashes of his dark past comes in front of his eyes which stops him every time.!! Swara was only in his mind from the yesterday..!! He was missing her like hell..

The news of swara and sanskar’s fight spread like fire in the college but no body knew the cause. Everybody was shocked that how could they broke apart when they were inseparable till yesterday. 

But there was someone who was very happy seeing this..!! He was none other than Sahil.

He always admired swara and wanted her to be his..!! But Sanskar being​ near her, it was next to impossible. For him, sanskar was a big hurdle..!! He burnt in anger everytime he saw swara near sanskar laughing, hugging ..he just could not control himself..!!

And it was time for action now..sanskar was away from swara and it’s the best time when he could get swara..!!

In the class:

Sahil: Hi Swara..!!

Swara: (looking at him) Hey..

Sahil: So what’s up..??!

Swara: (showing the textbook) Was just trying to solve this sum..!!

Sahil: Show me..!!

Sahil told her how to do the sum and was smirking in his mind..!!

Sahil: So i think we are friends now..??

Swara remembers his friendsgip with Sanskar at parineeta’s engagement..!! Tears came in her eyes but she shooed her thoughts away..!!

Swara:(shakes hand) Sure..(smiles)

From that day, he increased his friendship with Swara..!! Swara also started being with him as she thought he was a good friend. Their friendship increased more and more..!!

Swara and Piya were sitting in the canteen..sahil came there and sat beside swara..sanskar who was watching this was not at all happy..he felt like cutting his head apart?? for talking with his best friend..!!

But was she his friend now..??!

Sahil: So Swara when we have become friends now so lets celebrate it..

Piya: Yes swara, your mood will also change..!!

Swara: No outing yaar..celebrate here only…!!!

Piya: Ok fine..(makes faces)

Piya and Sahil bought some party type food and sat on the table..swara was least interested!!

Sahil: (kept his hand on Swara’s) Come on Swara eat!! (Fed her)

Sanskar burned in anger and jealousy seeing this and turned his face..actually it was his place..!! How could he feed her..??! He mentally punched Sahil ??!!

Sanskar: (in mind) Why is Swara being so friendly with him..??! Everything was so good till yesterday..It was my place and only i have that right..!! I don’t even allow ajay to come near her but he fed her..!! Argghh!!

What is happening with me..??

Sanskar ran his hands through his hairs and sighed sadly..

Meri Tammanaao Ka Ehsaas Tum
Main Kahin Bhi Rahun Mere Aas-Paas Tum
Khuda Jaane, Khuda Jaane, Khuda Jaane..

Same day:

Sahil’s home:

Sahil entered his room and straight went to a another room connected with his room..!! He switched on the lights and Swara’s photos can be seen everywhere..!! He was obsessed with swara and will not leave her that easily..

Sahil:(laughs evilly) What you thought Swara? You will not notice me in the class, ignore me and i will leave you?? No …NO!!! You are mine only mine!! No body like Sanskar can take you away from me …(scratches his head) Sanskar right? Now he can’t come in between..Whenever i try to harm him you come in between..you remember the accident Swara?! (Touches her pic) It was done by ME!!! You tried to find me so much, even your friendship broke with Sanskar but you still trying to keep him safe..i will not do anything to him until he does not come in between..!! (He looks at Sanskar’s pic on the ground..picks it up and burns it laughing evilly..!!)

After a few days:

“So, should i drop you home today..??” Sahil asked swara keeping his hand on her shoulder which made her uncomfortable…”No sahil, i will go by myself” swara said moving away…

This was all seen by Sanskar who was very much angry on Sahil..he knows how he was controlling himself for coming near his best friend..!! It was his place..

He was damn jealous by their growing friendship..he didn’t liked it at all..

Sanskar(in mind): She used to go home with and from where he came in between..?? Chipkali kahika..!! Why their closeness is affecting me so much!!

These ten days was hell for him..he missed swara by his side a lot..and was damn angry seeing Swa_hil together..!!

Swara’s pain did not decrease in these days..!! She was not the same bubbly swara, piya was her only support..she still used to cry at nights..!!

She had forgot smiling and so had Sanskar..

Ik Pal Bhi Tumse Door Jaa Na Sake
Hoke Judaa Hum Na Judaa Ho Sake
Baaton Ko Teri Hum Bhula Na Sake
Hoke Judaa Hum Na Judaa Ho Sake..

But today, Sahil had other plans. he called all the students and swara in the ground..

He wnt near swara and what he did, shooked everybody..!!

Sahil:(bending on his knees)Swara you became my friend in the last few days but i don’t know when I fell for you..I love you Swara! (Extending his hand) Will you be my soulmate..??

To be continued..

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