Agnifera 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju Sells Shristi In Brothel

Agnifera 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiju with his amma takes Shristi to red light area. Shirsti gets tensed seeing weird area and asks what place is this. Baiju says he sold house to help Dulari and bought new house here. He takes her to brothel. Amma meets her pr*stitute friend who asks where was she all these days. She sees Shristi and praises Baiju that he got such a beautiful cut piece, she is so beautiful and will fetch 40 lakhs easily. Shristi pleads Baiju not to sell her. Baiju reminds she slapped him when he was gambling with his friends and said he should not stoop so low, now she should tell how will he get money. Revathi calls him. He says Shristi is fine and is sleeping, he will let her talk once she wakes up. Shristi snatches mobile, but Revathi disconnects by then. Baiju and amma ask Shristi to earn them a lot of

money. Shristi pleads not to do that, but in vain.

Anurag plays truth or dare with family. Ragini returns. Revath says she must be tired, so she will serve her food. Ragini says she finished dinner at her friend’s house. Anurag asks how is her friend. Ragini says she is fine. Anurag continues playing truth or dare, and bottle stops at Daaadi. Daadi sings item son. Anurag then stops bottle at Ragini and asks if she hid any secret after they reunited. Ragini says she is tired and sleepy and leaves. Anurag thinks Ragini strengthened his doubt more by walking away. Divya says looks like bhabhi is angry with Bhaiya. Ragini goes and acts as sleeping with lights on. Anurag thinks Ragini cannot sleep in light, she is definitely hiding something, she he will install tracking app in her mobile for her safety.

Brothel lady warns Shristi to stop crying, finish food and get ready tomorrow morning with heavy makeup to entertain her guests and earn her a lot of money. Shristi pleads to spare her, but lady continues yelling at her and leaves. Shristi tries to escape at night, but lady catches her.

Next morning, Ragini wakes up and searches her mobile. Anurag returns her mobile and says he needed her charger and kept it her. She says not a problem and leaves lying that she is going to meet her friend Chitra. Anurag thins where ever she goes, he will track her now.

Precap: Shristi wears pr*stitute’s clothes. Baiju taunts her. Anurag follows Ragini and is shocked to see her meeting a male patient in hospital.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The male patient is Abumaniyu! I wonder what happened to him?! Did he try to commit suicide or what?!!
    Baiju and his mother are disgusting. Surely an educated lady should threaten with law if not offer money to get out. So many avenues but she sure is playing the bimbo role?
    It will be interesting to see how she escapes and I hope it is soooon….
    Revathi’s make up is nice and subtle she looks good so does dulari but why the red hair colour?

    1. May be the male patient is vishu .. it’s disgusting that Shristi is letting her get tortured .

      1. Summer

        Hi Veema and Sara,
        Just wondering, if the male patient is Vishu then why all the secrecy? Surely it would be good news to share with the rest of the family?
        There is a high possibility that the patient could be Abumaniyu, hence Ragini secret visits.
        I’m not really enjoy seeing Shristi being helpless, i read that she tries to escape but fails. It turns out that Divya had Baiju right all along.

  2. If it was Vishu why would Ragini want to hide from family and allow Shristi to go with Baiju? Hope it’s not true but from the back angle looked like Abi’s hair style and beard line. Hope I’m a good detective ?

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