Bepannaah 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhu ji speaks in Zoya’s favour in courtroom

Bepannaah 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya asks Harsh you dint even ask me once if I actually killed Pooja or not! Harsh asks him this time and Aditya shakes his head. Harsh asks them to tell him everything from the beginning. Your statements have to be same. They start telling him everything.

Next morning, Zoya and Aditya come to the court. Their families and Rajvir are already there. Aditya asks his father about his mother. Harsh says she wont be able to see any of this. I only told her not to come. Zoya and Aditya sit down as well.

Rajvir meets Mahi and Madhu ji. I hope you are ready. They both nod. He takes them inside.

Court proceedings start. Prosecution Lawyer starts presenting the case. Zoya and Aditya are very smart murderers. They lost their partners very recently but their partners dint die in some accident.

it was a well thought out murder! When they find out about their affair, that they want divorce, they got angry. They met and planned to kill them in an accident! He presents divorce papers.

Wasim asks Noor if she knew about it. She nods. He says you and Zoya hid this from me. If Yash wasn’t dead, I would have killed him myself!

Prosecution lawyer continues narrating the incident as per his wish. They have come too close and are in an affair now. Harsh objects it. It is all made up. My clients are not having any affair. Prosecution lawyer says I would have done my homework if I have to face you in the court. He asks Mahi to come to the witness box. She happily complies. He asks her about her relation with Zoya. Mahi says Bhaiya and Zoya were married for 5 years but she never tried to make a relation with us. We got to know her only after Bhaiya’s death. He asks her about Zoya working with Aditya in the same office. Do you think they were having an affair? Mahi says they used to work in the same office. Zoya lived with us in our house only. We dint have any doubt initially but later on, we begin to feel as if something was brewing between them. they have spent many nights together, sometimes at home and sometimes in office! I once saw Aditya getting out of Zoya’s room early morning. I was shocked! They were enemies for the world though! They pretended they cannot bear each other but there was no time when they weren’t together! They used to do everything together. Aditya even brought her shopping bags once. There are many such smaller incidents. They crossed the limit when they agreed to marry each other to get Virani’s contract. It was too much! How can someone say yes to marry someone else when they have just lost their partners? Zoya is heartbroken to hear it. Why is she doing this to me when she knows the truth? Aditya notices Zoya in tears.

Prosecution lawyer shows Aditya and Zoya’s photos to judge. Arjun asks Aditya if he wants to say something to Mahi. He nods. I will speak in wholesale today! Court is adjourned for lunch break.

Zoya asks Aditya what he is saying. He insists they have no other option. We must tell in court that Mahi proposed me. I said no to her which is why she did all this to trap both of us! Zoya does not want to malign a girl’s dignity in court which shocks Aditya. She was blaming you! She was insulting you with her words in the court just now! She is the one who trapped you in this case! Zoya does not find it right to disrespect a girl in front of her mother. Aditya asks her what about her. What about your respect? Harsh walks in and asks Zoya to tell in court that Aditya said no to Mahi which is why she is doing all this. She refuses. Aditya says she has lost it again. She will die and let me die too but she wont harm her MIL! Harsh asks zoya to decide well. What do you prefer – your freedom or keeping someone else’s dignity intact? Zoya replies that she wont be able to see her MIL in any more pain. She is already so worried. Madhu ji is standing right outside the door.

Noor walks up to Mahi angrily and pulls her phone out of her hand! What do you think of yourself? Why did you guys come in our lives? Don’t know when my sister saw your brother! Mahi threatens to send her behind the bars as well if she wont behave but Noor warns her that if that happens, she will take her with her for sure! Arjun pulls Noor aside. You cannot behave like this here! It is court. She says sorry to him calling him Mr. Hooda. I am not as talented as you! It is your habit to pretend after all! She walks away in a huff. Mahi looks on angrily.

Aditya holds Zoya’s hand. If you don’t trust me then you can hire another lawyer. She holds his hand back. You might not believe yourself but I trust you the most. They go back inside the courtroom. Harsh asks Zoya if she is sure what she is about to do. Aditya tells him to let it be. She is very stubborn.

