Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini Proves Her Innocence

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini runs from goons and hides. She tricks them and reaches back to Prem. She gets Prem into car and escapes. Goons fume that she fooled them and escape. They continue searching her. Preeti calls them and they ignore her call in fear. Mandira calls them next, they ignore even her. Mandira fumes.

Dharam prays matarani to protect Tejaswini and Prem. Tejaswini continues driving car and it starts stopping due to petrol finishing. She takes car aside into jungle thinking if goons will see car, they will realize she is somewhere around. She then gets Prem out of car and takes him to a temple and pleads pujari and people around to save her husband as goons are behind them. Pujari takes them in and treats Prem.

Mandira continues calling goons repeatedly. Goon picks call, and Mandira scolds them how dare they are to ignore her call. Goon says they are searching Prem and Tejaswini still. Mandira warns them to fight Tejaswini and kill her child soon. Goons find Tejaswini and drag her away.

Rajvir returns home and boasts he will take revenge from Dharam’s family and not spare them. He calls Mandira who informs that she has sent her goons to kill Tejaswini’s child. Rajvir angrily scolds that he warned not to do any mistake for 24 hours as Tejaswini wants them to do mistake. He yells that she is so dumb and he made a mistake trusting her, orders to stop her goons. Goons catch Tejaswini and one of them head towards her to kill her child. Tejawini calls Prem for help, but he is still unconscious. Goon is about to kill Tejaswini’s stomach when Mandira calls him. He switches on phone’s speaker. Mandira asks not to kill Tejaswini and her child and inform anyone that she wanted to kill Tejaswini’s child to prove Tejaswini wrong. Prem wakes up and hears everything. Tejaswini warns Mandira that she is finished now. Prem also shouts Mandira. Mandira disconnects call. Prem beats goons and rescues Tejaswini.

Mandira asks Rajvir why he wants to take revenge from Dharam. Rajvir says he will when he destroys Dharam. He asks her to get out and starts smoking cigar.

Prem drives car and looking at Tejaswini feels guilty for doubting her. He takes her home and calls family to come out and see whom he brought. Family comes out and is shocked to see injured Prem. Drama continues….

Precap: Prem pleads Tejaswini to punish him the way she wants but forgive him. Tejaswini says until her heart agrees, she will not forgive him and till then she will snatch is right of her child’s father and her husband.

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  1. So,that’s how Prem comes to know about Teja’s innocence…..fine! But Teja couldn’t have foreseen or planned all these events,but still she risked not only her life and Prem’s but their baby’s also,Anyway we can assume that her over confidence was due to her trust in her love and the goddess she worships.I appreciate her for not falling at falling Prem’s feet and running into his arms.inspite of the drugs,he should be ashamed of himself ,because drugs just enhance a person’s inherent weaknesses.
    Friends,it is certain now that the show will be ending on 2nd ,means just 11 episodes are left.The producers have decided to shut down the show as the leads are unwilling to continue.Naz,I don’t know why all untoward things happen to only our favourite couples.All stupid serials are having a smooth run and ADDN is coming to an end with just 180 episodes on the board.Really sad ,I have n’t yet started watching the new serial,10.30 pm is a bit late for me.I will try to see the repeats.

  2. Well they spent all that time and effort trying to discredit Teja, then in a 20 second phone call it’s all cleared up that Teja didn’t lie? hmmmmm looks like they’re trying to wrap this up quickly, has it been confirmed yet that they are pulling this off air?


      Yes its confirmed that show is going off air on 2nd feb, its also mentioned on wikipedia of show…

  3. NAz was so right when she called this joke land. So Teja has no plan to prove her innocence but it gets proved as Prem conveniently overhears one conversation and suddenly realizes he was wrong. I am glad though that Teja didn’t typically fall into his arms and just forgive him for his treatment of her. Really hoping that they plan to end the show on a happy note (our version of a happy note and not these delusional writers version of one)

  4. Seriously? One conversation overheard and Prem believes his wife is innocent? Don’t even want to elaborate on that…. Lakshmi, you couldn’t be more accurate when you observed that all our favorite shows with our favorite couples, gets screwed up badly by these writers. I can’t understand, why writers needs to be changed from time to time…connectivity gets lost here and the viewers end up losing the characters they grew to love… It just isn’t fair… However,
    I’m pleased that Teja didn’t forgive Prem easily..she didn’t forget what he did to her… ???? and that’s good…for me. Friends… You know something, I don’t even know the clear reason for Rajveer to hate DSR and family so greatly. He just fell from the sky one day and wham!!! He and Mandira hatches a plan which was sort of…very much in the works, I guess.. and next thing, Preeti was moonlighting for Rajveer as well….so…..I would hazard a guess and I know that with limited time now to wrap up this serial, Rajveer could well turn out to be DSR illegitimate or forgotten son, taking revenge and mandira conveniently happens to know that since long time ago??? or maybe, Rajveer is DSR’s lost brother….or whatever….anyway, friends…i agree with each one of your comments….its precisely my sentiments as well.

  5. The only thing i liked about this episode and happy for is teja not forgiving prem easily he needs to suffer. I agree with you all about prem believing teja innocence after only hearing one phone call..crazy writers…why couldnt he belive her word and trust his wife…we only have 11 episodes of the show again to watch so i guess they’ll let prem redeem himself and teja forgiving him soon, all the villans caught and everyone together…another series destroyed by zee writers…i have lost all hope of continuing to watch zee soaps

  6. I think Prem is a class ACTOR

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