Agnifera 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi Attacks Ragini!

Agnifera 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini applies mehandi on Shristi’s hands telling Vishu would be happy seeing her hands. Shristi’s facial expression changes, she gets a bipolar attack and aggressively shouts to leave her, she has to go and kill him.
Ragini tries to stop her, but she shouts to leave her, else she will kill even her. She strangulates Shristi. Anurag reaches on time and pulls Shristi away, ties her, and runs away lifting Ragini asking to continue breathing.
He takes her to room and scolds what if something had happened to her. Ragini says until he is with her, what will happen to her. He says he was wrong to ask her to free Shristi, even he got afraid seeing Shristi’s changed expressions. He applies medicine on her neck and says they should better shift Shristi to a mental hospital. Ragini says she wants Shristi to be here, so that she can find out who is behind her condition.

Ragini returns to Shristi’s room. Shristi sees her neck injury and asks if she attacked her. Ragini asks her what happened to her. She says she just remembers Shristi applying mehandi on her and then she heard a sound, she does not know what happened next. Ragini says even she heard sound and she is sure someone is controlling her mind.
She sees someone peeping and walks. Anurag comes and asks Ragini to come out and rest. Ragini returns to Shristi and after consoling her walks out of room. She clashes with Rajjo who starts her usual drama.

Next morning, Daadi prays for Brij’s marriage while Divya grinds haldi for Brij. Vidhvan asks Divya if mom had food. Divya says no. Vidhvan asks her to feed her food. Brij enters and seeing daadi praying, thanks her and feeds her food. Dulari asks Brij to sit for haldi ceremony and applies haldi on him. Vishu tries to leave. Revathi asks where is he going. Vishu says to Shristi ji. Revathi warns him not to go as tomorrow is babaji’s predicted day. Anurag says maa is right and tells family whole story happened. Ragini calls psychiatrist…

Precap: Shristi finds a letter and then gets Ragini’s call who says she went to met a psychiatrist who told someone is trying to control her mind with voice. Someone enters Shristi’s room.

Update Credit to: MA

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