Court proceedings resume. Madhu ji is asked to step forward now. She comes to witness box. Prosecution lawyer asks her if she knew anything about Yash and pooja’s affair. She denies. He asks her when she found out about Zoya and Aditya’s illicit relationship. Is it true that your DIL was having an affair with someone while she was still living with you? Madhu ji says I only believe my eyes. I saw Aditya and Zoya taking pheras around the holy fire. He next asks her if she feels Aditya and Zoya killed Yash. She keeps quiet but he forces her to be honest and say that Zoya and Aditya killed her son. She denies. I never heard or saw anything that proves that Zoya was involved in my son’s death. Mahi and Rajvir are unhappy. Prosecution lawyer asks Madhu ji to answer again. She says I don’t know what relation Aditya and Zoya share but I only know that Zoya is not involved in my son’s death. Harsh says we often see that a MIL only speaks badly about her DIL but it isn’t always for some people. Truth is above everything else for some people. Zoya smiles to herself.

Madhu ji takes her seat. Mahi angrily questions her mother as to how she cheated her. Madhu ji replies that she only said the truth. The problems that we have with Zoya, even if she has an affair with Aditya currently, she cannot kill Yash. Her love was honest. I am indeed upset with her but that does not mean I will trap her falsely in a false case and get her punished!

Harsh notices Rajvir receiving an envelope and wonders what it is.

Precap: Harsh asks Aditya what Zoya is for him. Aditya says nothing special. I just cannot see anything wrong happening with any woman. You have two choices – either save both of us or tomorrow I will accept it in court that I only killed both the cheaters! Harsh is taken aback by his condition. Back in the cells, Aditya asks Zoya to let him know if she wants to hire another lawyer. I will speak to Pa. She tells him not to say so. I told you that we are in this together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Statement me bhi uss aadami ka zikar nhi aaya????

    2. Court should suspend rajvir, as per law evidence should given before hand.

    3. Mahi’s mom is dumbest person, who is ready for wrong statement even… Mahi or rajvir se jayda unn pr gussa aata hai…???????????????

    4. Zosh members ko bhi aana chiye tha, in favour of zoya and aditya..

    5. Mahi ??????????????????????????????? yeh nhi ????????????????????????????? deserve krti hai

    6. Atleast Madhu heard zoya, aditya and Mr. Hooda convo, she turn case in favour of zoya and aditya ????

    7. Zoya was looking damb preety???? in green dress??

    8. Awwwww…. Zoya dialogue nailed it, I believe on you, more than you believe on yourself??????

    9. So atleast madhu used her mind, after listenning that zoya and aditya were taking pheras but she can’t kill yash????, i wish uss tym mahi and rajvir ka face dikhate, haste haste yeh hota??????????????

    10. Mahi is sooooooooo obesssed for money, that if she get chance, she can even kill her mom??????

    11. I think aditya is getting insecure for zoya, as when Mr. Hooda said who is zoya, what’s relation with u? Aditya get angered in eyes and blackmailed Mr. Hooda…

    12. Noor should have slapped mahi, maaza hi aa jata…????

    13. Arjun is sooo helpless, Noor ko thik se kuch explain bhi nhi kr paa raha hai, or uss se raha bhi nhi jaa raha hai…????

    1. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Sharaddha

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Thanks ooshi.. But its shraddha not sharaddha, may be typing error…
        Anyway, how are u?? And which other z
        Shows are you watching??

      2. Ooshi

        Thanks for correcting the mistake on weekends Naagin these days BP and YRKKH watch only BP read the 2nd not following any else

      3. ShraddhaSharma392

        Your welcome.. Which show is BP

      4. Ooshi


    2. Neha1

      You’re right Shraddha, Mahi is soooo obsessed for money that she can kill anybody….who knows that she only planned to murder her own brother Yash…
      Poor Arjun, he didn’t get a chance to talk with Noor to explain everything… Noor was very angry on Mahi…even I was thinking that Nor was about to slap Mahi…but Arjun stopped her…
      But I loved that Adi was concerned and insecured for Zoya…on the other side Zoya trust Aditya…

    3. Ooshi

      Completely Agreed to point 4,10 and 13
      About point 11 agreed but y was Harsh was asking about Zoya from Adi don’t know was he not Sure about Zoya or wants to know her importance in Adi’s life and Adi took that question as a symbol of danger for Zoya
      About point 2 50 50 agree as i don’t think so rajveer can be suspended just because evidence was not given before hand
      About point 1 shaid aaya ho hmain thori na poori statement sunvai hai
      Points 3,6,9 were mostly about madhu I don’t want to say bad about her as she was the second one to do good job today
      5th to smj hi nahi aaya
      8th superb
      And Adi’s dialogues about Zoya’s nature
      Pa ye boht ziddi hai gana yaad aa gya(dil ye ziddi hai) and wo wala exactly nahi yaad madam ko phir se bhoot charh gya hai kuch aesa hi khud suli pr charh jain gi,mujhe suli pr chrha dain gi lakin mahi k khilaf kuch nahi kahein gi pta hai q Harsh asks y (thought it to be a big reson) q k apni sasu maa ko dukh nahi pohnchana chahati and Harsh’s what tha make me remember Arnav’s what the

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        11 point will be cleared either today or tomorrow…
        5 point is my anger on mahi, actually my point is mahi don’t deserve anger but should be kill, like rajvir got shoot at sight types…

    4. On number 3: Mahi ki mom dumb kesi hai?
      I mean she didn’t give a false accusation. I feel she did the right thing by going against mahi. That’s not called Dhoka. That’s called standing by the truth. All Mahi’s mum was lacking was the truth of all the incidents mahi told the reverse way:)

      1. I’m replying to shraddha!!:)

  2. Neha1

    Wow…Amazing… Thank god that Madhuji is taken Zoya’s side…atleast she thinks that Zoya never ever try to kill Yash…
    Noor confronts Mahi….was Amazing…. Kya Cat Fight thi..??? but Arjun stopped her….that’s good Arjun stopped her otherwise Rajveer dekhta toh Noor bhi trapped ho jati…
    Adi’s dialogue was….????Mahi ke liye toh main wholesale mein bolunga… Can’t stop my laughter….?????
    And Zoya still worried for mummyji (Madhu)….Adi’s reaction and dialogue was amazing…”Rehne do dad….Zoya nhi manegi…Khud bhi maregi, mujhe bhi marwayegi but saau maa ke khilaf nhi jayegi.”….????
    But atleast Madhu had heard Adi-Zoya convo..that’s good…atleast she has changed her statement infront of judge..that she didn’t kill Yash…
    Precap was good ….. Adi was taking Zoya’s side…
    Now, Friends I think that twist will be true hopefully… Which I mentioned in yesterday’s comment….waiting 4 2mrrow episode.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I doubt, if madhu have not heard that convo b/w aditya, mr. Hooda and zoya, she might have given against zoya and aditya that zoya killed yash… May be she heard and thought, that if zoya is saving her cheap daughter, she can atleast say that zoya can’t kill yash, otherwise she said about their fake marriage, which she thought as real

      1. Ooshi

        Yeah may be u r right but be positive and moreover truth is giving us happiness then y to think about……..

  3. Ooshi

    Precap I m dieing Adi……..
    He loves her but saying nothing special y
    Y parents had to suffer for their children’s love feeling very sad for Harsh really very much

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      BecoZ right now he is not realising that he love her (if talking about aditya and zoya)

      1. Ooshi

        What about answer of 2nd question as it’s hurts the most even if he says that he said what’s in precap just to save Zoya but what about the pain he gave Harsh by saying that
        It’s one of the side effects of love and it’s really bad
        I hate it love is not bad but for love hurting parents is very bad

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Its tv serial life and even it happens in real life also… When people are in love, they forget the whole world. … And some ques have no answers

  4. Ooshi

    Very happy to see that Medha,PLS and Pinku are back (on the previous page)

  5. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja
    U can’t imagine how much value it had for us and what’s it’s effect on us

  6. Ooshi

    Felt bad for Coffee Nawaz he is so…… good still she is behaving rude with him not liking it

  7. Neha1

    Aditya’s Wholesale Dialogue was Superb, Amazing and Fantastic…. still can’t control my laughter..????????????
    Arjun: : Bhai aap kuch kehna chahte ho Mahi ke liye.
    Aditya : Ha, Mahi ke liye toh aaj me WHOLESALE mein bolunga.??????

  8. Ooshi

    Adi knows Zoya’s nature love it

  9. Ooshi

    Guys did u noticed(in yesterday’s episode) or know earlier that Aujun is lefty

  10. Today episode was good.
    1. Noor should have slapped Mahi ??
    2. I feel bad for Arjun , he is always clean but then also Noor bursted on him, I want Noor to give him chance to explain?
    3. Happy to see Madhu ji on Zoya side?
    4. Aditya’s dialogue of wholesale was lol?
    5. I wish Rajvir get suspended
    Ok now bye bye.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Even noor want answers and arjun want to explain but situation is such that they are not able to do so..

    2. Ooshi

      Agreed to point 3
      About 2 and 5 wants the same(all of us)

  11. It was an intense court room scene Prosecution lawyer beautifully framed AdiYa with murder charges by proving their having affair and divorce papers was the evidence ?? Mahi outrageous false statement against AdiYa maligning zoya respect ?? How shameless she was to lie like this AdiYa staying together at nights ?.Zoya… doesn’t want to spoil mahi name in court before her mother very well knowing their case is week and mahi is lying betrayed her. ?Poor Adi what he will do with this girl ? Luckily madhu overheard this conversation and gave statement in favour of zoya. She atleast have heart not like that vamp mahi. Love the way zoya said to Adhi she believe in him than he believe himself this is the point Adi is getting insecure afraid whether his pa would bring him out zoya may be convicted so he is giving Tom the ultimatum.

    1. Ooshi

      Agreed about what will Adi do with this girl
      And the way he hit his head with the palm when madhu was called by prosecution was like
      Inhi ki kmi thi and was funny to me

  12. I guess people will think zoya dumb but I love the way how she is soon.. innocent nd caring.. and even if they are jailed I want AdiYa to be together come what may..

  13. Nice episode zoya dialouge to adi was amazing adi dialogue wholesale was funny madhu ji take zoya side good noor you rock mahi shocked I feel pity for arjun. Precap was amazing

  14. Nice episode and really feel happy that Madhu ji take zoya side. Love the scene zoya say she trust adi a lot. And most happiest scene is look at Rajvir and mahi ki face when Madhu ji say zoya can’t kill yash . Precap was nice and now waiting for tomorrow episode. Hope Rajvir got suspended and I want madhu ji to ask mahi that’s she propose adi or not.

  15. Neha1

    Another New twist…. After released from jail…Waseem asked Zoya to go to Mussoorie coz she had gone through such difficult situation alone…but now Zoya’s father doesn’t want that she was staying in Mumbai…He asked her to pack her bags and go to Mussoorie with their family…Zoya agree with his father’s decision…. She one’s go to meet Aditya for saying Thanks for being there with her in such difficult situation and then she informs Aditya that she’s going back to Mussoorie with her family….Will Aditya stops Zoya from going to Mussoorie.???
    Let’s see ab yeh twist true hoga ya nhi…But I think ye situation toh waise bhi aaney hi thi…but dekhte hai ye twist sahi hoga ya nhi…..

    Mujhe kuch bhi Bepanaah se related twist sunne ko milta hai toh woh main aap sabse share krti hu…but confirmed kuch bhi nhi keh skti kyuki serials ki kahaani kabhi bhi palat skti hai…!

    1. Ooshi

      We can understand no problem Neha

    2. Are u the same neha1 whom I saw in KRPKAB page.
      I’m a crazy KRPKAB fan ???and I just wanted to know this out of curiosity.
      I think you used to share the updates in KRPKAB page also….am I right??

      1. Neha1

        Yes Anita, I’m the same Neha…. You can click on Neha1 and you’ll see my cover photo….It’s KRPKAB pic there…I was a huge fan of that show but after KRPKAB…. I just Love Bepanaah….
        Welcome to TU of Bepanaah and keep commenting dear…?

  16. Neha1

    Sakshi will come in court and give her support to Adi-Zoya…Sakshi’s statement will prove Adi-Zoya innocence…

  17. I m new here but i watch Bepanah starting and also silent readers here love your all comment

    1. Ooshi

      Welcome to the family Zain
      Keep commenting
      Happy u broke ur silence and commented
      Keep it up

  18. Lokesh

    Hmm gud to see Madhu in favour and used her mind, thanx poojs6

    1. Lokesh


  19. Siyuu

    madhuu maa mmwaahh

  20. I don’t know what’s going to happen.
    1. Thankfully, Madhu ji changed her mind and proved that she too has some brain to use.
    2. Mahi and Rajveer were smiling as if they have come to party not to courtroom. I want to punch and break both of their jaws.
    3. Zoya is being too goody-goody. Hope they use her goodness to make her speak the truth. I know how to make that happen. Make her swear on Koran and I believe she won’t speak a lie regardless of whether she wants to save Mahi’s dignity or not. She is a sort who won’t dream of speaking a lie after swearing by her holy book to speak the truth. BTW, I was just wondering if Maya suddenly comes in place of Zoya. It would be interesting, wouldn’t it 😉
    4. Don’t know what is there in that CD. What new problem is this Rajveer planning?
    5. Arjun and Noor, please patch up. And Noor you should have slapped Mahi.
    6. What a cat-fight btw, Noor ka tashan. Loved Noor’s attitude. Keep it up Noor.
    7. This is the only show where I am confused who will fall first? I mean for sometime I thought that Adi will fall for Zoya first. I don’t know. I am confused.
    Love you AdiYa :*

    1. Ooshi

      Adi has fallen
      It’s Quran and Harsh said that he will try his best not to call them in the place of criminal and when he said he will call Zoya because of Zoya’s over goody nature he didn’t call her till now let’s see what will happen end of point 3 was funny
      About point 1 don’t say like that just say it’s good she gave her statement in Zoya’s favor

      1. Yep, even I think Adi has fallen for Zoya but he has yet not realised it.
        I was just confused whether it Quran or Koran but when I typed Quran its showing a red line. However doesn’t matter. I have now confirmed its Quran and not Koran.
        Right about Madhu ji. I am being too harsh on her. She showed that she can stand up independently. And that’s good 🙂

    2. Neha1

      Even I also think that Adi has fallen first… the way he’s caring and reminiscing the memories with Zoya is obvious… as we have seen when Zoya slit her wrist that time the way Adi was panic and when Zoya had decided that she’s going to Mussoorie that time Adi is the one who stopped her from going yo Mussoorie for the sake of Zosh’s Employees…
      And as per the twist I mentioned above, I think Adi will again stops zoya from going to Mussoori…after this case…!!! So, I think Adi has fallen in love with Zoya but he didn’t realise this yet….Now, let’s see when will Adi realise her feelings for Zoya..??

      1. Neha1

        Sorry for the errors

      2. Yep, even I think so. Though I am desperately waiting for him to realise his feelings but still even in this tender stage their love is adorable. You know, as they say “A beautiful flower takes time, love, care and nutrition to grow”. Same will be with AdiYa’s love . I hope 🙂

      3. Ooshi

        Mention not Neha it’s ok I think he will also go to mussorie as they also has to investigate yash and pooja’s death mystery

  21. Mahi ki mamma ka Punchnaama…LOL…

    1. Ooshi

      And what will be this punchnama’s mean here

      1. Sorry! used the wrong word here.
        BTW, I mwant the way Mahi’s mum’s statement snatched smile from Mahi and Rajveer’s face. Both got a good shock.

      2. Ooshi

        Yeah right

  22. Ooshi

    He understands her and She trusts Him
    Loving AdiYa
    Does anyone remember when Adi brought shopping bags for Zoya

    1. Neha1

      Ha but mujhe theek se yaad nhi hai, but when Zoya went for grocery shopping, she met Aditya and they saw Yash-Pooja pic there as they bot were declared 100 Lucky customer…Seeing there pic Adi gets furious on Zoya and she left the shop…then Adi came to Arora house with shopping bags, that Zoya was purchased and left from the shop…

      1. Ooshi

        Yeah right now I remember

  23. i m thinking about the secret tht was told by anjana to mr hooda…..wht it may be???

    1. Probably about Sakshi knowing about Pooja and Yash’s affair…

  24. Only mahi saw aditya bringing zoyas bags

  25. Madhu is probably the most unfortunate mom, her son had an extra marital affair and her daughter is an absolute dayan. Madhu and Sakshi should start a support group for parents with wayward kids.

    1. Ooshi

      Right agreed

  26. Guys, do watch bepannah on TV…the trp is very low for the last week.

    1. Ooshi

      I can’t as i don’t have colors channel

  27. zoya pregnancy—-poi sposera raanvir

  28. creo villan zoya

    1. Ooshi

      Sorry but what language is this as many of us aren’t able to understand ur comment by the way welcome to BePannah family and plz comment in English

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